Twist of Fate written update Tuesday 26th February 2019


Dadi tells the guests that they have planned a surprise Party for Abhi and told him we are celebrating Disha’s birthday instead. Disha tells Pragya that there’ll be tension when Abhi comes to party.

Simonika comes dressed in the clothes kept by Pragya and thinks evil of Pragya. Purab shows gift bags to Dadi and Dasi and says he has brought gifts for Abhi. Simonika thinks Abhi will die today. Purab tells Pragya that they will check the gifts and get the device to detect the bomb. Aaliya and Tanu comes to the party. Aaliya asks her to feign fake smile.

Simonika sees the dancers and thinks it will be easy to get the bomb here. Abhi thinks I should go or not go for the party? He then thinks he has to go for Disha. Simonika comes to her car and takes the bomb gift bag.

Vikram asks Simonika to be careful while holding the bomb. She asks him to set the time to 9 pm. She then thinks she will keep the bomb safely. She tries to go inside and sees a metal detector. She is stopped by the security guy and he asks her to come.

Simonika gets saved by the servant, who asks the security guy to check the guest and not the family member! Everyone enjoy the dancer’s performance. Abhi comes to the hall and thinks Disha’s birthday party is good, and thinks to enjoy it. Dadi tells Mitali that she will wish Abhi, Happy Birthday! Dasi stops her. Abhi sees Disha and asks if she liked the surprise? Disha says which surprise? Abhi says birthday party. Disha says yes, she liked the surprise of her baby. Dadi and Dasi stops the guests from wishing Abhi happy birthday.

Abhi announces the special performance of jija and Sali and danced to Nacho song with Disha. He asks about Purab? Sangram eyes Disha. Purab and Pragya checks the gift boxes, but there is no bomb in it. Purab asks Pragya to bring the new gift boxes. Simonika collides with Pragya, and hides the bomb bag. She offers to keep the boxes. Pragya says you are a guest today and asks her to enjoy.

Purab gets worried. Abhi sees Pragya and says I don’t know what is more beautiful, Pragya’s face or her heart? Pragya thinks if anything happens to him, then she can’t forgive herself. Allah Wariyan plays… Dadi and dasi appreciate his dancing. Tai ji says it was fun. Mitali says you got 8 out of 10. Dasi says he got 10 out of 10.

Abhi says Disha also danced well. Disha says you made me danced and says it was actually the birthday boy dancing. Abhi is surprised. Dasi, Dadi and others say she was referring to Purab. Abhi thinks they are fooling them. He asks Pragya why she is tensed, She says nothing.

Sangram calls Simonika to the kitchen and says Pragya and Purab have a doubt on your plan. Simonika says if she had any doubt, then she would have cancelled the party. Aaliya comes to the kitchen and sees Simonika threatening Sangram with knife. She questions her. Simonika says it fell, so I picked it up. Aaliya asks her to see to the arrangements. Simonika says okay and goes. Aaliya doubts her. Tanu comes and takes Aaliya with her. Sangram thinks he has to think of something to save Disha.
Abhi thinks he has to do something so that Pragya tells him about the surprise birthday party of his. He comes to Pragya and smiles.

Abhi and Pragya danced to the song lag ja gale… Simonika thinks Sangram is a fool to think that Pragya has doubt her plan. Purab looks for Pragya and calls her. Abhi takes Disha and Purab on stage along with Pragya and asks them to dance. Sangram thinks he will kidnap Disha before 9 pm and take her from there. Abhi dances with Disha, while Purab dances with Pragya. He tells her that he will check. Just 15 mins left for the bomb to explode. Simonika thinks Abhi will die with his Dadis and thinks to leave 2 mins prior to the bomb explosion. Pragya takes the bomb bag which Simonika brought and gives it to Abhi saying it is from fuggi’s side.

