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Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate

Munni lies to Alia that her pain has begun again and she goes to washroom. Pragya and Munni hug each other. Pragya tells her that she has left the kids in her friend’s house. Munni thanks her. Pragya shares her plan. Pragya asks Munni to handle Tanu whiles she handle Alia.

They change clothes but Munni reminds Pragya that she can’t speak in proper English. She comes out and tells Alia that she has a stomach ache. Munni stays back in the washroom for a while. Pragya vows to end all of Aliya’s plans. Aliya asks Pragya to get all the papers signed from Dadi and later the next day she herself will prepare the papers to get it all transferred in her name. Pragya asks Aliyah what she will do with Pragya afterwards? Aliyah replies that she will kill her. Munni reaches Pragya’s room and finds Tanu outside.

She decides to trouble her a bit as Tanu dreams that Pragya will now drink the drugged water. Munni makes Tanu fall by putting her leg in her way. Munni starts taunting Tanu and she gets all angry. Munni gets inside the room and remembers that Aliya had asked Tanu to drug Pragya. She realises that the water there might be drugged. She decides to Fake drinking it to show Tanu. Tanu is relieved to watch Pragya drink the water. Munni then fakes fainting and as she falls down acting unconscious Tanu is elated.

Tanu happily talks to the unconscious Munni. Meanwhile, Munni who is pretending all this while tells herself that Pragya will teach Tanu a lesson she will never forget.

Disha, Dadi and Dasi arrive back home. Disha worries about Dadi’s health. Abhi and Purab arrive back and Simonica watches them thinking of ways to kill Abhi. Dadi tells Abhi that the lawyer called her and she asks him not to tell Pragya anything about her will. Abhi looks lost as he thinks about Mr Khan’s death. Purab pulls Disha’s leg asking her to massage his legs. Dadi is worried about Abhi as she sees him all lost.

Munni gets up and waits for Pragya as she paces around the room. But Abhi enters the room shocking her. Abhi is all romantic as he locks up the door. Munni now gets her heart racing as she gets scared by his intention as Abhi comes closer. Abhi tells Munni that he wants to thank her for saving him. Abhi says he wants to give her a gift for the daring act she did. Munni keeps moving back as Abhi pulls her closer.

Munni tries telling Abhi that Dadi is calling her. Abhi is not ready to let go of her and keeps pulling her back. Meanwhile, Disha tries taking it back at Purab as he runs off. Later they get romantic as Purab kisses her. A romantic song plays at the background. On the other hand, Munni tries convincing Abhi that Dadi is calling her. Abhi says that he knows Munni is acting. Munni tries to move away from him so Abhi falls on the bed. Abhi is surprised at Munni’s attitude. Munni asks herself what to do to stay away from Pragya’s husband. Abhi asks her why was she staying far from him.

Munni wonder if it was the right time to reveal her true identify to Abhi. Munni tells Abhi that she needs water and she goes to takes a glass. Abhi comes closer to her. Munni intentionally drops the glass of water on him. She then asks him to go and change his shirt. Abhi goes. Disha tells Purab that Dadi and Dasi might see them romancing. Purab replies that they are gone.

Disha tells Purab that she will punish him and will not talk to him. Purab holds her hand sensually and asks if she can stay without talking to him. Disha says yes. Purab kisses her on her cheeks and continue to tease her. He asks her to go. Disha turns to him and says she never talk to him again. Purab holds her hand. They look in each others eyes and romances with each other. Mitali sees them closer. She plans to tell Aaliya to make her jealous. Mitali smiles and wishes the best to Disha and Purab. She runs to Aaliya and collides with her. She tells her that someone is romancing.

Aaliya wonders if Mitali saw Munni. Mitali informs Aliyah that Purab and Disha were romancing. She also tries to rub salt in Aliya’s wounds. Aaliya sees them and she gets jealous and scolds Mitali. Aliyah says she has some urgent work. Mitali plans to find out what Aliyah is intending to do. Aaliya asks her not to follow her. Mitali says she was going downstairs. Aaliya is jealous and goes to her room to wait for Tanu. Tanu comes there and tells Aliyah she made Pragya unconscious. She also says that Pragya was smiling at her after getting unconscious and she tried to make her fell down.

Aaliya smirks and says their plan is all set. She tells Tanu that they will have to take Munni out so she follows their plan. Pragya smirks seeing them talking. She tells herself her plan will rather succeed and not theirs. Aaliya asks Pragya to do as she says if she wants her kids else she will not get her children. Pragya replies that there shall be no mistake.

Pragya smiles and tells herself that Aliyah and Tanu plan has failed already since she has the kids and Munni is with her. She says that both of them will dance on her tune. Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and tries to listen to their conversation. Aaliya opens the door and twists Mitali’s hand. Aliyah threatens to cut Mitali’s ears. Mitali swears that she didn’t hear any of their conversation.

Aaliya tells her that she was spying on them. She says she will either cut Mitali’s ears or make her a peon. Mitali promises never to spy on her. Aliyah asks Tanu to come along. Dadi asks if everyone got the offering. Raj’s father asks what is the good news about. Dadi says she has taken a decision for everyone betterment and that’s why she is distributing the offerings. Dasi also says that they will get back their Pragya with this decision and she will get her rights. Raj asks what the decision is.

