Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 26 December 2020

Zara’s Nikah 26 December 2020: Zara and Kabir are in car to go to village. Kabir looks at her and recalls how Shahbaz scolded him that people will talk, Kabir told him that Zara is still his wife and he cares for her, I will not talk to her there.

Zara recalls how Salma told her that they dont want her to go. Kabir coughs while driving. Zara gets worried and tries to give him water but Kabir takes it and tries to drink. Zara opens cap for him. He drinks water and glances at her. Zara thinks that we are close but far away today, Kabir thinks I am helpless and have to be strong to stay away.

Kashan at tea stall. Rizwan is following them. His goon goes near Kashan. Kashan calls Zeenat and says I am here to sell some property, I will come later. Rizwan says to goon that we have to reach the village before Zara and Kabir. Rizwan drives away. Kashan sees their car. Kabir stops there and says to Kashan that you here? Kashan says I have to meet agent. Kashan doesnt have change. Kabir takes out her purse and gives him money. Kashan says lets have tea. Kabir says we dont have time. Kashan tells Kabir that I saw goons with sticks so dont leave Zara alone and be careful. zara says I can take are of myself, I have pepper spray too. Kabir and Kashan laughs. Zara shows it and says I know karate. Kashan says great, you can do self-defense. Zara and Kabir drives away. Kashan says they cant separate from each other.

Shahbaz’s goon calls Shahbaz and says I have truck of patrol. Shahbaz asks him to throws water out of factory’s tank.

Rizwan meets Sajid and asks him to mix powder in Kabir and Zara’s tea. Sajid says dont worry. Rizwan says Shahbaz will kill Kabir, he must have planned a blast in this factory, he will kill his son today.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara arrive at factory. They go inside and meet Sajid there. Sajid says good to meet you both. Kabir says we are here to talk. Sajid says let me serve you first. Zara says we will take tea. His men mix powder in tea and give it to them. Zara says to Sajid that kids need education and we request you to let them study. Sajid says we are no one to permit them, its government’s work. Zara and Kabir drink tea. Kabir says you cant ask them to work in factory, its against law. Zara says we dont want to involve police, I am requesting you to close this factory till tomorrow, we will come again.Rizwan’s men take patrol out of Kabir’s car.

Kabir and Zara come out of factory and sit in car. Kabir drives away. Shahbaz’s goon calls him and tells that they will come here tomorrow. Shahbaz says burn this factory so there is no issue left. He asks him to blast factory and no one should die, be careful that no one is present there. Shahbaz’s goon fills factory’s tank with patrol.

Sajid is angry recalling Zara’s words. Rizwan asks him to calm down, I will take care of them, you will not see their faces again. Sajid says good, hope that you do it nicely, Sajid leaves.

Kabir and Zara’s car stop. They are both inebriated and laugh at each other. Zara sees no network on her phone, they both laugh. Zara says what if goons come here? Kabir takes her dupatta and acts like saving her. Zara says I will protect you. They both laugh. Kabir and Zara dance in rain and hug each other. They come under shade. Zara says its you. Kabir says yes, they both joke and l augh. Kabir says I miss you showing your big eyes to me and me melting right there.

Zara says I like you a lot too. They both play and hug each other, Kabir shows his heart beat to Zara and kisses her cheek. Zara laughs and hugs him. Zara says why do I miss you so much? Kabir looks on. Goons come there and surround them. Kabir laughs and says Zara will save me. Zara shows her karate moves. Goons laugh at her. Goon tries to attack Zara but Kabir protects her and beats them. A goon hits them both on head, they both faint.

Rizwan brings unconscious Zara and Kabir to factory and says Shahbaz thinks this factory is empty but he will kill his son and I have proofs against him so he will rot in jail. They leave Zara and Kabir there.

Zara wakes up and sees factory room surrounded by fire. Kabir is in another room. He wakes up and sees from glass door. Zra rushes to him. Kabir says no.. he tries to break the door but cant. Kabir rushes near glass door and points to Zara. Zara tries to look around but gets hit by a nail and faints. Kabir says no.. Zara rushes him to but is severely injured. Kabir says no, no.. Kabir is trying to break the glass. Otherside Shahbaz’s goon is filling tank with patrol and waiting for a blast.

Scene 1
Zara is locked in burning room and cries in pain. Kabir breaks glass window and goes inside, he says nothing will happen to you. Zara is stabbed in stomach because of a nail. Kabir lifts her and takes her from there. Rizwan locks factory door from outside and leaves.

Kabir is looking around in factory to find a way. He asks Zara to sit while he looks around. Zara cries in pain. Kabir hugs her and says keep your eyes open, you want me to make you laugh? Zara says dont leave. Kabir says you are with me, dont worry, I am coming. Kabir sees a burning drum going near Zara, he uses extinguisher to save her and asks her to cover her mouth.

Shahbaz calls his goon, goon says patrol is filling in tank, soon factory will be blasted, there is no one inside, he ends call and mistakenly his phone falls in tank.

Zeenat comes to Shahbaz and asks him for fees as Kashan is in Shikharpur. Shahbaz gives her money and says why he went there? Zeenat says for property, she leaves. Shahbaz says he left when I said no. He calls Kashan but Kashsn doesnt take his call and says I cant tell him that I failed there as well. He sees goons coming to a shop and using Zara’s purse for money. Goons leave. Kashan says why goons had Zara’s phone? They did steal from them? He calls Kabir and Zara but theirs phones are off.

Scene 2
Kabir is trying to break a door. Zara is crying in pain. Kabir says dont worry, we will leave. He screams from window to save them, my wife is here.

Salma is calling Zara and tells Irfan that Zara’s phone is not ringing, I am worried. Irfan says call Kabir or Ayesha. He leaves. Salma calls Ayesha. Ayesha says Kabir’s phone is not working but dont worry, they must be fine.

Zara shows a vent to Kabir. He tries and takes net off. He says we have to leave. Zara is fainting. Kabir says no, you cant faint, I will leave and then pull you out. Kabir goes out of vent. Zara tries to crawl near vent but falls down. Kabir jumps from otherside of went and knocks on door. Shahbaz’s goon is outside and sees tank filled with patrol, he lights matchstick.

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