Unspoken Bond update Wednesday 22 June 2022


Unspoken Bond 22 June 2022: Episode starts with Shamika refusing to marry Darsh. She says I can’t lead a normal life with you, I can’t stay like this, I have my ambitions, how will I achieve everything, I have agreed to a new alliance. She gives her wedding invite to him. Everyone comes. Darsh asks Shamika not to tell anyone about it, Rajvi is waiting to play holi with her, just do a drama, then he will tell everyone that he broke up with her, they will feel less bad. She says everyone is here. She apologizes and goes. FB ends. Rajvi waits for Darsh. She says Darsh will apply the colours to me first. Darsh goes. Nandini comes and wishes him happy holi. He asks you here, is the cow fine. She says yes, I have come to give sweets, Rajvi hired the milk vendors again. He says I knew it, don’t misunderstand her, she is the best. She asks didn’t you go to play holi.

He says I went, but I forgot about the colours. Nandini throws colours at him. She introduces him to the colours by relating it to the sunlight, sky and love. He asks what are you trying to say. She says we don’t need to identify colours, we can just feel it. She says identity should be of perception, not sight, tell Rajvi that I have kept the sweets. He says I will tell her that you left your sweetness also, leave any identity. She says Rajvi will identity it by the good smell. She goes. He thinks these colours have a different feeling. Nandini prays for Darsh. She gets shocked seeing Ragla with Nirali. She says its not Gunjan. He says we can go and enjoy. Nirali says I didn’t wear good clothes. He says you look good. They leave on his bike. Nandini says Nirali is cheating Rajvi and Darsh, I have to tell him.

Rajvi thinks of the previous holi when Darsh was fine. Vipul asks her to play holi. Darsh splashes holi on her.She sees Shobit and gets angry. Shobit shows Darsh. Rajvi hugs him. Darsh plays holi with them. Rajvi says I m very happy for you, I promise your happiness will be secured. Nandini comes home and says I will tell them that Nirali is cheating them. Shobit helps Darsh play the holi. Rajvi and Parul talk about Nirali and look for her. Parul goes to see her. Nandini sees her and tries to say. Mrs. Patel comes and taunts Parul. Parul calls her uninvited guest. Nandini looks on. She hears their talk. Mrs. Patel says today,the 30 days got over, Darsh is still alone. Parul says no, he is marrying Nirali. Mrs. Patel asks is she also blind or did you tell about money. Nandini thinks how shall I tell them the truth. Parul says Nirali is Darsh’s friend, she agreed to marry Darsh, I will go and see her. Nandini worries. She goes.

Rajvi asks Darsh to say yes for the alliance. She says Parul went to get Nirali. Darsh thinks Nirali went to meet her husband, if the truth comes out, then Rajvi’s holi will be spoiled. Nandini goes to Niral’s room and takes the disguise. Parul asks her to come downstairs.Parul coming to call Nirali. Nandini takes the disguise. She recalls wearing Nirali’s clothes to save Rajvi’s respect. Parul asks her to come downstairs. She goes. Nandini says I have to tell Nirali’s truth to Darsh, also Ragla is cheating Gunjan, I have to tell her the truth. She calls Gunjan and says Ragla is cheating you, he is already married. Gunjan scolds her. Nandini says trust me, else you will regret all life. Gunjan says I don’t trust you, end the call now. Nandini says what shall I do now. Gunjan worries. She calls Ragla. Parul asks Darsh to go and meet Nirali. Darsh thinks how did Nirali come back so soon. He goes to Nirali’s room.

Nandini pulls him inside and shuts the door. He asks what are you doing here. She says I have to tell you something, sit here, do you have BP problem. He says you are irritating me now. He stumbles. She holds him. Aapki nazron ne samjha….plays…..Nandini says Nirali is already married. He asks her to talk in low tone. She says she is married to that goon Ragla. He asks what, she is married to him. She asks did you already know she is married. Ragla says I want to spend time with you, I m getting interview calls. He gets Gunjan’s call. He says its work calls, I will finish call and come, then we have time. Gunjan calls him again. He comes and hugs her. She pushes him and says are you married, you don’t know my anger. He laughs and asks are you doubting me. Bansuri comes and slaps him. Darsh says Nirali is my college friend, she is in trouble, she said its matter of 4 days.

