Unspoken bond update Sunday 11 September 2022


Unspoken bond 11 September 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh asking Toral about her husband and kids. Toral says Vipul. She screams hearing a train sound. Darsh asks what’s this sound. Rajvi says its coming from Vini’s toy, don’t force her. Nandini pacifies Toral. Toral runs away. Rajvi played the audio to scare her. She says I did wrong to scare her, but I had no other option, Toral have to go back to the mental institute. Vipul says we can’t send her to the same institute, else Darsh and Nandini will know the truth. She says I can’t let my family shatter. Charmy talks to Mrs. Patel. Toral collides with her. Charmy falls. Shobit holds her. Nandini and Darsh worry. Shobit says Charmy is fine. He takes her.

She gets angry and says I want that woman out of here. Nandini says she is mentally unstable. Charmy says she should be in the hospital, if Shobit was not around, then you know what would have happened. Rajvi says she is pregnant. Charmy says Nandini you can never understand this, you can never become a mother. They get shocked. Darsh comes and hears this. He asks how dare you talk to Nandini like this. Rajvi asks Charmy to apologize to Nandini. Vini comes. Nandini says I can understand your pain. Charmy says sorry, just a mum who kept her baby in her womb for nine months can know the pain. Rajvi says I don’t believe this, such mothers are also there, who love the child all the life even when they didn’t give birth, you will not understand, not everyone can do this. She goes.

Chetan asks Vipul not to worry, everything will get fine. Parul comes and says I can ask my friend to find out about Toral. Chetan gets angry and scolds her. She goes. Chetan says we will find a new institute. Vini says I will give you a chocolate because you scolded Charmy today. She goes. Nandini says Darsh, you should have not shouted on her. He says she said wrong.Vipul says we have to send Toral to the mental institute. Nandini says if we can find out about the mental institute from where she had run, then we can find about her family, we will take care of her. Vipul worries. Darsh cares for Toral. Rajvi comes. He says I feel bad seeing her state, I hope we find her family, we are lucky to share joy and sorrow, she has no one. Toral holds his hand. Rajvi shouts.

He asks why did you get scared, relax, she held my hand. He says you look so worried since she came. Rajvi says yes, look at her state, I m worried, she pushed Charmy, she can hurt Nandini and Vini, she has to go to mental institute. She goes. Rajvi says we can’t do anything if Darsh and Nandini find out anything, Toral has to leave.Its morning, Nandini cares for Toral. Parul says she listens to you. Nandini consoles her. She says you would be knowing your husband and kids, do you remember your husband’s name. Parul asks Toral to say. Toral says Vipul. Rajvi asks what’s happening here, same questioning again, why is she taking Vipul’s name again and again. Nandini says sorry, she is remembering her family. She asks do you know your child’s name. Toral says Vipul.

Charmy says she is taking Vipul’s name for every question. Rajvi says its daily drama isn’t right, she needs medical help. Nandini asks Toral to wear slippers and go to the garden. Toral laughs. Nandini thinks who did this marking on her saree. She consoles Toral. She thinks I have to find out the mental institute and then find her family.Nandini consoling Toral. She clicks a pic of Toral’s saree stamp. She thinks to find the mental institute. Darsh also calls the mental institutes and finds about Toral. Vipul worries and says you don’t need to call, I have called them already, she wasn’t admitted anywhere. He says I had to stop Darsh. Rajvi says she could have got admitted by now. Toral comes there and holds Rajvi’s hand. Nandini comes. Toral says I want water. Nandini says sorry, I will take her. They go. Vipul asks are you fine.


Rajvi says she can’t stay here. Nandini feeds water to Toral. Charmy apologizes to Darsh. He says fine, forget it, don’t say such a thing in front of Nandini, your baby will be coming, think of Nandini’s emotions. She says sorry, I was thinking… nothing. He asks what. She says I bought a new mobile, I was taking selfies with all the family members, shall I take a selfie with you also, if you don’t mind. He says of course. She holds him and takes a selfie. She thinks I want my baby to be like you.Nandini comes and sees them. Darsh says come, Charmy bought a new phone, she is taking selfies with everyone. Charmy takes a selfie with Nandini. She says just Vini is left. She goes.

Darsh says Toral wasn’t admitted in Dwarka’s mental institutes, I will find a good facility and get her treatment started, will you come with me. Nandini asks why are you asking me, tell me that Nandini you are coming with me. He says okay, lets try, you are coming with me right now. She says fine, but no english songs. Charmy looks on. She says Nandini, I have a craving to have sugar biscuits. Nandini says Jinal will make it. Charmy says no, you make it well, can you make it for me. Nandini says fine. Charmy thanks and hugs her. Darsh leaves.

Nandini cooks in the kitchen. Darsh comes. Toral is also with her. Nandini asks Toral to go. Darsh asks when will your work end, I was going alone, then I thought I will go with you. Nandini says I need time to make the snacks, go, Jinal will see. He says we are husband and wife, we are romancing. His hand gets a burn. She says sorry. He says you are so unromantic, I m going alone. He leaves. She says I can find the institute online. She finds it. Toral hears Rajvi talking on the call. She runs out. Nandini talks to the hospital man. He says Toral was here since 27 years, she ran away four months back. Nandini says we didn’t decide where to send her. He says I will come and meet you.

Toral does the aarti. Rajvi asks who gave her the diya, it can ignite fire. She tries to stop Toral. Darsh sees Rajvi’s saree about to catch fire and saves her. Nandini stops Toral. Darsh says we will shift Toral today itself. Rajvi goes to talk to Toral. She asks why did you come here, this family is my everything, did you come to break it. Toral lies to sleep. Vipul comes and asks what are you doing here.Darsh says how did dad miss this info. Nandini says I called the manager, maybe he can help us. The hospital manager comes home and says we have come to take Toral out. Nandini says she is scared, she won’t get ready to go with you.

He says she will get ready to come with me seeing this tiffin box, she loves it. Darsh says we will decide, a patient ran away and you didn’t know. The man says we wanted to file the report, but her family refused. Darsh asks who are they. The man says sorry, we can’t give patient’s details. Darsh threatens of police. The man says wait, I m calling her family member. Vipul gets the call. The man says I m in Rawal house, I got Toral with Nandini Rawal. Rajvi and Vipul get shocked.

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