Unfortunate love update Saturday 5 November 2022


Unfortunate love 5 November 2022: The Episode starts in Bajwa house. Lakshmi’s father Mr. Bajwa is doing the aarti of the God. Lakshmi tries to get the garland hanged on the door and falls down on the floor. Her father gets shocked and calls Lakshmi. Chacha ji comes there and asks if she is fine. Lakshmi smiles and says yes. Her father says she got hurt, I heard the voice. Someone asks her where to hang the flowers. Lakshmi says on the main gate, tells that people shall know from 10 kms far that marriage is happening in Gurudwara committee member’s house.

She assists the work in the house. Manoj asks where is Lakshmi? Bani says no.Manoj says he is getting very angry on her. Bani says she is behind you. Lakshmi comes there and he makes her have prasad. He scolds her for climbing on the stairs and falling down, when he was doing puja. Lakshmi says you should have concentrated on puja. He asks how, when I saw stairs shaking. He asks her to tell truly, if she is hurt. She says she is fine. Lakshmi’s sister Shalu gets ready in a bridal outfit and asks how is she looking? Lakshmi says a beautiful bride. Shalu says she will look beautiful in make up and jewellery. She says Mummy started getting jewelry, just as daughter is born. Lakshmi says she shall cover her head with a dupatta. Shalu says she will look like Disha Patani.

Lakshmi comes to her Chachi Rano’s room and finds her cousin Neha’s face black. She asks her not to look in the mirror. Rano comes there. Neha says she has applied the mask to glow, especially when Param looks at her. Rano asks her not to take his name as they are in village. Neha says I want to look very beautiful. Rano says my daughter is fair and handsome. Neha asks handsome?Lakshmi comes to her mother and makes laddoo with her. Manoj asks where is the bridal outfit. Lakshmi says Shalu is trying that and Neha is testing make up. She says Chachi Rano will finalize the lipstick color.

Manoj says I will also make laddoo and tells that it is not Shalu and Neha’s marriage, but your marriage and asks her if she will do work till the last time. She says let me do the work today, who will call me tomorrow. Her mother asks her to go and get ready for haldi.Lakshmi gets ready for haldi rasam while her mother applies her haldi. Someone teases her. An old lady asks Manoj that she heard that they got hall from Gurudwara for Lakshmi’s marriage. Manoj says everyone is helping us and that he has arranged a bus to reach there. Shalu calls Lakshmi and says would be jiju called to talk to her.

Manoj asks her to go and talk to him. Shalu talks to would be jiju and asks him what he wants to tell. Varun tells Shalu that he wants to hear I love you from Lakshmi which she didn’t tell since the engagement. Neha comes there and asks if she didn’t take test drive and tells that it happens in Mumbai. Varun tells Lakshmi that he is ready to give test drive but she is not ready. Lakshmi shyly asks Manoj to tell the address to Varun ji. She goes. An old lady tells Rano about the rasam to happen in the temple. Rano asks them to go and do the rasam. She sees the thunderstorm and thinks sometimes she don’t understand the rasam and sometimes the weather.

Lakshmi is seated on the side of the water Dam while the ladies are doing the rasam. A girl comes and asks if she got late. The old lady says rasam shall not be halted else it is inauspicious. Lakshmi sees a boy falling in the Dam due to the heavy wind. The boy’s mother shouts calling her Son Soham and asks someone to save him. Lakshmi jumps in to save the boy. Everyone gets worried and cries. Lakshmi finally reaches the boy Soham and manages to save the boy. She takes the boy to the shore and he gets saved. However the water fall increases and Lakshmi is about to flown in the water, but Varun comes and saves her.

He asks if she does the stunt daily and says he will save her. He says even his haldi rasam is happening here and goes. Lakshmi’s mother and Soham’s mother comes there along with other. Soham’s mother thanks Lakshmi for saving her son. Old lady says Lakshmi shouldn’t have interrupted the rasam, though her mother feels proud of her. Rano asks Manoj if all the villagers gave their jewelry to him. Manoj says it is ours, we are giving this as gift to Varun’s family. He assures her that Shalu, Bani and also Neha will get equal side of jewellery. Rano asks from where did you get so much money? He says he got it from the land and farms.

Rano gets upset with her husband and scolds him for taking her to Mumbai. He reminds her that his parents had broken their relation with him after he married her, but Manoj kept relation with him and sent money to him secretly for five years and also helped him get the job. Rano says she doesn’t know anything, she wants all the money now, tells that Veer ji has done a mistake by showing her the jewelry.

Lakshmi gets ready for the marriage. She asks if she can open her eyes. Her mother tells that she can’t open her eyes. Manoj comes there and asks what did you do in temple. She says I did what you would have done. She says last year, you have helped the neighbor when his roof had broken. She says I had done your bandage and had seen your injury. She says in such situations, I do like you. Manoj asks her not to do this again. Chacha says Veer ji scolded her and now melted. Lakshmi cries. Manoj says she is my friend and says your make up will be spoilt.

