Wedding planners update Wednesday 26 January 2022

Wedding planners 26 January 2022:  Episode starts with Preeti explaining the girl that Kirti needs the princess’ role more. Kushala asks Kirti not to differentiate people by their poor or rich status. Kushala says you get angry on KT sometimes, come with me, I will put you to sleep. Kirti hugs her. The girl says you broke my crown, you want to take Kirti’s side. Preeti says sorry, I can never do this. Vishal says you are wrong, why will my daughter sacrifice her dreams, she will work hard. The girl says I hate you, you aren’t a good mumma. KT gets sad. Kushala sings a lullaby for Kirti and makes her sleep. KT cries and says Kirti was stuck in the fire today, I couldn’t move and felt the same old fear, I thought I will lose Kirti, Preeti came on time and saved her.Kushala says you have seen much sorrow in your life, you have shown courage always, its fine to lose courage sometimes. He says I want Preeti and Kirti to accept each other like mum and daughter, I m scared, am I expecting a lot from my life, Kirti hates Preeti.

Kushala says Kirti is a kid, she is young, you got Preeti, you never left the hope. She consoles him. She says it won’t be easy for Kirti to understand, you have your daughter and wife in front of you, you have to handle them with patience, it may take time, but my heart says that everything will be fine. He says don’t know, my heart is scared. KT goes to sleep.He recalls Kirti’s words. He wakes up and goes to see Kirti. Preeti thinks of her daughter and goes to see her. She recalls Kirti. KT thinks you never let me fall alone, I feel too lonely today. He sees Preeti doing the aid to her wound and crying. He goes to her. He does the aid. She asks how did you come. He says I wasn’t getting sleep and came here for a walk, I saw you, it means we had to meet, how did you get hurt. She says it will be fine.

He says KT’s daughter isn’t so bad. She says I can’t see Preeti upset, I have just this relation in my life, I think what to do to not hurt her, I had tried to explain her, but she got upset, we have to take decisions for their good future, where there is love, there will be some upsetness, they will agree soon. He says amazing, I got to see a new perception to live life, will you become my best friend. They shake hands. She says we will meet in office tomorrow. He says if you want to talk to someone, then I will be always there for you, you can try. She smiles and goes. KT looks on.  Preeti surprising the girl. The girl/Preeti says sorry to say bad things to you, I love you. She hugs her. Preeti says Mohi and Preeti are one, we can never get separated. Vishal looks on and thinks I will not let you succeed this time. He says I will drop her to school, you can go to office. The girl says no, mumma 2 will drop me. Preeti says yes, he will drop you. The girl says no one will scold my mumma 2. She goes. Nani asks Preeti about her salary. Preeti says 40000rs.

Nani says Shikha used to send me some money, don’t know what will happen of me now. Preeti says I know you wanted me to die instead Shikha, but I m here, I will treat you well, you will get money every month. She goes. Nani says its good for me, she takes care of the house and girl, she earns money as well, good.KT and Kushala try to cheer up Kirti. He plays the song ladki beautiful… He dances for her. Kirti smiles and dances with him. He says I can do anything for your happiness. She asks will you get me princess role. He says oh, you are still stuck there, fine, I will try my best and talk to principal, happy now. She thanks him. He asks her to have food. Priyanka explains about the marriage function. The children criticize the elderly couple for their decision of marriage. Preeti asks Priyanka to let it go, its meaningless, family should be happy with this marriage, its better to avoid it. Priyanka says we may lose the client. KT says she is still the same, its going fine, don’t worry.

Preeti says your parents always gave you happiness, you now think its tough to accept their decision, don’t they have a right to celebrate their life, I don’t find anything wrong in it. The man says I heard love happens in teenagers or in young age. She asks is it any exam that one can give it in young age, its a feeling which lucky people can get at any age, who are you to shut the door if love is knocking for them. KT says she is right, heart will beat, if their hearts beat for each other, then what problem do you have, I know you have a right on them, you don’t have a right on their heartbeat, your thinking is wrong. The clients leave. The old man says not everyone can understand this feeling. Preeti says uncle, you realize this, its enough, it doesn’t matter if others feel it, you remember you both have to support each other, celebrate your love, we are with you. KT smiles.

KT and Preeti leave from the office. He says you have told a lovely thing. She asks didn’t you fall in love, if yes, then where is she, who is she. He says I was in love, she entered my heart, we were together for a short time, then she went far, she was with me always, you tell me about yours, if you fall in love with someone, then what will you do. She sees the girl going sad. The girl says you removed my name from the play, Kirti told me that you work in her dad’s company, you didn’t think about me.Vishal looks on. The girl says you don’t love me, you are bad, I will not talk to you. Preeti says I will not do this, why will I do this. The girl pushes her. KT scolds the girl. He asks her to apologize. The girl refuses and goes. Preeti says don’t come between me and my daughter. She goes. KT comes home. He says everything got spoiled today, the girl blamed Preeti, she wasn’t ready to listen to her, she was behaving so badly. He says their bond is strong, how shall I explain the girl that Mohi didn’t do anything. Kushala says you have to understand that its tough to make a place in Mohi’s life. Preeti and Vishal try to talk to the girl. Preeti cries. Vishal scolds her. He says you can’t do such a thing behind our back, I know you are working in KT’s company, he is a cheap man, you would have done this on his saying. She says no. Nani also scolds her. She compares Preeti with Shikha. The girl hears them and cries.

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