Unfortunate love update Saturday 10 June 2023

Unfortunate love 10 June 2023: Balwinder touching Virender’s feet. Virender blesses him and says no need to touch the feet.Ayush asks if he knows him. Virender says no. Ayush says he seems to be familiar to him. Virender tells that nothing wrong shall happen.

Balwinder tells that Virender has blessed him. They pour the oil on the stairs. Bobby says your beard is coming out, someone might see. They go from there. Rano asks where is Shalu? Bani says Shalu is upset and had gone to Lakshmi di to make her understand. She says Lakshmi di will die, but will not go against her family. She says Shalu might be giving Shalu gyan to di. Shali tells Lakshmi that she is lovely, real Lakshmi and asks her to go and confess her feelings to Rishi and tell them why you both shall be together.

She asks her not to worry, as she is with her. Pandit ji asks Malishka to make Rishi wear the ring. Malishka thinks he didn’t reply to me, and hopes the ring ceremony shall happen fast, else he might back off seeing Lakshmi. Kiran asks her to make him wear ring. Malishka makes him wear ring. Everyone claps. Lakshmi is coming there. Pandit ji asks Rishi to make Malishka wear the ring.

Shalu prays to Baba ji to handle Rishi. Lakshmi comes to the balcony. Everyone looks at Lakshmi. Rishi looks at her. Malishka recalls Rishi’s words. Rishi hesitates to put ring in Malishka’s finger. Ayush tells Rishi that malishka is waiting.Malishka asks him to make her wear the ring. Rishi looks at Lakshmi still.

Kiran and Shalu ask him to just do it. Neelam asks why did you stop Rishi? Rishi asks what did you say? Virender asks him to make her wear ring. Rishi says Lakshmi is standing there, we shall hear what she wants to say. He asks her to say. Shalu asks Lakshmi to speak up, and tell the truth of her heart. Lakshmi says I…

Rishi waits for her to say. Lakshmi recalls and thinks Rishi is her saarthi and saathi, don’t get engaged to Malishka. Neelam asks Lakshmi to come down. Karishma tells Neelam that Lakshmi is doing this deliberately. Neelam says you might be foolish to think that this engagement will not happen. Ayush asks Rishi to think what Lakshmi has done with them and tried to ruin their family name, and asks him to get engaged to Malishka. Balwinder and Bobby come to Rishi’s room. He asks what is in Rishi and lies down on the bed. Bobby asks what is he doing and asks him to be in limits. Balwinder gets angry and threatens to slit his throat. Bobby says I helped you and you wanted to slit my throat. Balwinder hits him. Bobby faints. Waiter comes there. Balwinder looks at him.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will hear her after the engagement. Neelam asks Pandit ji to start the rasam and climb the stairs to go up to stop Lakshmi. She slips, while Lakshmi tries to hold her hand, she falls down the stairs. Everyone gets worried and rush to her. They take her to hospital. The waiter tells Balwinder that he has seen everything and will tell them. Guard comes there. Balwinder gets scared. The waiter says he will call Police. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi might have fallen down the stairs. Guard helps to take someone to hospital. Balwinder thanks God.

Doctor asks what happened to her. Rishi and others tell that she had fallen down the stairs. Doctor goes to check. Virender asks Abhay to thank Inspector. Rishi says it is like a bad dream. Malishka says Aunty was happy, she went to Lakshmi angrily and then…shalu asks if this happened due to di. Lakshmi stops Shalu. Shalu says I am sorry, and feels bad for whatever happened. She says Lakshmi di tried to save her, but she fell down, what is Di’s fault. Head waiter comes to Balwinder and says he shall call the Police. Balwinder says Bobby got the attack and they shall make him smell the socks. He makes him smell the socks and Bobby gains consciousness and vomits. He gains consciousness.The head waiter asks him to show ID. Bobby shows the ID. Balwinder tells that his ID is in the kitchen. He asks Bobby to help him.

Virender says nobody is accusing Lakshmi. Shalu says Malishka is accusing di. Virender says she is just telling. Ayush says this all happened due to Lakshmi and says if she had not come, then this wouldn’t have done with Mami. She says she walks well, this accident happened due tolakshmi and blames her. Karishma tells Lakshmi that she will pray that nothing shall happen to Neelam, else she will be responsible for her condition.

Malishka asking Rishi why he is not saying anything, asks if we are blaming Lakshmi unnecessarily if she is not responsible for Aunty’s condition. Rishi is upset and goes from there. Virender says if Lakshmi had not come there, this wouldn’t have happened, Neelam wouldn’t be upset and this thing couldn’t have happened. Ahana gets a call. Karishma comes to Kiran and asks what is she thinking?

