Unspoken Bond update Saturday 3 September 2022

Unspoken Bond 3 September 2022: The Episode starts with lawyer says you can give Vini for adoption, can she stay without you. Nandini says I don’t know if I can live without her, I didn’t see my life without her. He gives her water. He asks who wants to adopt her. She says my husband’s uncle and aunt, they are good people, they didn’t get a child, Chetan Rawal, he is a famous astrologer. Lawyer says I didn’t think this is your family, I shouldn’t discuss anyone’s case, but I know you, I want to tell you, Namrata came to me to file a fraud case on Aatish, I refused, some other advocate took her case. Nandini gets shocked.

Namrata asks what did you decide. Aatish says I m not scared, you blamed me for kidnapping, there is no love in your heart for me, I can’t bear the burden of your hatred, I m ready to divorce you. Nandini comes to Namrata’s room. She sees her laptop on. She sees Namrata’s pics of some party. She sees the date. She says Namrata said Aatish had beaten her a lot, it means Namrata did this drama to divorce. Her inner self asks her to let it be, its Namrata’s life, Darsh will get upset if she tells anything. Nandini says its about Aatish also, I will bring Namrata’s truth out, even if the family goes against me. She takes the laptop and thinks to show it to Darsh. Nandini comes downstairs to Rajvi and Darsh. Charmy collides with her and makes her drop the laptop. She acts hurt. Nandini says I m really sorry, I didn’t see.Rajvi says be careful, she is pregnant. Shobit comes and asks what happened. Rajvi says take care of her, I will call the doctor. Darsh asks Shobit to take Charmy to the room. Namrata says my laptop here….. it got damaged. Rajvi says doctor is coming for Charmy. Nandini thinks I can’t do anything till laptop gets repaired. Shobit drops Charmy to the room. Namrata asks who got my laptop. Charmy says Nandini had it. Namrata asks was she investigating to get proof against me, thanks for saving me.

Charmy says she came in front of me suddenly, of course, I saw your laptop with Nandini and knew she will create some problem for you. Shobit comes and asks what will Nandini do. Charmy says Nandini comes in Aatish’s words easily, he can brainwash Nandini. Shobit says she is bit emotional but she is smart. He asks Namrata not to worry, they will get her divorced. Namrata asks Charmy to take rest. She thinks I have to do something that Nandini stops coming in my way.Nandini speaks to the school person. She says Namrata planned Vini’s kidnapping drama to frame Aatish, how will I tell Darsh that Namrata is wrong. Vini comes and hugs her. She says I don’t want Parul, I want you. They have a talk. Darsh comes wearing a monkey cap and says I m new watchman, Darsh kept me on work to protect a coward girl. Vini asks how Darsh called me a coward. She asks Darsh where is he hiding. She runs. Nandini asks him to get out. Darsh says I can guard you also. She beats him and asks him to get out. He asks will you call Darsh if I don’t go out, I m more handsome than him. She says Darsh is the world’s most handsome guy. He says call him here. She removes his monkey cap. She sees Darsh and smiles. Darsh asks am I really handsome, you always ignore me, so I had to do this. She says sorry. They hug. Nandini thinks sorry, I have to bring Namrata’s truth out. Charmy comes to Vini. She says get habitual to stay without Nandini, they met after a long time. Vini says I come first for Nandini always.

Charmy gets fortune cookies and says this has our future written. Vini asks really. She chooses one. Charmy gets sad and says I can’t say, you will cry. Vini says I m strong, tell me. Charmy says Nandini will leave you and go with her prince charming, Darsh. Vini says no, she won’t leave me, its a lie. She goes. Charmy thinks now Vini will try to make Darsh and Nandini away.Guard says old guard left the job, someone gave him much money. Nandini asks did she give him money. She shows Namrata’s pic. He says yes, she gave the money. Darsh says let me explain. Vini asks how did you decide it. Nandini comes home. Vini says Darsh planned a trip with you, leaving me here. Darsh says its two days trip, I thought we will spend some time. Vini says impossible, don’t try to become prince charming, Nandini is mine first, she won’t go. Darsh says I told her, we three will go, she isn’t understanding. Vini says you want to snatch Nandini from me. Charmy says now I will see how you go on honeymoon. Vini says I won’t give you Nandini. Charmy recalls Shobit telling her about Darsh’s plan. She sees Vini and acts. She says Darsh wants to take Nandini with her on a trip. Charmy thinks they will fight or cancel the trip. Darsh goes. Nandini explains Vini. She asks who told you that Darsh will take me away from you, no one can separate us, I promise. She thinks I didn’t get time to talk to Darsh about Namrata.

