Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 19 July 2020

Zara’s Nikah 19 July 2020: Zara is tensed and says I have to stop Kabir anyhow, she recalls Ruksaar’s words about investor. Zara calls Reema and says take Imran on conference call, Reema does. Zara says to them that listen to me carefully, I am in trouble, I need your support, Reema says sure, Zara says Ruksaar is trapping Kabir with some investor, Kabir is going to meet him at 6PM, I want you both to stop him. Reema and Imran says dont worry, we will stop him, Zara ends call and recalls how Kabir asked her to stay from his project, he wont bear it anymore. She says I am not doing anything wrong? I am not stopping Kabir’s project but saving it from Ruksaar, dont know what she is upto.

Zara comes to Kabir who is busy in reading files. Zara says Kabir? he asks what happened? Zara says she is not a nice girl.. Ruksaar. Kabir says why? because she doesnt want to work outside? or she wants to handle her husband’s house? which thing did you find insulting? Zara says you and your project is very important for me, think before you do anything. Kabir says husband and wife relation doesnt have threat from anyone else but their own thoughts. He leaves from there. Zara thinks Ruksaar’s poison have started working on my Kabir but I wont let her succeed, I still have two hours.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to Ayesha who is busy in preparation. Zara comes there. Ayesha says you and me have to go to Hamdan’s house for a ritual, I will go to dargha too. Kabir says you know I dont go to dargha, you can go with driver, Ayesha says he is not here, Kabir says where is Kashan and Shahbaz? Ayesha says they are both busy. Kabir looks at time. Zara says let him be, me and you can go. Ayesha says I have work to do and go to guest’s house too, it will take time. Kabir says dont worry, I will call Imran, he will take you there, he leaves. Ayesha says now I have to wait for Imran. Zara messages Imran and recalls how Ruksaar said they have meeting at 6PM.

Ruksaar is leaving house but Zara comes infront of her, Ruksaar says if you want your husband to succeed then can I take him? Zara says you are shameless, I asked you to stay away from our room. Ruksaar says husband and wife are not together right now. Zara sees Kabir coming there. Ruksaar and Zara smiles at him, he looks at them. Zara approaches him and says I pray that you get success and remain safe from evil. Kabir says bless. Ruksaar and Kabir leaves.

Ruksaar and Kabir comes outside place of meeting. Kabir asks Ruksaar to wait inside while he will park his car. Kabir gets Imran’s call and is shocked to hear something? he says I am coming there, he leaves. Ruksaar sees him leaving and says Kabir?

A car stops infront of Ruksaar. A guy comes out of car and greets Ruksaar, he asks where is Kabir? she says he is coming.

Kabir comes to hospital, Zara and Imran are there. Ayesha is lying on bed. Kabir asks what happened to her? Imran says she fainted in dargha but why do you care? you are busy in your work, Kabir says I am sorry, I was in a meeting. Ayesha says I am fine, Imran says I got so worried for her, Kabir hugs him and thanks him, he says you are my brother, he says sorry to Ayesha and hugs her. Ayesha smiles at Zara. Zara recalls flashback how she and Imran met Ayesha, Zara said to her that just follow her, Ayesha asked what happened? Zara said that just think that Kabir is meeting a person whom he shouldnt meet and we have to stop him. Flashback ends. Zara smirks.

Zara winks at Ruksar as she enters home. All are concerned about Aisha’s illness. Zeenat and Kabir are over concerned. Zara winks Ruksar over her victory of getting Kabi r away from Ruksar …ruksar is furious

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Zara is disappointed as.Kabir gives cash of 2000 to Ruku instead of her for nazar utarna .Ruksar goes to a baba and gives him the money …and seeks blessings that she would get whet she desired . Baba blesses her thatv. Zara arrives and gives another 2000/- to baba ji and seeks blessings that who so ever cast evil eyes on her shohar should get destroyed . Baba bleases her that .

Zara ruksar have confrontationzara advises her not be after Kabir or she will meet defeat every time just like this
time .Ruku taunts not to gloat over one victory .this is just the beginning of the gameZara retorts this is only game for Ruku but for her Kabir was hr life .

Kabir assures his maa how he would never neglect her .Aisha asks him to be good shohar and keep Zara happy. Zara n is sitting on the bedKabir her dressed this way. He asks her what was all this. Their shaadi ki raat was over long back.Zara says they unite as Biwi shohar in true sense.

Kabir thinks that the girl sitting on the bed was his biwi and she had haq over her shohar . Zara beacons at Kabir ..kabor moves closer and zara hugs him tightly. Romantic BG song plays as ZaBir are consumed by their passions

Next.morning Zara wakes.up but is still in her dream land of the previous romantic night. She drools at shirtless Kabir she hugs him but she is surprised as he pushes her away. She offers to help him put on his kurta ..but he declines her offer
She hugs him again ..he says the night was.over .she should wake up now
Zara says night was over but not their love

Kabir says he did not.want to commit sin by denying his.biwi’s haqHe would rather .die than.sin.Asks Zara to fulfill her duties too … as BiwiKabir.reminds the circumstances of their marriage and how he would fulfill all his duties.

Zara is heart broken. She thinks she was her love for Kabir but he was all the time only doing his duties ??Where will her love go ??She assures herself her love would surely find a way .

Next.scene shows Kabir discussing his.project with Ruksar .Zara is disapoi ted
Ruksar excitedly rushes off to welcome hwr school.friend and investor .
Kabit taunts Zara that she was Namehram for the guest. She could do pardah if she wishedZara feels.angered by his taunt.

As Ruksar welcomes her friend …she does the introductions .. Miraj Ali. Kabir is surprised as Miraj comes with numerous gifts.for Kabir .. he says this was just for the upcom ing roza. Kabir and.Miraj excitedly .zara watches as he agrees to finance his projectZara watcues from balcony and wonders why did this guy seem so familiar ??

Zara finds the guy having uncanny resemblance to Shiraj. She starts having doubts if Ruksar was still in connection with Shiraj

Ruksaar says to Kabir and Miraj that I will bring refreshments. Kabir thanks her for serving their guests. Kabir thinks Hamdan is so lucky to get a fiance like Ruksaar.
Ruksaar comes to Zara in kitchen and says give me some place, I have to make tea. Zara moves away. Ruksaar says investor is coming from my side so tea will be from me too, I just hope investor signs the deal, she says you said Kabir is your husband but Kabir is my obsession and will be mine. Zara says Kabir is my husband and love and he is nothing for you. Ruksaar says he might be your love but you are not his love and I can bet on it. Zara glares at him.

Ruksaar brings tea for Miraj and Kabir. Zara sees them from balcony and thinks God save Kabir and his project from Ruksaar, I want his project to complete but not with bad people, God show me a way. Miraj says to Kabir that I am impressed with your project and I want to invest in that project, we will finalize the deal in a day or two. Kabir thanks him and gives him project file.

Miraj turns to leave but Kabir asks servant to take his gifts back. Kabir says I am sorry but we dont take gifts from guests coming here for first time, I hope this deal is finalized then we can exchange gifts but till then I am sorry. Zara hears it and smiles and says great my priest, thank God. Miraj says we have one ritual too, we dont take back the gifts already given, if you want, I can keep these gifts in my car and when we have our deal finalized after a day or two then you cant say no to them. Kabir says okay I agree. Ruksaar says tell Nilofar if she comes here next time then bring her here to meet us. He says sure, he says I should leave now. Kabir hugs him, he smirks at Ruksaar and looks at Zara standing on balcony and glaring at him, she leaves from there. Zara calls Reema and says meet me in half an hour and bring Imran too.

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