Wedding planners update Friday 22 October 2021


Wedding planners 22 October 2021: The Episode starts with Juhi saying Kusum is coming to invite you for dinner. Preeti asks what, is she coming home. Juhi says don’t panic. Preeti opens the door and sees KT. She asks him to see the almirah. He says don’t be nervous, relax. He says Rati has decorated the house beautifully, I like green tea a lot. She goes. He likes the painting and also the almirah. He sees black pepper kept on his pic. He says if my mom saw this, she would have never forgiven you, who applies black dot like this. She gives the green tea. He says you are also there in pic, its beautiful moment to see yourself in newspaper, I was 21 year old when my pic came, you will ask me, how do I maintain myself. She thinks he talks a lot, will he take the cupboard, if Kusum comes… He asks why do you look worried. Door bell rings.

Rati and Tarun see their boss angry. Rati says don’t worry, she called us to get wedding gift, she has class, I m sure wedding gift will be special, why is dealer calling me. Tarun says I forgot phone at home. She talks to dealer. He says give me some time, I will do something. He says dealer is saying we will lose car and deposit also, what will we do now. They go inside the cabin and meet their boss. She gifts new cushions for the new car. Tarun thanks her for the gift. She says Rati gave the credit of all the marriage to your company, don’t you think you should give her incentive. Rati’s boss argues with him. She goes. Her ring falls down. Rati goes after her boss.

KT thinks maybe she really needs money, so she didn’t get happy, so sad. Preeti sees Kusum coming and thinks she will make news if she sees me with KT. Preeti asks KT to just give money and take the almirah. KT says I understand, my delivery boys will come to pick it, keep smiling. He keeps the money and goes. Kusum comes home and asks did anyone come. She sees KT’s pic. Kusum says I came to invite Tarun and Rati. Preeti says they have gone out.Kusum says I also want someone to manage my house. Preeti says yes. Kusum asks her to come in bhajan event, did your children make you guard. Preeti says no, I get happy to work for children. Rati calls Preeti. Tarun says I forgot my phone at home, get phone here. Preeti says fine, I will get it.

Kusum says you have to go and give phone to him, go, you stay happy, I will go, I m taking KT’s pic with me. She leaves. Rati sees the ring and says maybe it fell down. She picks the ring. Preeti comes there. Rati asks what are you doing here. Preeti says Tarun called me. Rati says I will take the phone. She puts the ring in Preeti’s bag. She asks Preeti to go home. Preeti goes. Rati goes and gives phone to Tarun. She says I have sent mum home. Preeti sees the girls working. She helps the girl. The girl thanks her for the unique design. Boss shouts and says just robbery had to happen in the office, I want the ring. Guard asks them to give Chanda’s ring if they found it. Rati smiles and thinks I have sent Preeti, none will know my game. Preeti comes and says they aren’t letting me go.

Rati says Preeti came to give phone to Tarun. Aditi says we will check her bag. Rati says let her go, respect her, she is my Saas. Preeti says let her check. Rati takes Tarun and says I had picked Chanda’s ring and put in mum’s bag. He asks what, you had stolen it. She says I was helpless to do it to save the car, do something, else I will lose my job. Preeti gets shocked seeing the ring. Aditi says this woman is a thief. Preeti says I m not a thief. Aditi scolds her.Preeti sees Rati tensed. Tarun says don’t worry, we will manage everything. Chanda asks who had stolen it. Rati says she just came from village, maybe she got greedy, I m so sorry. Tarun says she is my mum, I m sorry, don’t take any action. Chanda gets angry. Rati says don’t call the police. The staff taunts Preeti and call her a shameless thief. Preeti cries.

Preeti crying. Juhi calls her. She asks did Tarun and Rati come back. Preeti says I will talk later. Juhi asks what happened. Rati asks Preeti not to tell anything. Preeti says I will talk tomorrow morning, I m out with Tarun and Rati. Juhi says she is hiding something. Preeti comes home. Tarun asks her to listen once. She shuts the door. He says I don’t like this behavior, she is making us feel guilty. Rati sees the car model. He gets the cash and Preeti’s note. Rati smiles.Tarun says don’t know how she arranged the money. Rati says maybe she sold that cupboard, we had pressurized her, don’t worry, I will make her fav breakfast, she won’t be upset. She counts the money. They smile. KT’s mum says I have seen such a cupboard after years, its so good and antique. KT shows his pimple and does drama. She says this cupboard looks specially made for you. He says no, I think the seller didn’t wish to give it to me.

She asks do you know the seller. He says no, I just collided with her few times, she is my film heroines, a helpless woman. Preeti cries and recalls the insult. She says Tarun broke my self esteem and me also. Rati makes breakfast. She says we will go to mum. Tarun asks why are you packing the bag. Preeti says I m going to old house for some days. Tarun and Rati worry. Rati says we won’t let you go anywhere. She does a drama and apologizes. Tarun also apologizes. Rati asks her to give one chance. Preeti says I m not scared of others, but I have to see myself in mirror, self esteem is much bigger than respect received from others, I lost my esteem, I m hurt, I want to stay alone for some time and recover from this wound, you both focus on your marriage, I will return later.

KT’s aunt compliments him. Maa asks KT to have the money, Gopal returned it, he took the loan. KT says maybe. Uncle says you help everyone and don’t remember. KT says we have to remember who helped us in our bad times. They hear KT’s film song on the radio. KT and his family dances. A bouquet comes for KT. KT reads, to my most fav superstar, happy marriage anniversary. He gets sad. Aunt shows the keys. KT says maybe the keys of the cupboard seller, I will go and give it to her, she looked worried. He goes.

Tarun says I have sold the old house. Preeti asks when. Tarun says I made the flat’s down payment by selling the house. She says you didn’t even tell me. He says you have to stay with us. Preeti says at least, you could have told me. He says you won’t go anywhere, we have to go and apologize to Rati’s boss. Preeti cries. Rati asks her to have breakfast. She goes.Juhi comes to meet Preeti. She asks did anything happen, why are you sad. Preeti says I m fine. Juhi asks her to share the sorrow. Preeti doesn’t tell her. Juhi says you got famous, KT made your poetry viral, meet him and tell that you wrote that poetry. Preeti says I have seen that video, when I meet him, I will ask for my poetry. Juhi says I hope you meet him soon. She goes. Preeti sees the dupatta stuck on the fan. She goes to free it. KT comes home and misunderstands her. He shouts Preeti ji, giving life is wrong, wait, I know there are problems in your life, there is pain, but giving life is wrong. She faints in his arms. Iktara…plays….

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