Unfortunate love May 2023 teasers

Zee world Unfortunate love May teasers 2023.

Monday 1st May 2023
Neelam tries to stop Rishi from leaving but to no avail. Lakshmi comes to the bank with Shalu, and Rishi arrives there with Malishka. Meanwhile, some goons enter the bank. Rishi, too, feels guilty. The bank employee tells Rishi and Lakshmi that is it advantageous for them to open a joint account, and they agree.

Tuesday 2nd May 2023
Rishi tries to speak to Lakshmi, but she tells him to forget her. He tells Aayush that he wants to patch up with Lakshmi. Later, a confusion arises over the Valentine’s Day cards. Aayush tells Rishi that he gave the card to Lakshmi, which makes Malishka furious. Later, Lakshmi realises that the card is not meant for her.

Wednesday 3rd May 2023
Rishi tries to talk to Lakshmi. The bank robbers execute their plan. The robbers try to take Lakshmi but Rishi helps Lakshmi escape. Later, Malishka creates a scene and the robber points a gun at her.

Thursday 4th May 2023
Lakshmi manages to shoot a video in which she asks for help. Neelam and Virendra learn about the robbery. The inspector calls the bank robber. The bank robber tells Rishi to choose between Lakshmi or Malishka.

Friday 5th May 2023
Rishi chooses Malishka, but the robber points the gun at Lakshmi. Shalu and Lakshmi run, but as Rishi’s life is in danger, Lakshmi comes to save him. The robbers send Rishi out to bring the key. Rishi comes out of the bank, and Neelam runs to him.

Saturday 6th May 2023
The bank robbers step out. A mishap ensues, and Rishi intervenes to save Malishka and gets shot. At the hospital, Lakshmi wakes up while Rishi’s condition worsens. Lakshmi overhears Neelam saying that Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage was done because of Lakshmi’s horoscope and it would have been over in a year.

Sunday 7th May 2023
The priest asks Neelam to bring Lakshmi to save Rishi’s life. Neelam’s words impact Lakshmi deeply. Later, Neelam tells Malishka about her decision to bring Lakshmi back. Neelam takes money to Lakshmi with Karishma and asks her to come back.

Monday 8th May 2023
Lakshmi turns down her offer and refuses to return. Rano tries to intervene but Lakshmi rebukes her. Later, Virendra explains to Neelam why Lakshmi didn’t come back. Virendra tells Neelam that he’s proud of Lakshmi.

Tuesday 9th May 2023
Rishi’s condition worsens and the doctor says that there isn’t much hope. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s hospital room and confesses her love. Lakshmi cries at Rishi’s bedside, confessing her love.

Wednesday 10th May 2023
Rishi slowly regains consciousness and Lakshmi leaves the hospital but runs into Aayush. Rishi asks for Lakshmi, shocking Neelam and Malishka. Lakshmi feels that someone is following her.

Thursday 11th May 2023
Rishi misses Lakshmi and sees her everywhere. Balwinder apologises to Lakshmi. Rishi calls Lakshmi and asks her to visit him. Rano makes a devious plan against Lakshmi, and Balwinder joins her.

Friday 12th May 2023
Karishma devises a plan against Lakshmi, and Malishka tells Rishi to invite her for dinner. Balwinder comes to kidnap Shalu. Balwinder makes Rano realise her mistake. Rishi and Lakshmi meet but

Saturday 13th May 2023

Malishka intervenes. Shalu doubts Sonia and Malishka’s motives. Balwinder tries to get his hands on Lakshmi’s phone. Aayush asks Rishi to tell Lakshmi everything. Balwinder cuts the power supply at the Oberoi House to kidnap Shalu. Rishi tries to talk to Lakshmi but hears Malishka’s voice and hides.

Sunday 14th May 2023
Kalyani says ok and goes. Rishi thanks Lakshmi for coming with him. Lakshmi goes. Rishi goes behind her. Lakshmi and Rishi bend down to pick the ring and their head collide once.

Monday 15th May 2023
Balwinder ends up kidnapping Neha instead of Shalu. Later, Lakshmi accepts Rishi’s offer of friendship. Rishi comes to drop Lakshmi to her house. On the pretext of playing Holi, Rano brings Shalu outside the house and Balwinder kidnaps her.

Tuesday 16th May 2023
Later, a furious Rishi warns Malishka. Meanwhile, Lakshmi looks for Shalu in the house. Rishi thinks that Lakshmi has blocked his number. Malishka’s health takes a toll.

Wednesday 17th May 2023
Lakshmi goes to the police station, but the inspector refuses to register a complaint. Rano and Balwinder feel happy about their plan. Virendra refuses to be a part of Rishi and Malishka’s marriage and tells Neelam that she’s making a mistake.

Thursday 18th May 2023
Lakshmi receives a ransom call from Balwinder. Lakshmi and Preetam get shocked on seeing the photo of Shalu sent by the kidnapper. Bani suggests speaking to Virendra for the money and Rano agrees as per her plan. Lakshmi visits the Oberoi House.

Friday 19th May 2023
Balwinder tells his goon that he will run away and take Lakshmi with him. Neelam insults Lakshmi and refuses to help. Rano informs Rishi about Shalu’s abduction, and he rushes to help Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Shalu escapes from Balwinder’s clutches, and he plans to kidnap Lakshmi.

Saturday 20th May 2023
Rano feels elated about the plan but starts worrying when Virendra comes home and calls Inspector Rakesh for help. Aayush tries to save Shalu but Balwinder kidnaps him as well. Aayush threatens Balwinder but Shalu calms him down.

Sunday 21st May 2023
Inspector Rakesh figures that it is Balwinder behind the kidnappings. Rishi gives the bag of money to Balwinder, but he escapes with Shalu and Aayush as a mishap occurs.

Monday 22nd May 2023
Rishi and Lakshmi come to save Shalu and Aayush but Balwinder catches them. Inspector Rakesh arrests Balwinder. Malishka sees Lakshmi and Rishi together and feels jealous.

Tuesday 23rd May 2023
Malishka feels furious with Rishi. Neelam slaps Rishi for putting his life in danger but he reasons with her. Neelam blames Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees a nightmare and decides to return to Rishi. Malishka is horrified by Rishi’s changed behaviour.

Wednesday 24th May 2023
Malishka convinces Neelam that Lakshmi is not right for Rishi and gets a priest to lie about the horoscopes. Lakshmi visits the Oberoi Mansion, but Neelam drags her out.

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