Kiran says you might be discussing that Neelam fell down in tension, but if it was someone’s plan, if someone did this intentionally, says this might be Lakshmi’s plan as she wanted to stop this engagement, she hurt Neelam to stop the engagement, this is done by Lakshmi. Lakshmi cries and prays to Mata Rani, says I was near her, I held her hand, but.

She recalls holding her father’s hand, but losing him. She thinks the same thing happened then also, I couldn’t save my Bau ji and Maa, and today I couldn’t save Mummy ji. She asks God not to let anything happen to Mummy ji. She says this family is due to her, she is the base of the family and says don’t let anything happen to her. Rishi comes there and prays for Neelam. Lakshmi turns and looks at him. He looks at her, and asks what happened to you.

Lakshmi asks what do you mean, I didn’t understand. He says when I ask you not to say anything, you say, when I ask you not to smile or not to do any work, you do opposite thing. He says I asked you two times what is the thing, but you didn’t say and due to you, Mom came upstairs and got hurt. He asks her to look in his eyes and asks her to just pray that nothing happens to Mom, and says if anything happens to her due to this incident then.

Malishka comes there and asks Rishi to come. Rishi asks Lakshmi to remember what he said and goes with Malishka. The head waiter asks Balwinder to tell where is the ID card. Balwinder whispers to Bobby to help him. Bobby refuses. He takes money from someone’s wallet kept there and tells that his ID card is in the opposite room. He thinks what to do. Head waiter asks him to come. Balwinder says he is innocent and runs.

Rishi asks Malishka not to be jealous and says I went there to pray for Mom and not for Lakshmi. Malishka says I thought to tell something, but you will get more upset. She says I will not tell you the truth. She says we were thinking whatever happened with Neelam aunty and says I shall not tell you. Rishi asks her to tell. Malishka says if there is a bit of lie in it, then everyone will blame me. Rishi asks why we are changed.

Malishka says I couldn’t say and even you can feel it. She says she is doubtful about something. Rishi says don’t ruin our relations, we know each other. She says nobody knows about Lakshmi, don’t know how she is from inside. Malishka says I think Lakshmi has done this intentionally and made Neelam aunty fall down. Rishi says this is not true, this isn’t done by Lakshmi. Balwinder sticks moustache and beard an distracts the waiters. He gives money to Bobby. Bobby asks from where did you get it? Balwinder says I have stolen it. Bobby says engagement stopped.

Rishi tells Malishka that Lakshmi can’t do this. Malishka says differences came between us, due to Lakshmi. Rishi says it is not like that. Malishka asks why the engagement couldn’t happen then? Rishi says you knows well, I am wearing the ring. Malishka asks what Lakshmi wanted to say when you was about to make me wear the ring. She asks him to say. Shalu hears them.

Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s words and tells Shalu that she shouldn’t have tried to stop Rishi’s engagement. Shalu says you should have, and says you should have shown some courage and told him I love you. Lakshmi says Mummy ji thought that I will spoil Rishi’s big day and that’s why she was coming to talk to me, but this thing happened. Shalu asks her not to think like that and says you are not wrong and is not responsible for it. She tells that Malishka was talking bad about you and was poisoning his mind against you, but he said that Neelam aunty fell down because of you, but you didn’t make her fall intentionally.

She says he trusts you and was taking your side behind you. She says jiju stopped while making Malishka wear the ring, as he wanted you to confess your feelings to him, but Aunty fell down, that timing was wrong. She says he took your side and loves you so much. She asks her to confess her feelings and tell how much you love him and his family. Malishka says Lakshmi would have asked you to stop the engagement and would have reminded you, how she saved you. Rishi asks why are you stressed and says Lakshmi asked for divorce. Malishka says but she can change her mind. Rishi says I will not change and will do the right thing. Malishka says I am happy. Rishi says nobody can come between us. He recalls Malishka’s words, what Lakshmi was trying to say and tells Malishka that he will be back.

Lakshmi tells Shalu that if Rishi don’t feel anything for her now, then he will never feel for her ever. Rishi recalls Lakshmi saving him many times and comes to her. He says I wanted to thank you for saving my life many times. Lakshmi asks him to take a breath. Shalu makes an excuse and goes. Lakshmi asks what are you saying, why are you worried? Rishi asks how do you know that I am thinking something and is worried. Lakshmi says I know you. Rishi asks her to tell one thing truly and says when Malishka and I were getting engaged, you stopped it and told that you wanted to tell something about us. He asks what she wanted to say?

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  1. Please try and be up-to-date: most of the scenes presented here (supposedly for Saturday) are from yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) episode ⁉️ What has been written as Saturday’s is actually part of today’s (Wednesday) episode. Kind regards.


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