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Dadi tells everyone that today she is very happy and if she had world’s treasure then she will give it to her also. Tai ji is upset. Dadi asks her not to be upset and says she has surprise for her. Tai ji asks really? Dadi shows the necklace and gives to Tai ji. She says this is ancestral jewellery and she gave it to her being her eldest bahu. Tai ji gets happy. Dadi asks why Mitali is upset and says she has surprise for her also. She picks the jewellery box.

Mitali asks Dasi to open the box. Dasi opens box and gives ring to Mitali. Mitali gets upset and says she is eldest bahu and a mother of two kids. Dasi says we gave you big responsibilities. Mitali says she don’t want responsibilities and goes. Dadi and Dasi laugh. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is Pragya. Aaliya says she is Munni, but not Pragya. Tanu says if you don’t accept then we will land in trouble. Pragya says your problem is doing mistakes and then forgetting. Shesays I always forgave you for your mistakes. Tanu asks her to question her. pragya reminds that she framed her and Suresh and made their MMS to lower them infront of Abhi and family.

ragya telling Aaliya that she has always forgiven her and protected her from Abhi’s anger. Aaliya says you didn’t do any favor on me. Pragya says I never wanted you and your brother to separate, as Abhi used to feel sad and hurt. Tanu says she hurt me always and proved me wrong. Pragya says when you was pregnant, I brought you at home and convinced him to marry you, and even left the house. Aaliya says what you are saying? I have done a big favor on you for getting my brother marry you. Pragya says yes, I know, your brother should have marry big celebrity like Tanu, he even proposed Tanu, but didn’t marry her, because you thought Purab loves me and that’s why got me married to Abhi. She says we are destined to be together. Tanu blames her and asks what good you did?

Pragya says I stopped Abhi from throwing Aaliya out of house, when she worn Bulbul’s dress and sat in mandap. She tells Tanu that you have betrayed Abhi with someone’s else baby. She tells that I have left Abhi for you. Aaliya asks if I have betrayed Abhi then you have also betrayed him. She asks why did she take the property before.

Pragya tells that Dadi asked her to come with her make over. Aaliya says why will Dadi do this. Pragya says she will do everything to protect Abhi. She tells that we all know who is wrong and tells Aaliya you have kidnapped me, attempted to kill me many times, but Abhi saved me everytime. She says you made plan to kill me, but your brother met with an accident and lost memory. She says our love united us again. She tells Tanu that even if she leave from his life then also he will not forget her, and tells their relation is blessed by Sarla and her sister’s happiness. She asks Aaliya and Tanu to change for good. She tells Aaliya that Abhi will keep world on her feet once he sees truth in her eyes. She tells Tanu to concentrate on her career and become good. She asks them if they understood else she is standing on the way. She says she can kick them out if they don’t mend their ways and tells that she still has keys with her. pragya goes.

Aaliya collides with Abhi and says sorry. Abhi says your plan failed, to get my house and property on your name. Tanu says why we will be happy. Abhi says I know who is happy and says he is talking to Aaliya. He asks Aaliya to accept his wife as her bhabhi and says you have always tried to spoil her image. They think Pragya told him. Aaliya says today is bad.

Pragya comes to meet Munni and her kids. She apologizes to her and says whatever happened is because of my face. Munni tells that she got her sister in her. Chutka and Chutki tell that they have two maasi’s now. Pragya asks them to call her if they need anything. She asks Munni to take kids and go far away because of danger to their lives. Munni says she will keep the kids safely and come to her for help. Pragya asks her to be with kids. Munni asks Pragya never to leave Abhi and be with him. She gets emotional and hugs Pragya.

Tanu asks Aaliya to relax. Aaliya says she won’t relax, and can’t accept defeat so easily. She says I have to find out why she is hiding her identity, either thief or imposter do this.
Abhi coming to his room and thinks Pragya will not dance with him and thinks to sing his album song. He thinks to ignore her to gain her attention. Pragya comes to him and asks if he is upset. Abhi says no. He says he does exercise twice. Pragya says why you are saying. Abhi says I don’t want to talk to you. Pragya says you are doing too much now. Abhi shows attitude and says it suits me, you don’t ever try. Pragya says I won’t let you go until you talk to me. Abhi says let me go, I have to change clothes. Pragya says on a condition, you have to talk to me nicely in the morning. Abhi says I will not talk to you again. Pragya thinks there is love in your anger and now you will see my love. Abhi comes out from changing room and sees the decoration. He shouts ghost seeing
her. pragya says she is trying to cheer him. Abhi asks himself not to leave attitude. Pragya dances on hawa Hawaii song…She dances with him forcibly. She gives him coffee and tries to get closer.. It turns out to be her imagination.

Simonika thinks about her husband and contract killer Dushyant and cries. She tells that she will kill Pragya before abhi and promises Dushyant. Pragya smiles and thinks today she is looking as bahu of the house. Dadi and Dasi teases her. Pragya comes to kitchen and asks Disha what about your happiness. Disha says she is very happy and making food for everyone. Pragya asks cook to make breakfast and takes Disha with her.

She takes her out and tells everyone that she is upset with Disha. Dasi asks Dadi what happened between them. Mitali thinks Aaliya will be happy to know this. Pragya asks everyone to stop thinking and see here. Purab asks Disha what did you do which made Pragya di upset. Disha says she was working in kitchen. Dadi asks Pragya to tell what happened? Dasi asks her to tell the truth and says Disha is tensed.

Pragya tells them that Disha is worried for everyone and is always in kitchen. She says Disha has responsibility for Purab also and says they shall spend some quality time, and shall go out. Disha says we spend time at home. Pragya asks them to go out and enjoy. Disha says today Dadi’s friends are coming, she has to make tasty food for them and also Pooja Bhog. Purab says he has meeting with producer. Pragya says she will handle it all and asks them to go. Dasi jokes that Pragya is PhD in love.
Pragya sending Purab and Disha out to make them spend some quality time. Mitali thinks to inform Aaliya and make her jealous. Purab tells Disha that Pragya is right and they shall go out sometimes. Disha says she got worried when Pragya scolded her. He plays song. Kuch toh hai plays. Disha says we shall take gift for Pragya.

Tanu waits for Mitali to bring breakfast and scolds her when he comes there.. She starts eating. Mitali says Pragya started drama downstairs. Aaliya asks what is her new drama now. Mitali says today she came prime minister. Tanu says she will go on a world tour with him while Pragya is busy. Aaliya scolds Tanu and asks Mitali to continue. Mitali says Pragya sent Purab and Disha for a romantic date and asked him to go on shopping, have food outside
all day. Tanu thinks it is good that I have something and thinks Aaliya will either take out anger on Mitali or her. Mitali says I have an idea to spoil their date. Aaliya asks her to get out. Tanu asks her to have sandwich. Aaliya says her stomach is full when Pragya insulted her. She says now she can’t be at peace until she burns her in revenge fire.

Purab tells Disha that he will take her to Mumbai’s best mall. Disha thinks what she will do there, and asks him to take car backside, and says she wants dupatta from a local shop. Purab says I want to take you to Mumbai’s biggest mall and you want to do road side shopping. Disha insists. Purab agrees and says I want you to be same always. She asks him to be same always. They get down from the car. Purab asks her to be there and says he will park the car and come. Sangram Singh is there talking to someone and says he took this land on lease and asks for the payment. Man asks him to give him some time. Sangram threatens to beat him.



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