Twist of fate update Wednesday 26 August 2020

Twist of fate 26 August 2020: Abhi comes and sees all the drama hiding. Daadi calls Sarala and asks her to come home. Sarala asks if everyone are fine. She asks her to come home first. Pragya accepts that she stole money and brought properties and asks her not to inform mom about it as she does not know anything.

Tanu continues shouting and allegations and says Daadi that she should kick Praga out right now. Taiji says Tanu is rigt and if any family member would have stole, daadi would have kicked her out. Mitali also backs and says when raj stole someone else’s money, he was sent to jail, so Pragya should also be sent to jail. Tanu continues shouting that she will call police and get Pragya arrested.

Abhi intervenes. Tanu gets tensed seeing him coming early and says he came on right time, she caught Pragya stealing money and to further stop her stealing, he should kick her out. He asks who is she to decide who will stay in this house, then changes his tone and says it is his family issue and he will handle it. She continues shouting that it may be his family issue, but she will not tolerate anyone stealing from Aaliya’s house and says either Pragya will stay or she will. Abhi asks her to go back to her room. She continues shouting. He drags her to her room.

Tanu asks why did not he kick Pragya out when they got the right opportunity. He says he cannot. she says he is ignoring her and she would have been her wife long ago. He says she did not want to marry and forced him to marry Pragya and is herself responsible for all this. She says she does not know all this, she just wants him to think about their child and themselves. He says she is taking wrong route and he cannot punish any innocent.

Tanu threatens Abhi and asks him to inform everyone that she is carrying his baby. Abhi is shocked. Purab comes to his house and switches on the lights. He sees Aaliya on the sofa. He asks about her.

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Aaliya says she was so scared with Rohit and that’s why came here. Purab asks her not to get scared and assures his support. Aaliya says she can’t forget it. Purab asks her not to think about him and asks not to inform anyone. Aaliya thanks and hugs him. Purab tells her that it is getting late and asks her to go home. He says he has to meet Bulbul in the morning.

Abhi thinks where to go, as one side is sacrificing Pragya and other side is threatening Tanu. Pragya accepts to have stolen the money. Rachna couldn’t believe it. Pragya says I am Abhi’s wife and if I have taken some money from him without informing him, then what is the big deal. Abhi comes. Pragya tells him not to inform Sarla. Abhi says tell Dadi that you didn’t steal the money. Pragya and Abhi argue. Abhi goes to Dadi and asks if they shall call Sarla. Dadi says she needs to know the truth as Pragya had stolen the money and then blamed Indu for the same. Abhi asks Dadi to leave the matter. Dadi says I feel she is hiding something from us. She says we will know once her mum comes. She asks if you knows about her truth. Abhi refuses. Dadi asks him to call Sarla. Pragya tells Dadi that Sarla won’t be able to hear anything. Dadi asks her to tell the truth. Pragya says she will tell later and asks her not to tell anything to Sarla.

A courier comes and Akash receives it. He is shocked to read it and gives the paper to Abhi. Abhi reads it and tells Dadi that it is Pragya’s report. Dadi asks what is written in it. Abhi says it is written that Pragya is pregnant. Everyone is happy, while Pragya is shocked and confused. Sarla is on the way and thinks why did Dadi call her suddenly. She says Rachna told that Pragya behaved strangely with Dadi. She gets Biji’s call asking her about Bulbul’s medicine. Sarla says she gave medicine to Bulbul already. She asks her to take care of herself. Sarla says she is stuck in traffic jam. Dadi gets happy with the good news. Dasi says I can’t believe. Dadi is thankful to Pragya and asks everyone to congratulates her. She blesses Abhi and Pragya. Abhi smiles forcibly. Dadi asks Abhi to make Pragya eat the sweets.

Dadi says first make Pragya eat the sweets. Dasi says she stole the money. Dadi says Pragya is right, she has right on Abhi’s money. She asks her to do as she wants and warns everyone not to upset Pragya. She asks them to bring dhol and announces that she is becoming great grand mum. She says your baby will be sweet and unique. Tanu thinks Pragya might be kick out of the house right now, Aaliya calls Tanu. Tanu tells that she is at her home and says it is a surprise which she can’t tell on phone. Aaliya says ok fine. She thinks she will get atleast good news after reaching home. Akash congratulates Abhi. Dadi asks him to throw a party. Akash says it is late night. Dasi brings sweets. Dadi makes Abhi eat it and asks him to make Pragya eat it. Abhi makes her eat. Taiji is irked. Dadi takes Pragya inside. Tanu comes down and asks Dasi where is everyone? Dasi asks her to eat sweets and says Abhi is going to be dad. Tanu is surprised.

Tanu asks who told you? Dasi says Abhi told them. Tanu says Dadi is very happy. Tanu asks if she has any objections, no. Tanu gets happy and thinks Dadi has accepted her. Dasi asks her to come. Dadi covers Pragya’s head with bridal dupatta and says it is a ritual. Pragya is tensed and looks at Abhi.

Dadi asking Dasi to bring a nice lehenga from her room. Tanu asks what is happening? Is Pragya leaving? Dasi says why she will leave. She has given us good news. Dadi is very happy and informs Pragya is pregnant. Tanu is shocked. Tanu comes to room and asks Abhi, how can Pragya get pregnant. Dadi says why it can’t happen? Pragya is Abhi’s wife, and if not she, then who will get pregnant, you? Tanu says Pragya is not pregnant. Dadi jokes, you are talking as if you are a doctor and Pragya came to you for getting her test done. She shows the report and asks Tanu to get her eyes tested(wow well done dadi).