They sit in the bus to go to the marriage hall. They sing and dance while travelling. Suddenly thunder storm comes and the driver couldn’t see the road and stops the bus suddenly. He hits the bus with a stone and Manoj gets a slight injury on his head. Lakshmi gets tensed. The driver says he couldn’t see the road. He starts driving again. Everyone starts dancing again. Lakshmi gets tensed. Manoj asks her to be happy. He sends her to dance with everyone. Lakshmi then dances with Manoj. Suddenly the bus driver couldn’t see anything and tells them. He stops the car. Manoj and Lakshmi come infront and see the bus on the cliff.

Lakshmi opens the door and finds the bus hanging on the cliff. Driver asks them to go out from the back window. Someone breaks the window and jumps down. Lakshmi asks everyone not to panic and get down. Everyone gets down. Driver gets down and asks them to get down fast else the bus will fall in the valley. Manoj’s foot gets stuck in the bus, while Lakshmi and her mother try to take his foot out. Chacha ji gets worried for Manoj. Manoj asks him to promise that he will get his daughters marry where it is fixed. Chacha ji promises him. Lakshmi says I will free your foot. She manages and asks him to get up. Chacha ji and others get down.

Rano thinks her husband is trying to save his brother and says he shall let him die. Manoj falls as the car stumbles and he falls from the bus front mirror, but holds the . Shalu shouts and says pull the bus up. Lakshmi shouts and says do something. Manoj asks her to take care of her mother and sisters. He asks her to promise. Lakshmi promises him. Manoj gives her promise to go out. She thinks she shall go out and think to save him. She asks her mother to come out, but her mother asks her to go and says she knows that she will save them. She gets down the bus and asks if there is a rope in the bus. She gets the rope and ties the rope to the bus.

They all try to pull the bus, but the rope opens and the bus falls in the valley. Lakshmi gets shocked and sees her parents’ death. Bani shouts…The bus catches fire after falling down. Lakshmi stands infront of her parents’ burning pyre and thinks of her father’s words, that he will never let his daughter alone after marriage.

Later everyone is sitting for the prayer meet. Rano asks her husband to come and says she has to talk to him. She tells him that they shall get the property transferred on their names. Her husband says Veer ji was educated and named his property on his daughters’ name. She says what about this house. He says Veer ji had bought this house with his own money and it is also on his daughters’ name. Varun and his family come there. Rano instigates her husband that Varun and his family will take over the property and wealth. He says everything is of Varun after marriage. Rano says I will not get this marriage happen, see my words magic. She goes inside and asks someone to bring water. Varun’s mother says we want to talk about Varun and Lakshmi’s marriage.


Rano says marriage will happen, but what about the dowry. Varun’s father tells that Manoj had decided. Rano asks if Varun will be the head of the Gurudwara and will take Veer ji’s place in the Gurudwara. She says you people got everything and called them lootera. Varun’s father gets angry. Rano asks him to tell, that Varun will not take dowry and will not become the head of the Gurudwara. Varun’s mother tells that it is of Varun after marriage. Rano says you would have told that you wanted Lakshmi in 2 clothes and tells that she is Abhimaan, Swabhimaan and we will not get her married to greedy people like her.

Varun asks her not to misbehave with his parents. Rano calls them vulture. Varun’s father says enough and says what is important to us, is Manoj bhai Saheb and his words. He says you made tamasha of our respect, we don’t want to have any relation with this house and breaks the relation. A neighbor tries to apologize to Varun’s father. Rano says our daughter will not go to such greedy people’s house and says this marriage is cancelled. Lakshmi thinks she has lost a father and also a partner.

Lakshmi asking the neighbor to send back all the stuff brought for the marriage. Shalu asks how she can behave normally. She says I have to be strong for Maa and bau ji. Shalu says you have seen whole life with Varun. Lakshmi says Varun was not more than a friend. Rano tells that it is not a big deal for the marriage to break. She says we will not stay here for a day. Dadi says destiny doesn’t change with place. Rano says my husband’s destiny is changed in Mumbai. Dadi leaves Lakshmi’s destiny in God’s hand. Rano tells Lakshmi that she will change her destiny and says they will take her to Mumbai. Rano’s husband asks her what is she saying, their house is very small in Mumbai. She says you should have thought when you gave your tongue to Veer ji. He says he lied so that he can die peacefully. Rano asks him to fulfill his lie using Veer ji’s wealth.