Namrata saying Aatish is ready to divorce me, I don’t want the matter to go to court. Vipul and Dada ji say we will trouble him a lot. She says I don’t want any complications, stay away from him, he is a dangerous person. Nandini calls it enough. She says you don’t think of that man, he can’t do anything, you don’t need to get scared, they are saying right, Aatish should get punished, he can trap any other girl and torture her, he should get jailed, am I saying right. Rajvi says yes. Namrata says I just want my peace of mind. Rajvi says we are educated people, why are you scared, we will support you, Aatish will go to jail. Namrata says if he lies that he didn’t torture you… Nandini says we will use your medical reports. Namrata goes. Nandini thinks to inform truth to Darsh. She thinks I won’t let any innocent man get this stain.

Parul comes to Rajvi. She says Vini doesn’t want Nandini to go even for two days, she wants Nandini, can Vini accept me as mum or not, I can’t make Vini and Nandini away. Rajvi asks her to relax, Vini is a kid, we have to explain her, you and Chetan will spoil Vini with love. She hugs Parul. Nandini says Darsh will be busy in meetings, we will be bored, Parul is planning a party here. Vini says everyone will party here, we will get bored. Nandini says you stay back and enjoy the party, I will go and come, we can plan disneyland trip. Vini asks promise. Nandini says promise. Vini says you won’t feel bad right, that I m here. Nandini says you should stay back. Vini runs. Darsh comes and asks are we going on a trip finally. Nandini says yes and hugs him. Namrata looks on.

Darsh says I had to talk to you. Namrata comes to them and asks shall we watch a movie today. He says fine, we will watch whatever you like. They go. Nandini says I think I have to tell Darsh the truth on the trip.Its morning, Darsh and Nandini leave from the house. He compliments. He says you are saying filmi lines. He says I m taking a beautiful girl on date, we didn’t had dating, we got married soon, we missed the dating, we will do everything we missed, come on, lets go on a ride. She says don’t make me wait again. He says I promise, you won’t complain. She says I want to talk. They leave. Parul decorates a room for Vini. Everyone is happy. Chetan says Vini will come to you. Charmy thinks they worked hard for Vini, but Vini will be to stop Nandini from going to Darsh. Vini comes and hugs Parul. Parul thanks her for coming. Vini says I know these chocolates and toys are for me, thanks. Parul says all this is for you. They laugh. Charmy thinks Vini is useless, don’t know what Nandini told her.

Aatish gives the divorce papers. Namrata says you should have agreed before itself. He asks her to check papers. He goes. She checks papers and gets angry. She says you should have not done this, this will be troubling you a lot. Darsh says I will explain you the roleplay, this is my college, I m the stud, you are the new beauty queen. Darsh and Nandini joke. The guys stare at her. He scolds the guys. He says I will get chinese noodles for you. They get seated. Nandini holds his hand and says I have to talk something. He says don’t propose me so soon, okay tell me, what is the matter. She says listen to this with a calm mind, Namrata… He gets Namrata’s call. He asks what….

Namrata cries. Charmy says Aatish will try to prove himself innocent, he will give the divorce. Dada ji says I will talk to the lawyer. Nandini and Darsh come home. Darsh checks the papers. He says Aatish is calling your blames a lie, he challenged the divorce petition, he will be going to jail, its good. Vipul asks how did you come so soon from the trip. Charmy says sorry, I had called Darsh back, I know Nandini wanted to spend time with him, but what’s imp than family problems. Namrata says I tried to keep my marriage, he is punishing me, why. She asks Nandini to see Aatish’s truth. Darsh says we all are here. Shobit says we filed the FIR, commissioner said he will personally handle this case. Namrata asks what’s the need. Rajvi asks what is your problem, Aatish should get punished, he will know the result of getting enmity against us. Nandini thinks to bring Namrata’s truth out. Namrata says Aatish is a coward, don’t know how did he get courage. Charmy says don’t stress, you have medical reports. Namrata says its fake. Charmy says don’t worry, once Aatish gets arrested, he will lose his courage. Namrata says if I get caught, then I will expose you. Charmy pushes her and scolds her. Namrata says sorry, don’t get upset, I just really wish that Nandini doesn’t interfere in this.

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