Unfortunate love update Wednesday 17 May 2023

Unfortunate love 17 May 2023: Shalu questions Guddu how did he get here, he explains he was returning home and saw her, she asks how did he know that her hands were tied, Guddu replies he went to the police station with her family and she was really worried about Shalu, who thinks that she is the only one after their parents who cares for her, Shalu asks Guddu for his phone, he asks the reason so she explains that Balvinder is trying his best to kidnaper Lakshmi from the pick up point, Guddu replies that he doesnot have the phone and lost it when he was playing the Holi, why is she worried since they are going back to the house, Shalu sits down and also is worried.

Balvinder in the car thinks he made a mistake and should have hit her while she was running away, Rano reaching the corner of the house is really happy thinking that she would now be a wealthy women as she made the Oberoi give them five million, now the money should also come back with Shalu, she decides to call Baloo, he asks what does she want when she advises him to not make any mistake and give the money, he asks who would do it, she reveals that he must keep a good eye on Shalu as she runs really fast, Babloo mentions she is telling them after the mistake happened but he changes his statement when she asks the reason, he replies he would have kidnapped Bani if she told the truth, she replies they can kidnap her the next time but Balvinder exclaims he is not always kidnaping people, she is smiling and asks him to keep an eye on her money, Chacha jee comes from behind questioning the reason she is smiling, she asks if he feels that these are the smiles but she is crying, she is really worried about Shalu as she cares a lot for her, Chacha jee replies that he was wrong to think that she is an evil person, they both pray.

Guddu wonders how would he inform Balvinder about the truth, Shalu asks why is he driving so slowly but he replies he doesnot know what is wrong with car since it sometimes also stops, he asks her to wait while she tries to find the reason, Shalu questions why should she stay inside, he reveals that Balvinder’s men are around so might find them, Guddu calls Balvinder who is with Babloo, Balvinder reveals that Shalu ran away and so there is no one near the ground but why is he telling him, Guddu reveals that Shalu is with him, he asks where did he find her, Guddu replies that she was around the place where they hid her and she is thinking he is going to take her back to the house but he is actually going to keep driving round and round, Balvinder asks him to bring her to the ground, Shalu goes to Guddu who immediately asks her to sit in the car since they need to rush.

Everyone is sitting in the house when the doorbell rings, Bani exclaims it would be Lakshmi with Shalu, they open the door but are shocked to find Mr Virender standing, he asks where is Lakshmi when Chacha jee requests him to come inside, Mr Virender reveals that Lakshmi called him but when he saw the contact and dialed him, Chacha jee reveals that Shalu got kidnapped and Lakshmi called him from the police station to request for help however he did not answer the call, he replies because he just saw it, Rano reveals his family know everything when Virender questions why did they not tell him, he is about to leave but Rano stops him informing she has complete his work by making his family give the money, Virender replies that she made a mistake as they never should give the money to these kidnappers, they are always eager for the money, He explains he knows someone who9 will surely bring back Shalu., he is a kidnapping specialist, Inspector Rakesh who solved the bank case. Virender calls him asking that he needs his help.

Malishka is in the room, she is getting restless thinking about what happened in the house and even how Rishi stood for Lakshmi when Neelam aunti said she is not a member of the family, Malishka opens the window thinking how Rishi went after Lakshmi, questioning his own mother, he left exclaiming that she will surely understand him, Sonia enters questioning what is she doing, Malishka asks if she doesnot know all that happened as it was really big and wrong, Sonia replies he saw everything but Malishka must come down and sit as everything will be fine.

Rishi reaches the location where the auto driver signals him, he asks who is Rishi to her, when Rishi reveals that he is his husband at which the auto driver asks him to take care of her since she was crying, Rishi hands him the money for his honesty and leaves. He thinks what time has come since even the auto driver was instructing him to keep her happy but he would be able to do anything when he finds her.Lakshmi is requesting the auto driver to be fast but he replies he has fixed the meter, Lakshmi requests him to stop the auto, she herself sits in the front seat mentioning how she is going to make it a bike, he requests her to be slow since they would be fined but Lakshmi replies she doesnot have the time for that too.

