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Young love October teasers. Gauri confesses to Ganga about still having feelings for Jagdish. Everyone is surprised with Anandi’s exuberant behaviour. Ganga is troubled about Gauri’s feelings towards Jagdish.

Tuesday 1 October 2019
Gulli’s marriage rituals begin and everyone is celebrating the haldi and mehndi ceremonies.

Hardik wishes Gulli well as she is getting married. Subhadra doesn’t like the idea of grandma and the family doing so much for Gulli’s marriage as she is not blood related.

Wednesday 2 October 2019
Grandma Kalyani, Shiv and Anandi try their best to convince Subhadra to accept Gulli as her daughter-in-law. Will they succeed?

Anandi, Ira and Meenu perform all the rituals with Gulli.

Thursday 3 October 2019
Subhadra spoils all the decorations that Shiv and Anandi had done for Gulli’s wedding night. Will Subhara ever accept Gulli?

Subhadra is impressed with Gulli’s food but does not want the other family members to acknowledge it so she throws it in the dustbin.

Friday 4 October 2019

Grandma Kalyani is shocked when seeing an accident  and Bhasant lying in a pool of blood. Meanwhile Gehna is at home waiting for Bhasant’s call. Will he be ok?

Subhadra tries to brainwash Hardik and asks him to leave Gulli as she is not suitable for him. How will Hardik respond to this?

Monday 7 October 2019
Saurabh deliberately takes Vivek upstairs to his room to search for his pen drive. While helping Saurabh to search, Vivek finds Saanchi’s nightie. How will Vivek react to this?

Saanchi is disturbed and crying as she is unable to make Vivek believe her innocence.

Tuesday 8 October 2019
Grandma Kalyani and the others are shocked to see Gehna with a bindi on her forehead.

Gulli seeks Anandi’s advice about her argument with Hardik. What will Anandi say to her?

Wednesday 9 October 2019
Gulli makes a chocolate milkshake for Hardik but Subhadra gives him milk instead. What will Hardik do?

Saanchi is forced to leave Vivek’s home. Will Vivek ever realize what his brother has done?

Thursday 10 October 2019
Suman and Saurabh convince Vivek that Saanchi has been intentionally causing trouble for everyone and that he should divorce her and get Saurabh released from jail. Will Vivek agree?

Anandi bumps into Saurabh, who tells her about Saanchi being thrown out of the house by Vivek. Anandi confronts Saanchi and is shocked to hear the truth.

Friday 11 October 2019
Gauri forgives Jagdish for whatever had happened in their past. How does this make Jagdish feel?

Shivani arrives to apologize to Ganga for hiding the fact that she and Jagdish are married, from Gauri. She explains why she hid it and asks them to keep it to themselves until Gauri has recovered. Will they agree?

Monday 14 October 2019
Guests start to arrive at the party and while everyone is greeting them, Shiv is busy acquiring a room key to Saurabh’s room. What is he looking for in Saurabh’s room?

When Saanchi arrives at the Kabra house, Suman apologizes to her and performs her Aarti to welcome her home properly.

Tuesday 15 October 2019
A series of operations are done on Gauri, ending with an eye operation. How will Gauri react when her bandages are removed and she sees her new face?

Subhadra is determined to stop Hardik from landing a job in India. Will she ever stop interfering in his life?

Wednesday 16 October 2019
Subhadra is set on making life difficult for Gulli. Gauri questions Jagdish about why he hasn’t married again. How will Jagdish respond?

While Subhadra is spying on Hardik and Gulli, Anandi brings fruit to her room and finds Hardik’s shirt. She confronts Subhadra about it but Subhadra accuses Anandi instead.

Thursday 17 October 2019
When Jagya returns home he goes to check on Gauri, who tells him that they still have a lot in common and destiny has brought them together again.

Subhadra apologizes to everyone. Will she ever change?

Friday 18 October 2019
Gauri confesses to Ganga about still having feelings for Jagdish. How will Ganga react?

Anandi calls Shiv and acts mischievously, suggesting that they go on a holiday. Everyone is surprised with Anandi’s exuberant behaviour.

Monday 21 October 2019
Hardik suggests that the men should also fast for their wives and everyone happily agrees. Gauri declares she will fast for Teej as well.

Anoop and Alok struggle to maintain the fast but Daddu makes sure that they follow through.

Tuesday 22 October 2019
Gauri tries to join the others on the terrace for the Teej celebration but is stopped by Gehna in time.

Anandi continues to behave weirdly and Shiv suspects that something is wrong. Will he get to the bottom of it?

Wednesday 23 October 2019
Amol announces that he will be performing at the Independence Day Function and the entire family decides to attend.

The CM is scheduled to inaugurate the Centre for Arts in Udaipur, where Shiv has been put in charge of security.

Thursday 24 October 2019
A bomb has been placed in the auditorium at the Independence Day Function. What will Shiv, as head of security, do?

Subhadra buys more of the powder that she has been using to drug Anandi.

Friday 25 October 2019

Ira is suspicious of Subhadra and shares her suspicions with Meenu, so they decide to test Subhadra. Will they catch her?

Ganga is troubled about Gauri’s feelings towards Jagdish.

Monday 28 October 2019
Grandma Kalyani decides that it is time for Gehna to take on the responsibility of the family business. How will Gehna react to this?

Shiv wonders what is the matter with Anandi when he brings pizza home after Anandi has requested him to do so but Anandi doesn’t recall asking Shiv for pizza.

Tuesday 29 October 2019
Anandi is surprised to find out about the sacrifices that Ganga is making.

Alok and Anoop arrive with gifts for Ira and Meenu and to Subhadra’s shock, they turn out to be western clothes. She has to pretend that she doesn’t mind while seething inside.

Wednesday 30 October 2019
Ira and Meenu include Hardik and Gulli in their plan to test Subhadra futher. Will their plan work this time?

Gauri insists on attending the Havan but Anandi stops her by telling her that Jagdish thinks the heat from the Havan will damage her face.

Thursday 31 October 2019
 Gauri walks in on Jagdish and Ganga sharing an intimate hug and is livid. She drags Ganga out of the room, screaming insults at her. How will Jagdish react?

Gauri packs her bags, apologizes to Grandma Kalyani and Ganga and leaves the mansion.


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