Twist of fate written update Wednesday 27th February 2019


Sangram plans to kidnap Disha and take her before the bomb blast. Simonika searches for Sangram. Sangram puts chloroform on the handkerchief to make Disha smell it, but simonika comes and hits his head with a rod and make him smell his own chloroform.

Purab tells Pragya that he has given bomb to bomb squad and it will not blast now. Pragya says that person will check for the gift. They see Simonika checking the gifts and gets shocked.

Simonika gets worried seeing she couldn’t get the gift. Pragya tells that she had a doubt on Simonika, but when she went to her house, she met her mother and that she is working for her unwell mother. Purab says it is a set up of fake house and mother. Pragya tells him of what her friend, jyoti said about Simonika. Purab gets doubtful of Simonika.

They try to search for her. Simonika checks for the bomb in Purab’s room. Abhi makes everyone have chocolate. Taya ji and others ask what is the good news? Abhi says whatever she says is good, and she is with me even after she is not with me. Bubbly asks if Uncle is saying horror story? Dasi asks if he is passing time? Abhi says she was passing time. Dadi asks him to tell them.

Taya ji asks him to end the suspense. Raj asks if he got something? Abhi says he hit the jackpot and he’s very happy. Dadi asks him to give chocolates to the guests and says to the family members that it seems Abhi came to know about our surprise. Mitali says my stomach is hurting. Abhi asks if it is done? Dadi asks him to tell them what it is? Abhi says you are rocking Dadi. Taya ji asks him to tell them. Abhi refuses and says just as you have hidden one thing from me, I will also hide one thing from you all. Dadi asks him not to tell Pragya and pretend as if he doesn’t know. Abhi says I can’t lie, then says I will not tell anyone. Bubbly and others wish him happy birthday! Dadi blesses him. Everyone wishes him happy birthday. Aaliya wishes him with a hug.

Simonika checks for the bomb and gets angry, saying where is my gift? She throws the gifts and finds the bomb detector. She shouts and thinks who told him about my plan? Pragya comes and says I told him. She says you wanted to kill Abhi against God’s will. Purab tells Disha about Pragya in danger. Disha says we should search for her. Abhi comes and asks where are they going? Abhi says I came to know about everything. Disha says we didn’t take Pragya’s name. Abhi says you have organized this party on Pragya’s saying and says it is a good surprise. Purab asks where is Pragya? Abhi says she was with you. Purab says I will search for her. Abhi wonders where is she?

Pragya says you are a big betrayal by trying to kill my husband and says I didn’t know you will change your colours. She says how dare you! Simonika shouts where is the bomb! Pragya asks how can you be so shameless to even dare ask for the bomb? She shouts where is the bomb? Pragya says it is with the bomb squad. Simonika pushes her. Pragya stops her and says you have done a mistake of writing Happy Birthday Abhi in the jewellery shop.

Pragya tells Simonika that Neeraj told her about her and then she informed Purab and he arranged a bomb detector. She asks her why she is after her husband? Simonika tells that Abhi has killed her husband, Dushyant. Pragya says Abhi or I don’t know about him. Simonika says 6th months back, he took contract to kill you, and tells that Abhi killed him. Pragya says your husband shot at me, after which I got separated from my husband. She says Abhi didn’t kill him, maybe he got an accidental death. Simonika says your husband didn’t kill him and tells that she did wrong to conspire to kill him.

She locks the door and asks Pragya to get ready to die! She says you should die as you are the reason for my husband’s death. Abhi comes there calling Pragya. Simonika hides with Pragya and keeps hand on her mouth. Pragya manages to throw something. Mitali comes. Abhi asks if she is inside? He asks Mitali to give him the keys. Mitali says it’s not with her. She says Mr. Sethi came to meet you. Abhi goes to talk to him.

Simonika laughs and says that fool don’t know that you are here, and says you are smarter than him. She says you have to die and tells that she will cut her into pieces so that Abhi doesn’t do her last rites. Pragya pushes Simonika and tells that you can’t harm me or my husband and says God will never let anything wrong happen to her. She asks her to confess her crimes. Simonika tries to act smart, Pragya injures her hand a bit and says I can do anything to save my husband. Everyone is dancing. Simonika pushes Pragya and runs. She collides with table and all the food falls down. Mitali asks are you mad? Pragya asks Mitali to catch her! Disha tries to catch her, but she pushes her. Purab comes and catches her.

Sangram gains consciousness and thinks to kidnap Disha before the bomb explodes. Dadi, Dasi and others ask her what happened? Pragya says we gave her a secretary job, but it was not our decision, but her plan. Abhi asks for what she did? Pragya says she lied to us about her native place and marital status, and tells that all the attacks were planned by her. She says today she tried to kill you all and planted a bomb here. Sangram thinks let’s see how she saves herself. Pragya says she wanted to kill everyone! Dadi asks if she is having any misunderstanding? Pragya says she trusted her a lot and tells about her attack.

Pragya tells that she had trusted Simonika and thought good of her, but she tried to kill Abhi many times. She says she tried to kill him using passage of electricity in water, planned bomb in his concert and now, in his birthday party! Dadi, Dasi and others are shocked. Mitali says if she has done anything to my kids, then I wouldn’t have spared her. Tai ji asks about the bomb? Disha says it has been diffused by the squad. Dadi slaps her and says if anything had happened to my Abhi… Simonika says then I would have taken bath in Ganga, my revenge would have been fulfilled. She says when he can kill someone, then he has to die also.

Abhi asks what is your enmity towards me? Simonika says she has had enmity towards him for good 6 months. Dadi asks them to throw her out! Abhi asks her to tell what he did? Pragya says she thinks that you have killed her husband. Simonika says he has killed my Dushyant. Abhi asks who is this Dushyant? Simonika asks Pragya to tell who Dushyant is and asks if she will lie? Pragya tells that Dushyant is the one who shot at Pragya. Abhi says the bullet on Pragya and recalls Dushyant shooting at Pragya. Simonika says did you remember how you killed him? Abhi recalls Dushyant fell down from the cliff while fighting with him. Simonika asks why he’s shocked?

Abhi says I haven’t killed your husband, it was an accident. She says my plans were accidents also, if he had died too, then people would have thought of it as accident. Abhi says I don’t want to kill him, he slipped and fell down. I wanted to get him arrested. Simonika says when he was falling down in the valley, you might have tried to take him out, or asked him to shoot at him also. She asks him not to act innocent. She says I will not leave you! Simonika threatens to kill everyone. Sangram thinks he should find a way to be saved from the Police. He gets red chilli powder and says everyone will cough now.

Pragya tries to make Simonika understand and says he didn’t kill your husband, it was an accident. Simonika says I will do the same and kill someone, then will name it as an accident. Sangram puts chilli powder in something and thinks everyone will cough and Simonika and I can get a chance to elope. Simonika says she will kill everyone! The place gets smoky due to the chilli powder smoke. Purab holds Simonika.

She pushes him. Sangram hits his head and asks Simonika to run! Pragya runs after her, Simonika goes to terrace and threatens to jump off if she comes near her. Pragya asks her to surrender. Simonika refuses and says she will not die before she kills them. Dadi coughs.


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