Rano is trying to call Balvinder to inform him when she is worried, inspector Rakesh knocks on the door, he enters the house greeting Mr Virender who thanks Inspector Rakesh for coming when he asks that Virender would also thank him now, he asks what happened when Virender explains that his daughter in laws sister got kidnapped and so her uncle will reveal everything, Inspector Rakesh asks Chacha jee who informs that they went to play Holi when Shalu was with them but she did not return, he adds now they would have also got a ransom call. Chacha jee agrees, Inspector Rakesh asks the amount, he reveals they asked for five million, he gets tensed thinking they asked for such a big amount. Inspector Rakesh explains that in such cases the kidnappers are usually related so he needs the entire information about their family members, Rano questions why is he suspecting them, Inspector Rakesh replies because he first clears the family members then the neighbors, she must not be worried sicne the case is solved fifty percent when he gets it. Rano gets worried thinking how will she inform Balvinder.

Shalu is driving in the car with Guddu, Aayush is following the ban when he gets suspicious seeing the two number plates, he realizes this is the car in which Shalu was kidnapped, he starts driving side by side with the van, Aayush signals Shalu to jump from the van since she is with one of the kidnappers but Shalu replies that he is a nice person, she reveals he is the son of Beni aunt who is their neighbor, Guddu also clarifies himself revealing that he is taking her to the house, Aayush questions Guddu why is he driving with two number plates and reveals that he is a kidnapper, she asks him for the truth but Guddu replies she is lying however Aayush asks why would he reveal the truth.

Rano thinks she will call Guddu since he would be with Balvinder when Aayush asks why did she not see the path which they are on since this doesnot lead to their house, she must know because he is one of the kidnappers, Guddu walks out of the car to think, Shalu sees that he still has his mobile and thinks Aayush was telling the truth, she tries to switch the cars but Guddu stops her, Aayush stepping out tries to fight with him, Guddu however warns him to get in his car, Aayush asks if he should also return, Guddu agrees, Aayush explains he came driving all this way for her, he would not go back alone. They both start struggling since Aayush is trying to free Shalu, Balvinder is in the car with Babloo when he sees them both, he asks for the medicine which he will apply on Aayush, they manage to take them both in the van, Shalu tries to threaten Balvinder, he in anger replies that he is going to become Gabbar for them both if she creates any noise.

Rano wonders why is Guddu not answering the call, Balvinder is trying to find Lakshmi when he asks Guddu to answer the call, Aayush questions how did she become a fool by these men as she is a super fool but Balvinder replies that he doesnot know her because she ran away form so many people and even made them a fool, Aayush asks why is Balvinder praising her since she is not worthy of it, Shalu questions what is he saying since she is really brave but Aayush starts quarreling with her. He informs that he came after jumping from the window, Shalu doesnot understand so he reveals that Lakshmi came to their house seeking the money.Rano is standing in the room, Bani takes the photos outside, Rano seeing her thinks that now the game will end as she will also be in the jail with Balvinder.

Aayush explains Lakshmi Bhabhi came to the house demanding help but when he heard about it then jumped from the window, he is calling herself as strong, Shalu says that Balvinder would have scared Lakshmi to the extent that she went to his house and he should not talk about saving because if this is how he is saving then should never talk about it again, Shalu also says that he is living because the kidnappers allowed, when Balvinder replies that she is wrong because he came to help her, why did he have to come for her, Aayush explains that he is more nice then her, but Balvinder then orders him to put his hands down, Aayush starts requesting Balvinder to let Shalu go since she is a women but Shalu once again starts arguing with him, Balvinder explains that she must show him some respect because he is her Jija, Aayush hits him on the forehead revealing that Shalu’s jija is Rishi Oberoi, and not him.

Inspector Rakesh is looking at the photos, he asks Bani if anything weird happened during the past few days, Rano at once refuses saying nothing wrong has happened and even Neha agrees but Bani mentions that something wrong indeed happened as a few days ago, Beni aunti came informing them that someone was looking at the sisters through the window, Chacha jee questions Rano why did she not tell him anything about it, Inspector Rakesh asks Rano if she knows of anyone who came to live in this neighborhood but Rano refuses to respond, Chacha jee replies he doesnot know of anyone who is new but someone who returned, Inspector Rakesh asks his name.

Balvinder reveals his name is Balvinder who is not popular and he will not find anyone to cry when his death, Aayush replies who would cry for someone like him, Balvinder explains even an enemy is famous in his own thoughts and would kill Aayush if he does anything wrong, Shalu hits Aayush when he irritates Balvinder, he assures he will kill him. Guddu signals Balvinder and they both walk out since some other kidnappers arrive on the motorcycles. Aayush rushes out of the van exclaiming he cannot sit with this girl since she will drive him mad, Babloo mentions anyone who sits beside her will get mad, Aayush very cleverly holds him by the neck, Balvinder and the rest of them point their guns at Shalu, meanwhile Aayush asks her to run away when she exclaims, he has actually gotten mad since they are a lot of them so how will she manage to run away, Aayush lets go of him exclaiming that she doesnot want to run.