Abhi opens the bomb, it explodes. Simonika is outside and laughs saying her revenge is fulfilled! It turns out to be her imagination. Abhi dances with Pragya. Pragya gets emotional and hugs him while dancing. Itni si baat hai plays… Simonika thinks she should go and check Abhi’s death certificate. Purab and Disha talk about the bomb gift. Sangram tries to hear them. Disha is about to fall from the stairs, but Sangram holds her. Disha thanks him. Sangram smiles.

Dadi tells Disha that Abhi didn’t know that we are celebrating his birthday. He asks Pragya to drink. Pragya refuses. Dadi asks Pragya to agree. Mitali asks her to close her eyes and drink it. Abhi says cheers! They drink wine. Abhi asks her to drink more. They drink again. Abhi asks her to drink again and calls Purab. Pragya says she will drink it. Abhi thinks now, he will make her confess that the birthday party is for him. Simonika thinks this is your last celebration.

Purab searches for the gift bag. Just then, he gets Simonika’s gift bag and thinks this is the one. Simonika sees him and thinks if he’s checking the gift bags, She’s about to go there, but collides with Aaliya. Aaliya scolds her. Simonika says she was going to the bathroom.

Abhi takes Pragya to the room. Pragya says my work still needs to be done. Abhi says Purab will do it. Pragya says as long as I am with you, I will not let anyone harm you, and will die before you. She says I love you so much. Abhi asks whose birthday is it, today? Pragya says whose birthday and says everyone have hidden it. She says she has met the guy whose birthday is today. Abhi asks whose birthday? Pragya says your birthday! She says I told you, but don’t tell anyone that your Surprise has been leaked. Abhi says what a lovely surprise. He says you didn’t wish me happy birthday.

Pragya wishes him happy birthday with love, hugs and kiss. She shouts happy birthday and jumps on the couch. Abhi says your birthday surprise was bullshit as I knew that today is my birthday and says he read Disha’s birthday on her Adhaar card (Identity Card). He says when you lied, then I also lied. He says he will teach the losers a lesson. Pragya stops him and asks him to sit on her bike, and acts to ride the bike with Abhi sitting on the back side. She then says she is tired.

Purab detects the bomb in the bag with the bomb detector. He opens the box and sees the bomb. He thinks someone wants to kill Abhi, and takes the bomb with him.
Abhi and Pragya spend some quality time talking to each other. Abhi asks her to answer his question. Pragya says if I am fuggi or Munni? Is qadar plays… Simonika and Sangram have wine in Abhi’s house. She says she is celebrating Diwali (Rows of lighted lamps. It is a festival of lights) today.

Sangram says we should leave from here. Simonika says she will go from here before 30 seconds. Sangram thinks she wants to die, but I have to go with Disha before it explodes. Simonika says she will tell him to take Disha before the bomb blast and says she understands how it feels to lose a loved one. She tells that Disha should be alive to do the Mehra family 13th day mourning meet.

Pragya tells Abhi that she has to get down from the bike and asks Abhi to look in her eyes, he keeps his hand on her heart and says you used to say that your lyrics is my heartbeat. He says you couldn’t identify who you learnt to live life from and says this heartbeat is of her who can’t leave with you, who loves you very much, and says She’s his fuggi, foureyes/Specky, Pragya. They hug each other. Abhi is happy. Pragya signals to him to smile. He smiles. Song plays,… Allah wariyan plays… Abhi makes her sleep on the bed and kisses her forehead. Purab comes there and asks Abhi to go as Dadi is calling him, but before that, he should wash his face. Abhi goes. Purab wakes Pragya up and asks her to come out.

Purab asks Pragya to come. Sangram asks Simonika what her plan is about eloping? Simonika says when everyone gets locked inside and the key get lost, what will happen then? He says it is om shanti om dialogue. Simonika asks him not to compare her plan with a film. She thinks to check where Abhi is and thinks Pragya should be with him.


  1. What’s wrong with Abhi knowing the things happening around him? Pragya is so open to Purab, he knows almost everything before Abhi, from Aaliya’s to that of Simonka’s. Disha on d other hand, you see d magnet of affection when she’s attached with Abhi.


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