Unfortunate love update Saturday 15 July 2023

Unfortunate love 15 July 2023: The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Shalu if she is feeling more pain. Shalu says no and asks her to have food. Lakshmi asks them to have food and makes them have food. She says I will make your friendship love forward. Ayush asks Lakshmi why she is smiling? Lakshmi says nothing. Ayush and Shalu argue. Lakshmi says you both can’t become friends, as you both love each other.Neelam asks Virender who is Mr. Basu. Virender says India’s number 1 lawyer. He says tomorrow he is coming here. Neelam asks why did you call him. Virender says even if I haven’t called him, then Rishi would have called him and he can do anything for his wife. Neelam asks what you are doing for your wife? Virender says I have done so much for you, and will do it in future again.

Neelam says whatever he could do, is because of her. She says you was nothing without me, and asks him to say if she is wrong. Virender says that time you was not wrong, but this time you are wrong. He says I love you immensely and will love you always, but this time I will support my daughter. Neelam says daughter again and says you know her truth. Virender says Lakshmi is truthful and you are ignoring the truth. He says Lakshmi kept the family first before herself, who saved your son repeatedly, had taken care of the family members. Neelam asks if I didn’t do all this, and asks if there was no happiness in the family before she came. She asks who did this? I have done this. She asks if I didn’t do anything. Virender says you have done so much for the family. He says you have a misunderstanding that Lakshmi is inauspicious. Dadi hears them and appreciates him in her heart.

Lakshmi finds the ring missing and asks the ladies to give Rishi’s ring. The lady says it is with us, tell with whoever it is. They tell if you say wrong, then you will lose the ring. The other lady says if you couldn’t get it, then your husband will not fulfill his promise made to you. They ask Lakshmi to say, who is having the ring. Lakshmi imagines Rishi there and holds his hand. He says I will not break the promise. Lakshmi says I know you will not break your promise and asks him to say who is having the ring. Rishi says you want to cheat. Lakshmi says they have done cheating and says it is my gift. Rishi signs at the lady who is holding his ring. Lakshmi comes to the lady. The lady gives her ring. Lakshmi smiles. The ladies ask how did she know? Lakshmi says Rishi told me, and tells that he stays in her heart always and told her. The lady asks if she had a love marriage. Lakshmi says arranged marriage and tells that all the family members love her a lot. The lady says your husband loves you a lot.

Rishi thinks Lakshmi will be out now. He thinks wherever he sees, he sees her. He imagines Lakshmi calling him and dancing with him in their room. They fall on the bed. Lakshmi laughs. Rishi says do you remember that I had asked you once, if you need me for forever. Lakshmi says when Dadi and Ayush had come. He says yes, and asks her to answer, if she will stay with him always. She says you have changed the question. Rishi says if stay with you, or you stay with me, it is same. Lakshmi says yes. Rishi asks yes for what? Lakshmi says we will be together. He asks if you are answering me. He says you are my answer and says whenever I miss you, you come infront of me. He says I just remember once and you come infront of me. He says just like we are incomplete without each other, I am incomplete without you.

Lakshmi says she used to feel this from before, we are incomplete without each other. She says we are not separate, we can’t complete without each other. Rishi promises her that he will be with her and will not let the loneliness affect her. He gets up from the bed and thinks filmy scenes are happening with him, he is imagining her when she is not here. He says he misses her very much when she is not around. He says life doesn’t seem to be life without her. Malishka hears and goes away from there upset.

Dadi appreciates Virender for answering Neelam. She says Neelam has done so much for the house, but that doesn’t mean that she is always right. Virender says Neelam is upset as Rishi has gone against her. dadi asks if we are all wrong.Malishka comes to the room and vents out her anger. She says I will get mad. Kiran thinks what happened to her and asks her. Malishka says same thing is happening again and again and says Rishi has imagined dancing with Lakshmi and told that she is in his breath and he is nothing without her. She says Rishi forgot everything that he used to say me I love you 5 times in a day. She says she has hired Balwinder due to Rishi, and blames Lakshmi. Kiran says Lakshmi will not come out. Malishka says she don’t trust Police and investigation. She says I don’t want to be on false hopes, and will do something that Police enquiry and investigation will be according to me, and Lakshmi can’t come out of jail, I will make sure. Abhay says this will happen and I will do everything. Malishka hugs him.

Virender telling Dadi that he is not thinking about that, but is thinking about Lakshmi. He says for sometime, I had closed my eyes and thought her inauspicious. He says Lakshmi is Lakshmi in real means, she is the soul of the house and can give her life for us. He says don’t know why Neelam doesn’t understand this. Dadi says I have understood her from day 1, as I was bahu and now saas. She says I used to be quiet when everyone talks badly to me. She says Lakshmi used to quiet and her silence made place in my heart. She says if Neelam stays the same, then Rishi and Lakshmi will have trouble. Virender says very soon, she will believe Lakshmi. He says I can’t hurt Lakshmi due to Neelam, and says he will make her understand again and again. He says he is going to meet Lakshmi tomorrow. Dadi says if Neelam comes to know. Virender says I will apologize for my daughter.