Inspector Rakesh sitting explains he has found out who kidnapped Shalu, everyone is tensed when he reveals that it is Balvinder, Rano starts coughing hearing this, Chacha jee asks Neha to bring water but is shocked to see that even she is coughing, inspector Rakesh exclaims this is not coughing but robbery since they already knew about the kidnapping, Rano and Neha stop coughing hearing it, inspector Rakesh exclaims this is a therapy. He is sure that Balvinder is the kidnapper and they only have to fin where he has taken her, Chahca jee informs he called Lakshmi to the ground., Virender exclaims they should have in formed them since the know how dangerous he is, he created such a big scene at the wedding of Rishi and Lakshmi. Virender exclaims that it is nothing to be worried about, since inspector Rakesh can handle it, he assures they will arrest Balvinder within an hour since his team is already tracking Shalu and Balvinder.

Rano calls Balvinder, he questions what has happened so she advises him to perform suicide since Rishi’s father brought a inspector with him, who found out the entire story within five minutes and he will surely reach the ground when Balvinder exclaims she can call him when the inspector leaves as they will also leave the ground to go and hide at the Godown.Neelam is standing in the room thinking how Rishi left to help Lakshmi even when she tried to stop him, he did not dare to look back, Karishma questions what happened to her, when she reveals that Rishi never did anything when she ordered him to, he really likes ice cream but when she told him she would get ill if he eats it, he has after that not looked back to eat ice cream.

But she is feeling a lot of pain today because he left to help Lakshmi, Dadi comes asking what happened because she is wrong since Rishi left to protect Lakshmi because of what she taught to him, she had always taught him to refuse to help any girl who is in need but this is exactly what he did, Neelam agrees with Dadi saying she should have also taught him to not try and protect any girl whom she hates, Dadi asks what is she saying, since this is not right when Neelam replies she would have stopped Rishi however Karishma replies that he might have gotten angry if she stopped him but she never wants him to stand in front of her, Dadi getting angry asks Karishma to not instigate Neelam again but Karishma replies she never understands her own daughter however Dadi gets really angry warning her to stop, hearing this Karishma gets really tensed but Neelam replies that Karishma is correct.

Malishka is standing in the room, she wonders about what she must do so calls Rishi, he is driving and ends the call however she then dials a video call, he places it on the dashboard when she questions if Lakshmi is also sitting beside him but Rishi turns the phone to show her that she is not with him, Malishka apologizes but he ends the call, Malishka getting mad starts thrashing the entire room, Sonia calms her down when Malishka asks her to talk with her brother.

Balvinder is with Shalu and Aayush, a car starts approaching when Balvinder questions how did Lakshmi learn to drive a car when he even asks Shalu who reveals she knows how to drive a truck, Aayush is smiling and when they ask he reveals that he knows who is coming to them, he is Rishi bhai, everyone is shocked wondering how did he arrive since they called Lakshmi, Aayush reveal she would be with him. Rishi walks out of the car, Balvinder asks him to walk slowly, Rishi gets really mad recognizing his voice but he warns Rishi to not be in such a hurry since he is not alone anymore, Rishi is standing there, Balvinder asks him to call Lakshmi but Rishi replies she did not come with him, Balvinder doesnot believe him, but is finally forced to acceot that Rishi came alone, he asks why did he come here, Rishi replies he only came to save Shalu. Balvinder questions if he brought the bag. Rishi raises it revealing it has the five million which they asked for.

The auto driver checks the engine explaining the cylinder has blown, and it will run but not that fast, Lakshmi replies even then she will be the one to ride it, he agrees and questions who taught her to ride an auto, she replies she learned it because of a criminal.Inspector Rakesh exclaims now they will find Balvinder, he gets a call and reveals they have traced the location of Lakshmi’s mobile which is in the ground, which means that Balvinder would also be there. He turns to leave, Virender requests if he can also accompany him, Isnpector Rakesh explains he doesnot have any work there when Virender assures he would not come in between their work, Inspector agrees to his request, Rano gets worried.

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