Twist of Fate Written Update – Thursday 13 December 2018


Tanu tells her that they have done this to get Abhi’s property and have killed Pragya also. She asks her to think about the children and says think what I will do to them.

Munni puts the knife on her neck and says you are threatening me, coming to my house. She asks them to take the money and leave. They leave. Munni thinks they tried to buy my face and honesty.


Abhi and Purab are in the car. Abhi says he can’t wait to reach the stage and is very excited. Purab says your hope will break today that Pragya is alive. Abhi says I have won the challenge and says she will come.

Munni and Chutki come to the tea shop and hears that 15% show earnings will go towards the education of a small girl. Chutki asks Munni to get her name written for free education.

Munni thinks he is such a nice man, and thinks to inform him about Aaliya and Tanu’s plan. She tells Chutki that she will go to the rock show and asks her to stay with Chutka in the hospital.

Aaliya and Tanu are returning home. Aaliya says she is angry on that Munni. Tanu says she is tensed thinking if Munni tells Purab, Dadi or Abhi about their plan. Aaliya says she will not do anything, says if she had any mind then she would agreed to work for them.

She asks her to let her think how to convince Munni. Abhi comes to the show along with Purab. Rishabh greets him. Abhi asks him to make the donation reach the needy children.

Rishabh says I will make sure that the money reach in right hands and asks him to blindly trust him. He says my brother is coming here and will share stage with you for some time for brand endorsement.

Purab says how can you do that, and would have asked me. He says Abhi will not share stage with anyone. Rishabh says he is a brother. Abhi asks Purab to let him. Purab asks what is his name? Karan comes and the fans take pics with him.

Rishabh introduces Karan and says he played 4 matches in the last season. Abhi says you haven’t seen much limelight. Karan says he has seen much limelight when he plays cricket and will have much fan than him.

Abhi asks him to learn to come down else it won’t be good. Rishabh asks them to calm down and wishes best to Abhi. Abhi and Purab goes.

Karan asks why did you stop me. Rishabh says he is a star and asks him to keep his ego at side. He says he is a big celebrity and a humble man I have ever met. He says you have started, he just replied. He asks him to smile and hugs him.

Munni comes to the show to meet Abhi and thinks she will inform him. She is stopped and ask to show ticket which is of 5000 Rs. Munni thinks she don’t have that much money. Purab comes there, but couldn’t see her.

Abhi sings Bang Bang and dances while playing guitar. He then imagines Pragya on stage wearing a white gown and dances with her. Mujhe Neend Aati…Boldo Na Zara song…..plays..Everyone claps for Abhi. Minister comes there. Munni takes bouquet from his driver’s hand and gets inside while the security men are busy with Minister.

Tanu and Aaliya come to house and switched on TV. Aaliya asks her to switch off TV and says it is not important to watch concert. Tanu tells sher that she saw Munni just now in the concert.

Aaliya says how come she has reached here. Tanu says you called me an idiot? Aaliya says it will be a disaster if she tells anything to Abhi, and says we shall go there. Host announces that Abhishek Mehra and Karan Luthra will come on stage. Munni asks where is Abhi.

Abhi and Karan makes a heroic entries. Karan stumbles. Abhi holds him and says he is experienced. Rishabh asks Karan if he is fine and says it is good that Abhi held your hand.

Abhi tells Purab that Rishabh is calm and composed and Karan is egoistic. Purab says Rishabh is water and Karan is fire, don’t know how they stay together.

Abhi performs on the stage and sings song Parvardigara……Munni tries to reach the stage. Munni shouts Abhishek….and thinks he saw her. Abhi looks at her. Allah Wariyan plays……Munni asks people to keep quiet for sometime and asks Abhi to look at her.

Abhi seeing Pragya lookalike Munni and thinks Pragya came. She thinks how had he heard her voice. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga plays…..He comes backstage. Purab asks why did you leave stage and came here. Abhi says he saw Pragya in crowd, she was wearing strange clothes without specs, and was trying to tell something.

Purab asks if he is lying? Abhi promises that he is not lying. Purab says he will search her. Abhi thinks my Pragya came. Aaliya and Tanu come to the concert. Tanu says she never thought they have to buy the ticket to watch the concert.

Aaliya says did you think that we will be thrown out of house. She says we will search Munni and call each other. Purab tries to search Pragya and asks security to send her to backstage if this girl is found. Guard says ok.

Purab thinks he won’t believe until he sees her. Munni tries to go, but Tanu catches her. Munni tells her that she will tell everything to Abhi. Munni manages to escape. Abhi waits for Pragya. Rishabh asks Abhi to come on stage as people are getting crazy. Abhi says he can’t wait to meet her. Rishabh asks what you are saying and says you can’t leave show half way.


Two terrorist come there and plant bomb blast. Purab also sees Pragya in the crowd and thinks Abhi’s trust is right. Purab goes out insearch of Pragya. Terrorists try to get inside, and kills the guards. They go inside the concert.