Nandini says how can you hide this, Rajvi will be so hurt. He says I m also worried, I should have not helped Nirali. Bansuri scolds Ragla. She says everyone knows about Ragla. She says Nandini called me and told everything, Ragla is a bad guy. Ragla says don’t try to become Gunjan’s mother. Naveen and Baa come. Bansuri slaps him again and scolds him. Naveen gets angry and runs to beat Ragla. Ragla says I m not married, Nandini is lying. Naveen scolds Gunjan.Rajvi sees Mrs. Patel and asks what are you doing here. Mrs. Patel says your 30 day challenge ends today, I wanted to see who is that normal girl who agreed to marry Darsh. She taunts Rajvi and asks did the girl run away. Rajvi says come, I will make you meet her. She drags Mrs. Patel. Darsh says I will handle everything, you go from here. Nandini says tell the truth when you get a chance. He says fine, you just go from here, go from the window. He says maybe she left, I m sorry Maa, I should have not lied to you, you should leave the hope for my marriage, its impossible to get such a life partner for me, I feel hurt when you get heartbroken. Nandini hears this and gets sad. Darsh says sorry Maa, I can’t fulfill your wish.

Rajvi and Parul get Mrs. Patel there. Rajvi asks where is Nirali. Nandini and Darsh worry. Mrs. Patel asks where is she. Darsh says Maa…. Nandini dons a ghunghat and comes. She stands beside Darsh. She says I have come. Darsh thinks Nandini came back. Rajvi asks what did you want to know, you wanted to meet my Bahu, she is Nirali. She answers Mrs. Patel. She says I have found my bahu in 30 days.She asks Mrs. Patel to come in the marriage. Parul says I will wipe colour off Nirali’s face. Rajvi says I will do it. Darsh thinks Nandini can tell Nirali’s truth in fear. He stops Rajvi and says my answer is yes, I m ready for the marriage. Rajvi hugs him and says I m so happy, thanks a lot. Darsh says but I have to talk to Nirali in private. Rajvi says you may talk, I m very happy. She scolds Mrs. Patel. She says Parul, we have another relation now. She hugs Parul. She goes to tell everyone. Mrs. Patel and Parul leave. Rajvi tells everything to family.

She says Darsh has agreed, I m so happy. She asks Mrs. Patel will she go without blessing Darsh and Nirali. She jokes and asks her to have sweets. Parul says we will go Garba at this time. Darsh asks why did you stop. Nandini says Mrs. Patel would have insulted Rajvi.Parul dances with Rajvi. Shehnai….plays…. Everyone dances. Vipul says Darsh agreed for Nirali’s alliance, go and get them. Shobit goes to Nirali’s room. He says I have seen mom happy, come downstairs. Darsh says listen to me. Shobit says later, come with me. Shobit takes them downstairs for the dance. Darsh and Nandini stand in the middle. Everyone dances around. Rajvi smiles. Nandini says I feel scared. Rajvi asks Darsh to complete the engagement rituals today. She says I won’t beat the plate today, I promise. Everyone laughs. Rajvi asks Mrs. Patel to see their happiness and share it with everyone. She asks Darsh why is he worried. Darsh says no, is it imp to do rituals now, Nirali’s mom and dad are not here. Parul says I m her elder sister, I m here, we will keep a dinner function soon. Darsh thinks go away Nandini, make some excuse.Nandini thinks after I leave, you will get insulted, how can I leave. He thinks its a promise taken in front of Lord, will you go to this extent to save me and my family respect. Nandini thinks what will we do now.

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