Unfortunate love update Wednesday 30 November 2022


Unfortunate Love 30 November 2022: Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks if she wants to say something. Lakshmi asks what you would want to have in food. Rishi says he don’t want to have food. He says I am innocent and haven’t done anything.

I wanted to tell you, but thought you don’t know me much. Lakshmi says all life is not needed to understand someone, when the relations are connected by hearts. She says didn’t you understand? He nods no. Lakshmi asks him to close his eyes and think if I can do anything wrong with anyone. Rishi closes and then opens his eyes and says I don’t think that you can do anything wrong with anyone. Lakshmi says even I feel the same. Rishi says I did something wrong with someone.

Lakshmi says it must be good for others, and in such case, God forgives that person. She says different persons have different perspective, and says what is not good and right is trust breaking/betrayal and says it shall not happen. Rishi says I want to tell something. Lakshmi asks if it is about me? Rishi says about us. Lakshmi says I don’t want to hear, I mean will hear, but don’t eat this headache tablet. Rishi says I don’t get sleep without having this tablet. Lakshmi says she will do oil massage. Rishi says I don’t like, but ok. He says you are good. She says just good. He says very good. Lakshmi asks him to sit and get hair oil massage done.

Ayush tells that Rishi will not come to office today. Virender comes there. Ayush tells that tomorrow the meetings was lined up and if the meeting couldn’t happen tomorrow, then it will be postponed for 5 months. Virender says Rishi is more important. Malishka says she is going to sleep in Sonia’s room and asks him to talk to her if there is something.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to close his eyes, as she massages his head. Rishi closes his eyes and feels sleepy. He sleeps on the sofa while she is massaging his head. Lakshmi calls him and then make him sleep on the sofa properly. She asks Mata Rani, why God people have to bear, don’t punish him, punish me but not him. She asks God to give him same sparkle in his eyes as before. She rests her head on the sofa while sitting down on the floor and sleeps. Song plays seene se tere…..

In the morning, Sanjay hides the newspaper. Virender asks him to give newspaper to him. Sanjay gives him and goes. Virender reads the news. Neelam asks him to give the newspaper. Virender says it is also fake news, don’t read. She insists. She reads the headlines in which it is written Rishi was arrested for molestation and got released on bail. She gets angry and throws the newspaper. Karishma and Malishka come there. Karishma reads the newspaper. They switch on TV and hear the news about Rishi trending on every channel. Neelam says it is all nonsense, they just want a news, don’t care if it is real or fake. She asks Virender to do something and says our son’s name is getting ruined. Malishka asks her not to take tension. Neelam says Rishi has our values and he is mentally tortured, asks Lakshmi to call him.

Lakshmi says he is sleeping even now. Neelam asks until now? Virender says I got sleeping pills from you. Lakshmi tries to say, just then Rishi comes and says I didn’t have sleeping pills last night. Neelam hugs him. He says he is fine. Rishi asks if they are still having tea. Virender asks how can I miss tea made by Lakshmi. Malishka goes to Rishi and says I am with you, all of us are with you. Lakshmi serves tea to everyone. Dadi asks Lakshmi to bring sleeping pills and return to Lakshmi.

Ayush comes there. Rishi asks where are you going? Ayush says he is going to office and asks him to chill at home. Rishi says he will bring Taneja’s files. Malishka asks Rishi to ask Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi doesn’t know where it is. Neelam asks Virender to talk to Lawyer. Virender says I talked to him, he said that we have to go to hearing. Karishma says you mean court. He says yes.

Rishi coming to his room and opens the cupboard. Lakshmi asks if you need anything. Rishi says I am not going to office, media will be there and some drama will happen. He says Malishka suggested me not to go to office today. Lakshmi says but..and says ok. He asks her to tell. Lakshmi says you are not going due to people, being scared of them. Rishi says I haven’t done anything wrong and I am not scared. I want to avoid them.

Lakshmi says they will talk more if you avoid them, don’t think about them, care for your loved ones, for your family who cares for you, and says others don’t think about you and will not decide what you will do or not. Rishi says circumstances are such. Lakshmi says if you stay back home, then they will talk more about you, and will think that this is all truth. She says your hotel staff is like your family, I have seen how well you have relationship with everyone.

She says lie’s age is not long, and truth never dies. She says truth will come out and asks if she told much. Rishi says you was talking like Nana ji, he also thinks the same being brave and bold. He says Nana ji keeps his point well. He says yesterday I got angry on media and is about to raise my hand. Lakshmi says don’t reply to them, I will answer them. He asks her to take out his clothes and says he will come.