Abhi performs on the song again. The terrorist locks the doors and asks other terrorists to make the blast happen. Aaliya comes to Tanu and asks if she saw Munni. Tanu tells her that Munni hits her and left.

Karan talks on phone and tells Rishabh that he is going on a date. Rishabh says just as Abhi’s performance ends, you have to go on stage. Karan says he will not wait for Abhi. Rishabh hugs him.

Karan says I have to go on date and you have spoiled my hair style. Rishabh asks him to come. Abhi again sees Munni and the moment freezes for him. He shouts Pragya. Purab thinks it seems Pragya is inside and thinks to go inside. Abhi falls on his fans. They catch him.

Suicide bomber holds Munni’s hand and pushes her on ground. He shows the bomb jacket and says we are terrorists and will kill everyone, just needs to press a button. Other terrorist go on stage and kills one of the guard. He asks them not to make shout and be there silently. He says he got all doors locked and nobody can come inside, says you all will die one by one.

Someone comes and tells Rishabh that Terrorists came to kill them and says they have blocked all the ways. Rishabh calls Police. Karan asks where you are going? Rishabh says this concert is organized by me and says everyone’s lives is his responsibility.

Purab sees the guards dead and calls Rishabh. Rishabh asks him to relax and tells that terrorists attacked the concert. Purab is shocked and calls Police. Dadi calls Purab and asks about the concert. Purab says he is tired and ends the call. Dadi tells Dasi that Purab is hiding something and asks her to switch on TV.

Abhi sees kids getting afraid of terrorists. Their parents pacify them. Abhi thinks he can’t let this happen with his fans. Terrorist asks human bomb terrorist to kill everyone. Rishabh comes and asks Terrorist to talk to him and says they are our guests. Tanu thinks why did they come here.

Munni thinks she will go before dying. Abhi introduces himself and asks terrorists not to kill them and says you will also die. Terrorist says they will be called as martyr after sacrificing their life.

Abhi asks what do you want? Other terrorist tells that they want peace for their people and wants to convey message that they bear enough. Abhi says this way nobody will benefit. Terrorist catch the Minister and says he had not spared our man and that’s why they will not spare anyone.

Abhi tells them that if they do bomb blast here, then it will be defeat of humanity. He says God don’t ask us to hate anybody and asks if you will be happy and at peace after taking many lives, what you will answer to the God.

Terrorist asks the other Terrorist to press the trigger. Abhi asks the terrorist Bobby to look everywhere and asks him to see the little girl who wants to meet her father. He promises to let him go if he gives up. Other terrorist asks Abhi to stop it. Abhi says even you have the same heart like this girl.

Bobby says he can’t do this. Terrorist asks him to press the button. Bobby says they are innocent, I can’t killed them. He removes the bomb and throws it far. Terrorist (his partner) shoots him.

Abhi cares for Bobby and says he won’t let anything happen to him. Bobby says thank you Bhai for saving everyone. Terrorist says he will wear the bomb now. Karan comes and takes the bomb in his hand asking terrorist to give his gun. Terrorist holds Abhi at gun point and tries to take the bomb. Karan hits ball on the terrorist gun and tells Abhi that their scores are settled.

Karan making the bomb go far with his bat and says his scores are equal now. Terrorist is about to take the gun, but Abhi beats him. Terrorist picks the rod and tries to hit Abhi.

The stage decoration catches fire. Terrorist proceeds towards Abhi holding the firewood and asks him to move back. Munni comes infront of Abhi and asks Terrorist to stop. Abhi recalls the memories with her. Main Phir bhi tumko plays….Munni asks him to move.

Abhi pushes Munni to save her. Karan comes and hits terrorist on his head. Terrorist faints. Dadi and Dasi watch news about terrorist attack and panic. Inspector tells Purab that gun is fired, so it seems terrorist killed someone. Abhi, Rishabh and Karan help the people go out, as Abhi makes the way and breaks the window. Aaliya tells Tanu, where is Munni.

Tanu says we shall run from here. Aaliya says that she has to go to Abhi. Tanu says what do you think that Abhi is singing inside and says he will be saved as he is a rockstar, but nobody will save us, asks her to come. Munni also helps people go out as fire is caught everywhere.

Rishabh sees Pragya and thinks she is so brave, thinks how can a villager come to the concert, may be she came by mistake. Dadi and Dasi comes there. Purab tells that the rescued people told that terrorist couldn’t do anything and their bomb is diffused.

Abhi searches for Pragya and shows pic to Rishabh. Rishabh tells him that she helped him to take people out and says she is very brave. Abhi says she is Pragya, his love and wife. He goes in her search. Rishabh tells someone that he will wait for Abhi to come. Munni feels suffocated and faints. Abhi comes to her and hugs her. Rishabh comes and says fire is increasing.



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