Zara’s Nikah Update Saturday 3 April 2021

Zara’s nikah 3 april 2021: Zara says do you care about abbu or not? Kick her out. Kabir says I will decide. Kabir comes to Zara. He holds her hand and says come. Zara recalls Rukhsar said Kabir was with her not Zara. Zara walks out. Kabir holds her hand.

Kabir brings her inside. Rukhsar says what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Zeenat stops her. KAbir says I don’t need to answer you. I should have kicked you out of this house. But I didn’t. Zara was brought here by me. I decide if she will live here or not. No one can force her to leave. Zeenat says you are blinded by this girl. You don’t care about abbu? He says yes I trust her more than anyone in this house. You thought I won’t trust her because there’s a conflict between us? I trust her. This is her house. You twocan’t even look at her. Kabir holds Zara’s hand and says let’s go.

Zara looks at Kabir. Kabir says what magic did you do on me? Zara says you did. Your intensity of love scares me. I hope there’s no evil eye on us. Zara says you have given me the respect that every girl deserves. You trust me. A girl feels luckiest when she’s trusted. When her love holds her hand and faces the whole world. Kabir says and what if he leaves that hand?

Zara says what? He says your love made me believe that you’re mine and I am yours. He holds her hand. Zara says come let’s take evil eye off. He says not from the spoces. She says this is modern world.


Scene 2
Zeent says Rukhsar at least take care of your kids. Rukhsar brings petrol and says no it all failed. I thought he would be with me because of our kids at least. I will die. Zeent says don’t do this. Are you crazy. Stop. Rukhsar lights a rod and says Kabir can’t be with that Zara. I can’t see that.

Zara gives juice to Kabir and says only immunity booster can save you from evil eyes now. Nothign can harm you. Kabir says until I am with you no one can do anything.

Rukhasr says I will burn everything. Zeenat says you won’t do any such thing. Where are you going? Rukhasr goes out. Kabir and Zara are in the hall. Rukhasr comes there with the fire. She slips. Zara and Kabir walk away.


Kabir comes to Shahbaz. Zara says I called the doctor. Zara comes out. Rukhsar waits with fire rod. Zeenat stops Rukhsar and says are you crazy? BE in your senses. You can’t go to jail. Zeenat says we will fix this. Rukhsar says she took everything from me. Zeenat says Kabir will be with you tonight. Rukhsar says would he be with me? Zeenat says yes. Rukhsar hugs her.

Zara tells Irfan that I am sure someone is hurting Shahbaz, I want to find out so let me stay here. Irfan says everyone knows about your relationship with Kabir, I trust you but I am worried about your protection. Zara says God is with me, nothing will happen to me, if I don’t find out the truth then my music will be blamed. Kabir goes out to pray so I don’t want to leave Shahbaz alone with Ruksaar and Zeenat. Irfan says okay, take care. Kabir comes there and asks him to stay. Irfan says it’s late, I will meet Shahbaz in the morning. Kabir tells Irfan that I will protect Zara at any cost so don’t worry, Irfan gives the food to Zara and leaves. Zara tells Kabir that if you let me help you make the food then I will eat with you.

Kabir and Zara are busy cooking together and enjoying.

Rukaar and Zeenat test a ladder. They both smirk and temper with it.

Kabir and Zara sit to eat but Zeenat comes there and says Ruksaar fell from the stairs. Kabir runs from there.


Ruksaar holds her stomach and asks to call the doctor. Kabir calls the doctor and is tensed. Zara comes there. Kabir says nothing will happen Ruksaar. Zara says Kabir? Kabir thinks I can’t let Zara know that Ruksaar is pregnant. Zeenat thinks Zara will find out the truth today. Zara asks what happened to her? Why are you worried Kabir? Kabir takes Zara from there and says she fell from the stool.

Zara says but how she got hurt? Did you call the doctor? Kabir says Shahbaz is alone. Ruksaar cries loudly. Zara says I will call the doctor. Kabir says no, I am here so you go to Shahbaz. Maybe Ruksaar is just pretending as she does often so you go to Shahbaz. She says you are right and leaves. Ruksaar thinks that Kabir won’t let Zara come to me then how will she know that I am pregnant. Kabir thinks if Zara talks to the doctor then she will know the truth, I have to call the doctor as the baby’s life is in danger, God please find a way.

Scene 2
Zara checks Shahbaz’s temperature and sees him sleeping. Zara says I pray that Ruksaar becomes fine and Kabir comes here so we can talk. We will tell each other about the heart thing. She hears Zeenat talking on a call, she asks the doctor Shalini to come here fast, she leaves. Zara says why she is calling a gynecologist?

Kabir tells Ruksaar that the doctor is coming but you won’t tell Zara the truth. He gets Zara’s call and asks if Shahbaz is fine? Zara says yes but is Shalini coming? She is a gynecologist? Kabir says I don’t know. Zara says Zeenat called her, I will ask the doctor if there is anything to worry. Kabir ends the call.


The doctor comes to the house. Kabir receives the doctor and sees Irfan there. Irfan gives him a pious book and says I will leave now. Kabir thinks Zara can’t meet the doctor. He laves. Irfan calls Zara and says the doctor came to check Ruksaar so I hope she is fine, Zara says yes, she ends the call. She comes to Kabir and asks if the doctor is here? The doctor comes there dressed in a PPE kit. Zara asks if she is a gynecologist? Kabir looks on. The doctor says no I am Shalini Kapoor. Kabir asks Zara to go to Shahbaz. Zara leaves. Kabir says why this? Kabir says you said that you didn’t want anyone to know about the pregnancy before 3 months. Kabir thinks I had to lie to Zara today ..

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