Ayush asks really, if Rishi Bhai told you that he got sleep without taking sleeping pills. Dadi says I don’t make false stories like your mother. Ayush says don’t say this regarding my mother. Dadi says she is my daughter first. Rishi comes there and says he is going to office. Neelam gets surprised. Malishka says there will be people in the office and don’t know what they will comment. Rishi says which people, shall I be afraid of people who doesn’t know about me. He says if I sit at home, then I will strengthen their doubt and says they are nothing to me, they will talk about me and comments on me, but I don’t care about them. He recalls Lakshmi’s words and says if I care then about those who stays in the same house as him.


He says I trust fully that you people trust. He says this is difficult time, we will not be scared and face it, lie might be big, but its age is less, and truth never dies and comes infront of everyone eventually. He asks Dadi. Dadi says yes. He says I will go to office now. Malishka says I still feel it is a bad decision. Rishi says I have a meeting with foreign investors. Ayush says I have cancelled the meeting.

Rishi says we will tell them and they will not refuse, if the meeting don’t happen today, then it will be postponed for 5 months, and their company will suffer loss if project delays. He asks Virender if he did right. Virender asks him to go. Neelam asks him not to worry about people’s words. Rishi says you made your son strong, it will be fine. He hugs her, looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi smiles. Neelam says he is looking better. She says I shall call Papa, he was asking about Rishi. Virender asks Lakshmi if she sent him to office. He says everyone asked him to stay at home. Lakshmi smiles.

Virender says I felt good that you became his strength and courage. He says you are smart and how did you do magic? How made him sleep without using sleeping pills. Lakshmi says I can’t tell you, it is between husband and wife. Malishka hears them and gets angry. Virender says that’s why Rishi got late, in bringing Taneja’s file. Lakshmi says he has forgotten file at home. Virender asks her to go to office and give him file.

Ayush drops Rishi to the office and asks him not to worry. He goes to park the car. Malishka comes in her car. Rishi thanks her for coming. Malishka says I feel you shouldn’t have come, and when you have come, how would I leave you alone. He says thanks. The media comes to Rishi and bombards questions on him. Malishka’s sandal breaks. She stops, while Media goes behind Rishi. The reporter asks him what he would like to say after ruining Shanaya’s life, if she will ever trust any man. She says you have broken your wife’s trust, if she will leave you now. She says your silence is yes. Lakshmi comes there and asks her to stop. She walks towards Rishi and stands infront of him. She says don’t think his silence as his weakness, he is silent as he respects, his silence is the way to refuse for the lie, to respect woman and his silence is the answer to your questions.

She says he is innocent, he is silent and not guilty. He knows that truth speaks itself, but it needs to be heard and understand. She says you shall understand being a woman. She says my eyes bends down infront of him, like we all bend down infront of God. She says her trust on him is more stronger now, she has held his hand to support him, irrespective of any trouble comes their way. She asks them to show the news, don’t give the verdict. She holds Rishi’s hand and walks inside with him in the office. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..Ayush looks at them and smiles. Malishka stands shocked.

Lakshmi leaves his hand after going inside and says sorry. Rishi asks what was it outside? Lakshmi says I asked you not to say anything infront of media, so I said. She asks if I said much, did I do wrong? She says you have forgotten this file at home. Malishka asks what did you tell to Media? Lakshmi asks what happened? Malishka says you are from small town and will not understand. She says I asked him not to come to office, but came in your influence. She says media plays a big role in our society and can be image breaker or image maker and asks her not to say anything again.

Rishi says Malishka, I don’t think Lakshmi has done anything wrong, she has done right. Malishka asks really and gets upset. He tells Lakshmi that he has to go for meeting, and asks if she came by car. Lakshmi says yes and goes.

Rishi goes behind Malishka. Malishka asks him not to take her name and asks him to go to villager Lakshmi. Rishi hugs her and says sorry. Malishka says you proved me wrong infront of everyone, you made me wrong. She says this is media and will make lie as truth. Rishi asks her to listen. Malishka asks if she has class, level, is grown up eating grass. She says you insulted me infront of her, she doesn’t deserve to be your Servant. Rishi asks why are you after her? Malishka says she is villager, illiterate etc and asks if you are feeling bad. Rishi says I am upset as you are using such words being classy and good, your standards are high. He says you are my classy girl and can’t say these things.

Malishka says and you can do, and says you are bending down towards her. Rishi says it is not like this and asks if you can’t see love in my eyes for you. Malishka asks really? Rishi says you are my madness. Malishka asks him to keep love and madness safe and tries to jump down from the window. He pulls her hand and says don’t test my love, if I was late, then don’t know what would have happen. Malishka says you came to save me like always. She says when you get late to come to me,then I will understand that my Rishi is not mine. She says our love is different, madness, intensity etc. She says I am forgiven you for taking side of Lakshmi and giving you a chance to save your love, I love you more than anything else. Rishi asks her not to do such stunts again. Malishka says I am your love and can’t see such things, gets possessive and hugs him. Peon comes there and gives something to Rishi, saying Sudhir sir gave it for him. Malishka goes out of his cabin.

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