She asks Pragya not to remove dupatta from her head and goes to get lehenga. Dadi goes to her room. Dasi says there is no new jewellery now. Dadi says how it will look, if we don’t keep anything in her hand. She gets tensed. Dasi asks her not to get tensed. Mitali comes and asks what happened. Dasi says Dadi wanted to give gift to Pragya, but there is nothing new in her jewellery to be given to Pragya. Mitali tells that Taiji brought a necklace recently and they shall give it as gift to Pragya. Taiji says Pragya will not like it as it is old designed. Dadi says Pragya will like it and asks her to bring it. Taiji goes hesitantly.

Tanu asks how can Pragya get pregnant? She asks him to tell. Abhi says he doesn’t know from where all the babies are coming in his life. Tanu says I thought to stay here after fooling everyone, but you people are fooling me. She asks when did it happen? Did you people get closer in jungle. Pragya gets angry and says I am not like you.

Tanu says I loves Abhi and doesn’t love anybody else. Pragya says I also loves Abhi and then says my family……Tanu says from where did this report comes. Abhi says whatever happens is for best eventually. He reminds that Sarla came to the hospital when they went. Dadi comes and asks why you people are fighting. Abhi says they were fighting with the gender of the baby and its names. Dasi says they are deciding about the baby names.

Dadi gives the necklace to Pragya as a gift and blesses her. She says I wanted to give all my jewellery to you, but you have to give me more happiness. I will give you all my jewellery to you for the happiness. She blesses her and gets dizzy. Abhi holds her. Dadi says she is unable to hold on the happiness. Dadi goes downstairs and asks Abhi and Pragya to come there.

Bulbul asks Biji about Sarla. Biji says she went to get my cough syrup. Bulbul asks why you are sweating and asks are you hiding something from me? Biji tells that Sarla went after getting someone’s call. Bulbul thinks she might have went to Pragya’s home. Tanu scolds Abhi for wanting a twins babies. Abhi says he didn’t know what to say. Tanu says Dadi will think that you have confirmed her pregnancy. Pragya gets Bulbul’s call. Pragya picks it up. Bulbul asks her to meet her. Bulbul informs her if Sarla came there. Pragya says no and disconnects the call.

Tanu asks what is good in her pregnancy? Abhi says if it was your name in the report then everyone would have questioned you. Pragya says Sarla might come here. Tanu asks Abhi to tell Dadi, that she is pregnant instead of Pragya and asks him to stop the celebration. Abhi goes unwillingly. He thinks it is not easy, how to tell Dadi that Tanu is pregnant and not Pragya. Dadi is very happy, but she will be shock if the truth is revealed later.

Dadi asks the eunuchs to play the dhol and dance. Abhi gets shocked. Mitali dances with them and thinks she will get money. Dasi makes Dadi sit and goes to bring ajwain water. Sarla comes and asks what is the matter? Dadi drinks the water. Sarla apologizes from Pragya’s behalf. Dasi says Dadi forgave her. Abhi comes rushing to room and tells Tanu and Pragya to come out and see Dadi. Dadi tells Sarla that it is happy tears and asks her to distribute sweets in her neighborhood. She says I am going to become dadi and you are going to become nani. Sarla gets happy and emotional. Pragya, Abhi and Tanu see Sarla and Dadi happy.

Pragya asking Abhi to stop it. Dasi comes and asks Pragya to come to take eunuch’s blessings. Abhi asks why? Dasi says their blessings are very valuable. Abhi asks her to take Tanu also. Dasi says is she pregnant? Abhi says yes, and then says she will get pregnant in future. Pragya does downstairs and gets blessed by the eunuch. Abhi sees Sarla and tells Tanu that he have to keep her busy. He goes to Sarla and says he needs to talk to her. Sarla says she wants to talk to Pragya first, but Abhi takes her forcibly. Dadi stops Abhi and asks Sarla to come.

Pragya is surprised to see Sarla. Sarla says why did you hide about your pregnancy from me. I don’t want to talk to you. Pragya gets sad. Sarla says she was just joking. She says you gave me a big happiness. I wants to hug you tightly. She hugs and blesses her. Abhi looks on. Pragya tells Sarla that she wants to talk to her about something important and takes her from there.

Purab thinks Bulbul is angry on him and thinks to be careful. He talks to her and says he brought her favorite dress. He asks her to smile. Bulbul says her mood is upset. Purab asks her to tell what is the matter? Bulbul says someone ignored me. Purab asks whom? Bulbul says Pragya didi. She says she wants to meet Pragya. Purab says you can’t walk. Bulbul shows that she can walk. Purab is happy.

Tanu thinks why Pragya is getting special treatment and no one is bothering about her. She thinks if Pragya is doing all this intentionally. She might be playing game with me. She thinks I can’t trust her fully. I have to hold on my plan. Sarla tells that she has to reach home fast. Pragya thinks thank god Bulbul is not here. She asks Sarla not to tell about her pregnancy at home. Sarla says your family also needs to know it. Dadi comes and says a mum gets happy giving her pregnancy news. She is thinking to give this good news to you. Sarla asks if this is the matter? Pragya nods. Sarla asks Pragya to come home and tell everyone about the pregnancy news. Pragya nods again.

Aaliya is at her friend’s place. She says she doesn’t want to go home and sees old same faces. Her friend asks her to relax and goes to make coffee. Aaliya thinks she did planning, plotting and fake rape scene, but she couldn’t get Purab. She thinks she has to do something before Bulbul gets well.


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