Ayush and Shalu come home. He walks past her and sits on the sofa. Shalu feels shy. Bani thinks what happened to her. She asks Shalu why did she run and told about accident, why? Shalu says I misunderstood. She tells that she has met Di and she will be out soon. Rano asks why are they standing and searching? She taunts Shalu, Bani and Ayush telling that the neighbors was telling that Lakshmi had mixed poison in the food, and says they asked her to be beware of her. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi is innocent and asks her to tell the neighbors. Rano says ok, I will slap the people, what about the world who is ruining Lakshmi’s name. Ayush says he will make everyone’s mouth closed and asks her to first close her mouth. He then asks Shalu and Bani to close their mouth too. Rano says you have asked me to shut my mouth. Ayush says when I can go against my mother, then who are you, Chachi. He asks her to just close the mouth. Rano gets a call. She thinks it is Balwinder’s call and goes inside, after warning Ayush. Ayush says sorry to Shalu and Bani for replying to Rano. Shalu and Bani ask him to reply to her well. Ayush tells Bani that he will leave. `He then says bye to Shalu. Shalu moves back. Bani thinks what happened to Shalu.

Lakshmi sees the lady crying in the lock up. She asks what happened? The lady says her husband came to meet her for the first time, and says she is here since months. She says another woman has trapped my husband, just I came here. Other lady says other woman does such a thing to trap the man. Lakshmi thinks she used to save Rishi from Malishka and thinks if she did this to make me go away from her way.Rano thinks Balwinder didn’t call me till now, thinks I will not let him leave with my money. She thinks to go to his house, then thinks he takes out knife for small things and thinks she will see tomorrow.

Rishi and Ayush meet Mr. Basu, the lawyer and thank him. Mr. Basu asks what all happened? Ayush tells everything. The lawyer asks if somebody unknown came to kitchen. Ayush says I don’t think so. He says Lakshmi bhabhi, Chefs and Malishka was there. Mr. Basu asks who is Malishka? Rishi says she is friend. Ayush says family friend. Mr. Basu says he wants to meet the chefs. Ayush says I will arrange your meeting with them.

Lakshmi comes to the meeting room and thinks who has come to meet me? She sees Virender standing and gets emotional. She calls him Bau ji, gets teary eyes and hugs him. She asks why did you come here? Virender says as you are here, says he is not here, but his heart is with her, with his daughter and asks how is she? Lakshmi cries and hugs him. Virender asks will you make me cry? Lakshmi says no. Virender says you are strong. Lakshmi says she got strength seeing him, but why did he come? He says it seems like soul went from the house. Lakshmi says when she used to fall down from the cycle, Bau ji also used to say that. Virender says when you fall, then you hold…He says he didn’t see your courage. He says he can’t see her in pain. Lakshmi says she can bear any pain, as someone is with her. Virender gets sad. She asks him not to get sad. She says Rishi had come to meet me and said that he will take me out from here so soon. He says that’s why I called you a tiger, and says you are locked here and giving strength to me. Lakshmi hugs him. She says you are crying. He says even you. They smile.

Lawyer talks to the Chef. The Chef tells that later they came out of the kitchen, and don’t know who went inside. The lawyer asks if something was mixed in the food which turn out to have poisonous reaction The Chef tells that everything was made nicely after proper measurement by Lakshmi Bhabhi. Lawyer says Lakshmi Bhabhi. Chef says she is Rishi Sir’s wife and asked us to call her bhabhi. He says the food was very tasty too, and we haven’t made such food before. Rishi asks you all had tasted the food, then you didn’t have any reaction? You was fine. Chef says yes. Rishi says you can go. He tells Mr. Basu that whatever happened is after they went out. He says something is not infront of our eyes, we need to find out. Ayush talks to someone and comes to know that Chef Mukesh is missing. He collides with an employee. The employee has heard him and thinks to tell Malishka to get a big tip.

Mr. Basu says if someone did this intentionally. He says he needs to talk to other Chefs too. Ayush comes there running and says you have to make sure that Lakshmi shall be out on hearing day. He says there is something fishy. Rishi asks what? Ayush says…. Malishka saying I knew it, that Rishi will hire a big lawyer. She says if she could then she would have taken him far from here, so that Lakshmi’s black magic doesn’t work on him. She says do whatever you want, but can’t prove her innocent. She says she came to office to check on him. The employee comes to Malishka’s cabin and says the matter is important, but. Malishka gives him money and asks him to say fast. He says Ayush went running to Rishi’s cabin to say that Mukesh is missing. Malishka gets worried and goes. Ayush tells Rishi that Chef Mukesh is missing. Lawyer says it can be someone’s conspiracy. Rishi says if Mukesh is guilty, then I will not leave him. Malishka comes there. Rishi is angry and is about to hit her mistakenly.