Shalu and Bani talk to Lakshmi that there is something wrong surely. Lakshmi says I will talk to her. Rano asks her husband to open the locker and get everything, money, jewellery and property papers. He asks if we shall steal? She asks if he will drive the bus and says their father’s wealth will be of use. She says I broke Lakshmi’s marriage with Varun to get her property and tells that she will blackmail lakshmi emotionally with her two tears. Lakshmi comes there and the juice falls from her tray. Rano thinks she will kick us out. Lakshmi says sorry and says I will bring juice for you again. Rano says you came just now and asks her to come with her. She says people will say anything that she is unlucky or have bad destiny, but I will change your destiny.

Lakshmi says she don’t want to leave this house. Rano thinks she shall act like mother India and talks emotionally, asking her to move ahead in life. She asks if you want to hurt your parents? Lakshmi says no and hugs her. Rano asks her to stop crying and asks her to tell Bani and Shalu, that they have to leave today. Rano and her husband come to Gurucharan and asks him to give the locker keys. Gurucharan asks why? Rano says it is our right to get the keys. Gurucharan asks them to fulfill the responsibility and get Lakshmi married soon, then I will give the keys. He says I will take care of them. Rano says we have seen a good guy in city and you will soon get the good news of her marriage. Gurucharan goes. Lakshmi takes her parents’ photo frame and cries. She meets Gurucharan.

Rano says it is enough of crying and asks her to sit in the truck. They sit. Lakshmi thinks of her father. A lady sees Lakshmi and tells her that she will meet her destiny very soon. They sit in the train. Rano tells that she got the house vacated in the village and nobody got to know. They get down from the train.Rano and her husband hire taxi for them. She asks Lakshmi to sit in the auto with her sisters. Chacha ji gives her money and gives her house address. The auto driver asks if they came to Mumbai for the first time. They tell yes.

Lakshmi and her sisters look out of the auto. The auto driver tells the goons that he is bringing three girls. He takes the auto to different route. Chacha ji gets worried for them. Lakshmi sees auto driver looking at them and asks how much time, it will take. He says just few mins. Chacha ji, Rano and Neha get down at their house. Auto driver gets the call. Lakshmi and her sisters hear him speaking. Bani says he is taking us to wrong route. Lakshmi tells the same thing to him. Auto driver asks them to sit quietly and let them driver. Rano and Neha start eating food. Chacha ji says you are eating and they have not reached home. He says he will go and check. Lakshmi tells that they shall jump when the auto turns.

She jumps off and falls down, while her sisters ask him to stop the auto. They get down and come to Lakshmi. Auto driver also comes to Lakshmi and asks why did you fall down. Lakshmi says she fell down. She asks him to bring a cloth. He goes to his auto and call the goons. Lakshmi tells her sisters that they shall run in the auto. Bani asks who will ride? Lakshmi says she will ride the auto. The auto driver comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi pushes him and runs to auto. She rides off. The auto driver tries to stop her, but she hits him. The auto driver along with his goons follow them on the bikes. Lakshmi and her sisters ask someone about the address.

The guy says you have to go back. She says we have to go, but for now we have to save ourselves. She rides the auto and reaches a hotel. She hits the side vase, kept outside. They get down the auto.The hotel owner Rishi oberoi is seen. The watchman asks if she is mad to break a costly stuff. Lakshmi and her sisters run inside. Rishi Oberoi collides with Lakshmi and holds her hand. Her dupatta falls on his face. Main bhi phir tumko chahunga plays… They feels electric spark and he leaves her hand. The goons come inside the hotel. The security catches them. Rishi turns to look at Lakshmi, but he doesn’t see her face. Shalu and bani ask Lakshmi to come fast and they hide in Rishi’s cabin.

Rishi questions the security manager and fires him. His friend Ayush tells that it was your instruction to keep the doors open and not to do checking. The driver tells that the girls have taken his auto and didn’t give him auto rent. Rishi says you want rent, and tells that the damage of his hotel is 5 lakhs Rs. He asks Rishi to take them to Police. Auto driver pleads to leave her. Rishi signs them. Shalu and Bani see Rishi’s pic in his cabin and tells Lakshmi that the woman on the station said right, you have collided with your destiny. Lakshmi says we are in problem and you are talking about this. Rishi comes to his cabin door and asks them to come to the door silently and secondly this office is his, which they made as shelter home, else he will get their friends arrested.

Lakshmi says they are not our friends and tells that the auto driver was taking us somewhere else, and she has to jump off from the cabin. He says I am not interested in your auto biography and says he needs his Ipad and has an important meeting lined up. He asks her to come out and stop messing his cabin. She says we didn’t do anything in your office, it is fine. He asks Ayush about police. Ayush says they are on the way. He says international investors and guests are having a meeting now, if they see all this, then what they will think about me, and asks her to come out. He keeps hand on the door. She also keeps hand on the other side of door and asks if they come out then will he not let anything happen to them.He says yes. She asks him to promise. He thinks if anyone asks for promise from stranger and promises her.

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