Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 9 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 9 August 2022: The Episode starts with Charmy coming to the room. Darsh says Nandini…. She says I m sitting to study. He says its amazing, you learnt proper accent in just 13 days, I knew you are so talented, you go and change first. She says I will take the nightdress myself, your eyes have bandage over it. He asks since when are you under estimating me, wait I will get it. He gets the dress. He says I will wait all life until you get comfortable, don’t rush, I m going to sleep, keep the lights on, I will manage. He goes.

Charmy thinks how will Nandini’s clothes fit me, how will I fit in Nandini’s place. Its morning, Nandini recalls Darsh and Rajvi’s words. She wakes up. Vini asks did you get any bad dream. Nandini says yes. Vini does magic to throw the bad dream. Darsh comes out of the house. He sees Charmy meditating. He says Nandini, since when did start workout. She gets a call. He answers. The man asks is this Dr. Charmy’s number. Darsh says Charmy… Charmy turns… He says someone is asking for Dr. Charmy, why was he calling you Dr. Charmy. Rajvi comes and asks did you start yoga without me, what happened. Darsh says someone called her and asked for Dr. Charmy. She says yes, she went to meet Charmy yesterday. She asks did she use your phone. Charmy says yes. Darsh says you should have told me. Rajvi says whatever Shobit did, she would feel awkward to share it.

Darsh says Shobit did wrong, what’s Charmy’s mistake, I was thinking to go and apologize to her. Rajvi says fine, but she left Dwarka. He asks how did Nandini start yoga. Rajvi says Nandini searched for yoga when I had got a panic attack, she is doing this for me. He says wow, you changed her completely. He asks will you come with me for appointment today, please come. Charmy says fine. He says cool then, continue with the yoga. He goes.Rajvi thinks I have to lie all life to save your heart from breaking. Naveen goes to Shobit. He thinks don’t know what to say to lighten your heart. Shobit says I have no one to share things, I feel depressed. He tells about Darsh.

He says don’t know how he reacted knowing about Nandini’s death, he would have broken down. Naveen says don’t blame yourself for her death, I have a meeting in Porbandar today, I wish I get this job. Nandini and Vini make breakfast. She calls Mahesh and asks when shall I come for recording. He says that assignment is cancelled, you got a contract about hospital ad. She says don’t worry, we won’t lose the contract, I will go to the hospital. Rajvi says I m following Darsh. Vipul asks since when will you stay as their shadow, this lie can’t stay for long, truth will come out, how did Charmy agree to become Nandini. Rajvi says no one can understand this, a mum is doing this for her child’s betterment, don’t ask me anything again, I have no other way to save Darsh from sorrow. She thinks I can’t tell anyone about Charmy and my talk.

Darsh is with Charmy. Rajvi follows them. Charmy messages Rajvi. He says you never liked AC, you said that you like fresh air, its filmi feeling. She says I just said that for your eyes. She plays an English song and says its my fav. He asks what, since when did you start listening English songs, its commendable, you learnt English and changed so much, thanks. She says I have made these changes for myself. Nandini is at the hospital. She thinks this singing assignment shouldn’t be missed. The lady says doctor is thinking to take male singer for the ad, so sorry. Nandini says let me meet him once. The lady says sorry, you may leave.

Charmy gets down the car. The saree pleats open up. She thinks how will I manage. Darsh asks shall I help. She says no. He says relax. He ties the saree pleats. She tucks it back. He thinks why is she behaving like she just learnt to wear saree. Nandini and Vini leave. Darsh comes there. He feels Nandini. Nandini sees him. Shobit getting a jerk. He gets inside the doctor’s cabin. He sees Darsh and Charmy. Darsh scolds Shobit and asks how dare you came in front of Nandini. Shobit gets shocked. Some time back, Darsh and Charmy come to meet the doctor. Vini says we have to go back. Nandini thinks I shouldn’t lose this singing assignment. She says no, I won’t lose, we will work hard now. Doctor says scans are good. He sees Charmy talking to doctor. Charmy says I read it on the net. Doctor says I thought you are a doctor yourself. Darsh says she has become half doctor by her research. Doctor asks about the donor’s medical history. Darsh says I don’t know about donor, doctor said its confidential, I want to know and thank his family. Charmy says I don’t know, Dr. Vivek has all the details, I will send his number, you can take details from him.

They hear Nandini’s singing. Darsh says this voice…. Doctor says you stay seated, I will go and see. Doctor meets Nandini. Charmy messages Rajvi. Rajvi checks message. She calls Vipul and asks him to find eye donor’s details, doctor wants it, Darsh can’t find it, else he will know of Nandini’s death. Shobit sees Rawals car outside the house. He says it means Darsh has come here. He thinks I will just go and see him from far, I can’t go in front of him. Shobit gets a jerk. He gets inside the doctor’s cabin. He sees Darsh and Charmy. Charmy thinks please don’t say anything Shobit. Darsh asks what are you doing here. Shobit says I came for a job interview, I saw your car outside, I m sorry. Darsh scolds Shobit and asks how dare you came in front of Nandini. Shobit gets shocked.

Darsh says we are trying to forget whatever you have done, just go from here. Shobit sees Charmy and thinks Darsh doesn’t know that Nandini is dead, why is he calling Charmy as Nandini. Darsh asks him to just go. Shobit says why isn’t Charmy saying anything. Doctor asks what’s the meaning of singing loud, when staff said I m busy today. Nandini thinks I lost the assignment. Doctor smiles and says I would have not known that you have a good voice, our hospital jingle should be peppy, my assistant will give you full payment in advance. Nandini and Vini thank him. Doctor comes back to Darsh. Darsh asks who was singing. Doctor says some local singer, she works with Mahesh, she is making jingle for our hospital. Darsh says interesting.

Darsh gets angry on Shobit. He thinks its my mistake also to doubt Nandini. Charmy says anger isn’t good for you. Nandini and Vini come out of the hospital to hire an auto. A beggar begs money. Nandini gives a torn note. Beggar argues. Darsh hears this and says how cheap. Vini greets Darsh. Darsh leaves. Nandini scolds the man for acting blind. Vini says my mum doesn’t give second chances to anyone. Darsh says I heard that woman on call and understood. Charmy asks did you meet her before. Darsh says no, I don’t want to meet her ever. Vini hides picnic day brochure. Nandini checks it. Vini says I don’t want to go on picnic, we won’t waste so much money. Nandini kisses her.She calls Mahesh and says thanks, I got the advance of hospital jingle, do you have some other work, I need more money. Mahesh says I m making tunes for other clients, but they will take audition, you can come if you want. Nandini says I will come. Shobit comes home and calls out everyone. He recalls Rajvi’s words. He stops at the door. Vipul and everyone come. Shobit asks what’s going on. Rajvi shouts what’s the right that you are asking this. She comes home. She says you have no relation with Darsh and Charmy. Shobit says I will always have a relation with Darsh, why is Darsh calling Charmy as Nandini. She says I told Charmy to come in front of Darsh as Nandini, its our personal matter, you just leave. Shobit says punish me, but Darsh doesn’t deserve this, you are lying to Darsh, its a cheat.

Rajvi says you cheated us and ashamed us, you don’t lecture us, we are lying today because of your lie.Shobit asks how did Charmy agree. Rajvi says when people like you hurt others, some innocent people have to make sacrifices, if you are guilty for whatever you did, you won’t tell anything to Darsh, we may lose Darsh because of you. Shobit says but its wrong. Rajvi says I will lie all life for the sake of his happiness. Shobit cries and turns to leave. She says you will not use Rawal surname from now, you have no relation with this family now. Shobit cries. She shuts the door.

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