Rishi tells that he came to know about the criminal person. Malishka asks who is he? Ayush says someone bad. Rishi tells that Mukesh is missing. Malishka tells that Mukesh took permission from her and went to his hometown. She asks Rishi to check with Neelam as she knows. Ayush says we are back to square 1. The lawyer tells Rishi that still he is doubtful about Mukesh. He says we need another prove. Ayush says we have hearing tomorrow, what to do. Lawyer says we have a way and asks Rishi to agree. Malishka thinks how he can bring Lakshmi out.

Virender tells Lakshmi that it is his mistake, that she is here. He regrets for not stopping her arrest and says sorry. Lakshmi asks him not to say sorry. Virender asks her to trust Bappa and says you will soon return home. Lakshmi says I trust Bappa, Rishi and you are with me. She asks how is everyone at home, Dadi and Mummy ji. Virender recalls Neelam’s order. He says everyone is waiting for you. Lakshmi says Mummy ji might be upset. She asks him to tell everyone that she will come home tomorrow. She asks him, if he came with driver and asks him to take tablets on time. Virender says I am taking care of myself and leaves from there.

Lawyer tells Rishi that two patients are serious in hospital. He says there is one way to save Lakshmi, and says we have to put the blames on someone else. Malishka says if someone comes to know about this, then it can be complicated for Lakshmi. She says this is wrong and crime. The lawyer asks Rishi if he shall tell in court that the chef has done a mistake and until Mukesh returns, we will think something. He says this is just to buy the time. Rishi asks him to go ahead. He comes to the PS and offers sweets to Inspector. Inspector asks if you are bribing me? Rishi says no, tomorrow Lakshmi will be freed from jail tomorrow, and I will not come here. Inspector takes sweets. Rishi gives sweets to others. Constable Aaliya says first let her come out of jail. Rishi says lakshmi is innocent. He requests Inspector to let him meet Lakshmi. Inspector gives him permission and asks him not to make home inside. Rishi thanks him, and says he don’t need to come here to meet her, as she is always with him. He says she is in my mind and thoughts, when I close my eyes, I see her. He says I came to meet her, so that she gets happy to see me. He says when she smiles, her smile is priceless. He says she looks very beautiful then. Aaliya says he can’t stay away from Lakshmi. Rishi comes back and takes the sweets box for Lakshmi, says I will send another for you. He comes to meet Lakshmi outside the lock up and says hi. Lakshmi says she will tell him hi, if he comes in reality. The ladies laugh in the lock up.

Lakshmi asks did you really come, why you have come again. She says I thought you will come tomorrow. Rishi says ok, I will come tomorrow. Lakshmi stops him. He shows sweets to her and asks the ladies to have sweets too. He asks Lakshmi to open her mouth and have sweets. He says tomorrow you will be freed from jail. Lakshmi asks if everyone is fine in the hospital. Rishi thinks two patients are critical, and thinks if I tell her, that she will get worried. Lakshmi thanks God and tells Rishi that today Bau ji had come to meet her, and she got really happy. Rishi asks didn’t you feel happy meeting me? Lakshmi says no. Rishi says ok, I will not come to meet you. Lakshmi says ok, don’t come to meet me. Rishi gets upset and is about to go. Lakshmi stops him and says I am asking you not to come, as I will be with you tomorrow. Rishi asks her to have the sweets. She makes him taste the sweets too. He asks her to eat it.

Malishka thinks if Lakshmi gets saved then I will lose Rishi. She says my plan will fail again. Abhay comes there. Malishka hugs him and says I am writing my own destiny, but why did I get defeat at every turn. He says you are a fighter and always wins. Malishka tells Abhay that lawyer and Rishi have made arrangements for Lakshmi’s release. He says we will also find some way which will make you get the destination without any hurdles. She asks if you have any plan. He says let me think and shares his instant plan with her. He says this time you will win and asks how is the plan? Kiran comes there and claps. She says fantastic Abhay. Malishka says I love you and says thank you. Kiran says you are doing something for your daughter first time. Abhay says you are seeing for the first time. Kiran says we can do anything for our daughter. Malishka hugs him. Abhay says I will make everything fine.

Lakshmi prays to God and asks him not to let her family’s respect and prestige ruined. Dadi does the aarti of the God and prays that nothing shall happen to Lakshmi. She prays that Rishi and Lakshmi’s Jodi shall never break. Rishi comes there and sees Dadi praying. He is about to go, then comes back. He prays that he didn’t expect that this will happen, and asks him not to punish Lakshmi for his wrong doings. He prays please save Lakshmi.

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