Dadi replies that the lawyer named Bhandari will come and will let everyone know. Mr Bhandari arrives at the Mehra house. Dadi asks him to sit. Bhandari shows the will papers and he also says that the property will be on Abhi’s name, but pragya will be the caretaker and they will both have to take decision together. Raj’s father asks Kulpreet why she choose to take such decision? Dadi says there is no guarantee of life and asks Disha to call Pragya.

Raj father convinces Dadi that she is Munni but Dadi says she is Pragya and not Munni. Simonika wonders why the Mehra family trust Pragya so much. Aaliya and Tanu comes downstairs with Pragya. Aliyah asks Dadi to tell them about her decision. Dadi asks her if she felt bad about her decision. Dasi also says that Aliya is a bitter person. Aaliya says she brought Pragya home and she also asks the family to stop doubting them.

Tanu also says that Pragya wouldn’t have come but they forced her to do so. Dadi asks Pragya to come infront and sign the property papers. Aaliya slowly asks Pragya not to do any mistake. Dadi tells Pragya that she want the property to be on her name. Pragya tries to decline but Dadi asks her to sign and listen to her last wish. Dasi asks her to sign. Raj looks sad with the drama going on in the house.

Pragya tells herself that she has to change her avatar again to save her marriage. Aaliya smirks and says to herself that now Munni will sign the papers and tomorrow she will transfer it into her name. Tanu also says that everything is happening as per their plan. Abhi comes out of the changing room and thinks as to where Pragya has gone to? He comes out of the room. Dasi asks Pragya to sign the papers.

Raj father also asks her to sign but Pinky gets upset. Mitali says she will sign the the papers and Pinky says she is the eldest daughter of the house. Mitali asks how can an illiterate woman sign. Purab and Disha says that it is Pragya’s right and today she got it. Simonica plans to find out about Aaliya’s plan. Mitali taunts Aaliya and Tanu to take a pot and go to the mountain. Tanu tells Mitali that she will soon know who will rule. She threatens Mitali that she will make her a servant.

Dadi and Dasi ask Pragya to sign. Abhi comes there and asks what she is doing there, and also asks when she change her clothes. Aaliya and Tanu gets worried. Pragya smiles and thinks that it seems Abhi met Munni in the room. She tells Abhi that she changed the clothes to match with his clothes color. Dadi asks Pragya to sign. Abhi thinks that this plan will reveal whether if she is Pragya or not. Abhi tells himself that if she was his fuggi then she will definitely sign.

Tanu asks Aaliya if she checked the final signature when Munnu practiced to sign. Aaliya says she forgot and gets worried. Everyone waits for Pragya to sign. Pragya goes to the table and says to herself that today she is happy that she will end this snake and ladder game once and for all. She also promise that she will put a full stop on Aliyah’s bad intentions. She happily signs the papers. Everyone claps. Tanu and Aaliya also clap. Raj thinks Pragya is signing and they are clapping. Abhi, Dadi, Dasi and others are happy. Aaliya smiles and says that she did it. Tanu also smiles and says that Pragya has signed confidently.

Abhi tells Pragya that she has now become his official Pragya and asks him to become his own forever. Pragya asks him to wait for the right time and till then he should have some coffee. Pragya takes Dadi’s blessings. Pragya takes the papers to keep it safe in the locker. Simonica looks at her. Pragya searches for Munni and finds her in Tanu’s room. She tells her that she got the property papers and thanks her. Munni also tells Pragya that she will write an essay to thank her. Pragya asks her to keep the address of her friend since that where Chutka and Chutki are staying.

She asks Munni to take care of herself and the kids. Munni hugs her. Pragya asks her to go from the back door. Munni leaves. Purab tells Abhi that Pragya did a half confession that she is indeed their Pragya. Abhi is happy and he tells Purab that his Pragya is back to him. Tanu smirks seeing Abhi and says that Abhi’s dream will never be fulfilled since the real Pragya will go far from him. Abhi asks Tanu if she said something.

Purab teases her and says that Tanu’s mouth is shut down after Pragya got the property. Aaliya asks Tanu to come so they celebrate. Dasi stops her and asks where they are going to? Aaliya says she is having a head ache and needs to rest. Simonica thinks there is something fishy going on in Aliyah and Tanu’s mind. Abhi tells Purab that his enemy wants to kill him but he wonders why they also killed Mr Khan.

Purab says that the enemy knew that they will reach Mr Khan that why they killed him. Abhi promise that he will not leave the enemy. Disha hears them and asks if Pragya knows about Mr Khan’s death. Abhi says no and asks her not to tell her else she will hide her identity.

Pragya thinks now Abhi and his property is safe and thinks she will soon confess that she is Pragya. She opens the cupboard to keep the property papers in the locker and she also tries to open it using a finger print sensor. Aaliya comes there and appreciates her for getting the inside character of Pragya so well.

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