Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate – 23 January 2019


Simonika tells herself that she wants Abhi dead and blames him for being responsible as she lost someone because of him. Pragya calls electrician and asks him to come home and tells that electricity is coming in all water tap.

He says he is in New Mumbai and will take 2 hours to come. He asks her to handle till then. Abhi looks at himself in the mirror and thinks he is looking good in this hair style. Dasi comes there and asks why he is here? Abhi says hot water is coming from tap water and that’s why Munni went to check central heater. Dasi says she made you fool and played game with you, and keeping you hungry. Abhi says I couldn’t figure out before and says he will cut her tail.

Dasi asks him to go and take bath first. Abhi is about to go, but says how to take bath with hot water. Dasi asks him to wash his hand and face and pretend as if he has taken bath. Abhi likes the idea, but then recalls what he promised to Munni, fuggi’s promise. Pragya comes to water tank.

Simonika hides and thinks to stop her. She says she has problem with accounts. Pragya says you can help me and asks for her help. She takes her out and says someone has planned to kill Abhi and made electric current run in the water. Simonika asks if he is fine. Pragya says she stopped him from going and got electric shock. She says until when I can stop him.

Simonika thinks pragya is ruining her plan once again and thinks to kill her. Pragya asks her to come to meter room. Simonika asks her to check outer meter. Pragya goes. Simonika thinks until Pragya returns, Abhi shall go to bathroom and die. Abhi asks Dasi to tell Munni that he has understood her plan. Dasi asks him to go.

Simonika hears and thinks Abhi will die now, she has to act to be crying, but she will be happy in heart. Dasi comes out and asks Simonika why she is standing out. Simonika says she came to meet Abhi. Dasi asks why you are smiling. Simonika says she heard their conversation and says Abhi and Pragya are having cute knok jhok, love. Dasi says he was angry.


Simonika goes. Dasi doubts her. Abhi thinks he will take bath before munni comes. He finds the bath tub empty and thinks he shall wash her hands and face before she comes.

Pragya comes to the meter room and sees wire in the water. She thinks if I touch this wire and get current then. Aaliya thinks to check water is hot or not and feels current and moves back. Pragya switches off the switch and takes out the wire. She thinks everyone is safe now.

Aaliya thinks somebody put the current inside and then taken it off. Abhi opens the tap and washes his hands. He thinks Dasi was right, pragya fooled him. Pragya thinks she shall find out about the person who wants to kill Abhi. Simonika comes there and thinks what she is doing here and gets angry on her. She thinks she thought to kill abhi, but because of her karvachauth fast, he gets saved everytime.

She thinks to kill Pragya first before abhi. Pragya thinks attacker is inside the house and thinks to change her perspective to search that person. Simonika thinking she has to kill Abhi before Pragya eyes get opened. She thinks to make a strong plan.

Aaliya comes to Tanu and accuses her for trying to kill her. Tanu asks what is she saying? Aaliya says you are a naagin and tried to kill me, by putting current in my shower water. Tanu says how is this possible? Aaliya says it is possible. Tanu says she was angry when she went to bathroom leaving her and says it was good that you felt current.

Aaliya says you tried to kill me. Tanu says this time I haven’t thought to do this, says Munni is better than you. Aaliya says you are comparing me with Munni. Tanu asks what is the proof, did you find my finger prints on water. Aaliya says no and tells that she wants to put current in her shower too. They both argue…

Tanu says she will give her charity and that is 5 Rs. Aaliya asks what comes in 5 Rs. They argue again. Abhi comes out of bathroom. Pragya comes and thinks to send him to bathroom now. Abhi comes infront of her and says he wants to see her surprised look. Pragya says you gave me fuggi promise. Abhi says it was for fuggi.

Pragya asks did you feel current. Abhi says you felt current. Pragya asks about water. Abhi says it was good for hot hot Abhi. Pragya says good and thinks some insider is helping killer. Abhi says I have understood you are fooling me and had hidden my clothes. Pragya smiles.

Abhi says Dasi saw me in bathrobe and asks why did you hide my clothes. Pragya says you didn’t let me take bath and that’s why I have hidden your clothes. Abhi says you have taken revenge, and asks her to get ready for revenge. He says he will not leave her. Pragya asks him to hold her first. Allah Wariyan plays…Electrician comes and checks the wire. He says it is used in AC.

Pragya thinks who might be this person. She asks him to get CCTV installed in Storeroom, meter room etc. Simonika thinks she has bounded my hands without knowing me. Pragya says she wants CCTV at secret place. She asks him to send the bill directly. Electrician goes. Pragya thinks now she can keep eye on entire house. Abhi asks Mitali if she saw Munni anywhere. Mitali says no. He checks for her and thinks what she is plotting against him. Tanu thinks Abhi is after Munni now and thinks to inform Aaliya.

She comes to Aaliya and says she can’t bear anymore now. Aaliya seems to be upset with her. Tanu asks her to listen. Aaliya says ok. She says Mitali said that Abhi might be thinking to start life with Munni. Tanu says we have ruined our life by bringing her here. Simonika hears them. Aaliya says it was your idea to bring her here. Tanu says I can’t see Abhi dancing on her tone. Aaliya asks her to go to Abhi and shares her plan.

Simonika hears them and thinks they can become her friends now. She says now I can fulfill my motive and I am sorted. Something falls down. Tanu comes out and thinks who might be here. She sees Simonika and asks who kept her here to keep an eye on them. She says I have caught you red handed and I will throw you out. Simonika says she didn’t do anything and asks what she is saying?

Tanu says I can get you arrested. She says I can get you arrested on the charges of my jewellery stealing. Tanu telling Simonika that Abhi hates Munni and he will kick her out and you will be kick out too. She asks her not to come near her, else her hand will be raised. Simonika asks her to mind her tongue and says I am silent and that doesn’t mean that you will say me anything. She says I have more better things to do rather than spying on you. Tanu says you don’t know who I am?

Simonika says you are a flop model who is enjoying retirement now, and says you are a flop girl friend and flop sautan too. She says how you will impress Abhi, and says he will get depressed seeing you. She laughs and says you tried to scare me and asks Tanu to be stronger and powerful, as Abhi can kick her anytime. She says you might be thinking all day what to wear to impress him and says instead of trying to scare me, go and cry your heart out infront of Aaliya. She says if I had a sautan then I would have killed her and gives her ideas to kill Pragya.


She says look at you, you are weak and fragile. She asks her not to threaten her again and says Pragya and she will be enemies. Tanu thinks innocent looking secretary gave her dangerous ideas and she shall work upon it. She thinks she shall take help of someone. Pragya comes there and asks what is she thinking? Tanu says it was good that you hired the girl as Abhi’s secretary and praises her. Pragya asks her to stay away from her. Tanu says she shall learn from her and is happy with her. Pragya gets worried.

Disha is in her room. Purab comes from bathroom and holds her from falling. They have an eye lock. Lejaye song plays…Disha says sorry and says she didn’t know that he was in bathroom. Her cousin comes and says he is your husband. Disha goes. Cousin thinks there is still distance between them.

Simonika is in car and thinks to kill Abhi tonight itself and thinks it will be kayamath ki night for Abhi and her. She thinks of a plan.


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