Twist of fate update Sunday 18 February 2024

Twist of fate 18 February 2024: The Episode starts with Mihika hugging Ranbir. Prachi tries to go when Ranbir holds her hand. Mihika sees Ranbir holding her hand, but she still hugs him. Akshay comes to Prachi and asks her to come, and says we will sit there. Mihika thanks Prachi.

Manpreet asks if I get soup for you. Prachi asks about Khushi? Manpreet says she is sleeping. Vishaka asks her not to worry. Mihika tells Ranbir that Akshay listened to just his wife, although everyone asked him to take back the complaint. She says I know you don’t like each other and hate each other, and we get worried because of that, but everything is fine now.

Akshay says nothing is fine and tells that Ranbir and I know that we hate each other, and tells him that when he brings baraat to marry mihika, he will pick his shoes and will also bear his tantrums, but for now leave. Mihika says nobody wants him to go. Ranbir says even I don’t want to go. He tells everyone that he respects them all and if they ask him to go, then he will leave. He says I need to stay here for my daughter, and says she is in trauma after the accident. He says I will be here to take care of her and then I will leave from here. Akshay says I didn’t think from this angle and calls him brother, says I talked in high tone. He says you have saved my wife and daughter, I am thankful to you and hugs him. Ranbir is shocked with his behavior.

Akshay is sitting in dark. Mihika says problems will not go, if you sit in dark. Akshay asks her to tell clearly. Mihika asks why did he agree to let Ranbir stay here. Akshay says everyone wanted him to be here, so I agreed and asked him to stay here, and asks if you are mad? Mihika says I wanted him to go to Pallavi aunty’s house, and says in this way he would have been away from Prachi and I would have gone there. She asks why did you say that you will do as Prachi said.

Akshay says he said that to be in Prachi’s good books. He says you are right, if Ranbir and Prachi get together then none of us will get our love. He says I love Prachi and will get her at any cost. He asks her to go and says he wants to do the planning. Mihika asks him to tell about his planning as he gives shock and heart attacks. He says the same thing to her. Ashok hears them and goes from there. He calls Doctor and tells that he is Ashok Tandon. Doctor asks him to say. Ashok tells Doctor about Akshay and Mihika. Doctor asks him not to fight with them and says you have to be away from them. He says they will go back to that phase, where they were 7 years back. Manpreet hears and asks Ashok what doctor say. Ashok tells her about Doctor’s words that Akshay and Mihika might go to that phase, when they were 7 years back. He asks Manpreet not to tell anyone. Manpreet gets unwell.

Ranbir talks to Vikram on phone and tells that he is going to Prachi and Khushi’s room. He comes inside Prachi’s room and says you are sleeping peacefully, have medicine tomorrow. Mihika looks at him. Ranbir keeps his hand on Prachi’s head and goes. Akshay is sitting on the couch and looks at him. He comes near Prachi and tells that he wants to see her every night like this, and wants to sleep with her on the bed. He goes.

Ranbir is coming to his room. Mihika comes to him and tells that she is feeling scared. Ranbir asks why? She asks him to hold her hand and tells that she is feeling that everything is slipping from her hands. Ranbir says I will bring water for you. He asks her to sit. Mihika says nobody cared for her so much. Ranbir says I told you already…He asks why you are behaving strangely. Mihika says we are engaged and are about to marry. She reminds him of their engagement and says if my alliance breaks then my Dad will die, my mother will become widow and my bua will lose her brother. She asks him to save her family and asks him to meet Prachi and continue spending time with her, but don’t leave her (Mihika herself). She says you wanted to be with Prachi here, and asks what is my mistake? She asks what I am saying? Ranbir tries to make her understand. Mihika says it is matter of my respect and everyone’s respect and asks why you are not worried. Ranbir says I understand. Mihika hugs him. Ranbir says your condition is bad, come to your room and rest. He takes her from there. Ashokm hears them. Mihika smirks/smiles while going with him.

Ranbir comes to the kitchen and drinks water. Prachi comes there. He asks why did you come? Prachi says for shopping. Ranbir asks her to tell seriously. She says she has come to make aloo parathas for him, as he likes it. He says he will make toast for everyone. Prachi says she made stuffing ready. Ranbir asks her not to add much spice, as he couldn’t eat it.

Prachi says yes, I know. Mihika hears and thinks to add more chilli to it. Prachi gets Shahana’s call and she gets busy talking to her. Mihika adds chilli powder in it and mixes it. She goes. Prachi ends the call.

Akshay dances with Khushi. Khushi hugs him. Ranbir comes there. Khushi hugs him, and says Papa. Ranbir says cutie, how you are feeling now. She says how superhero daughter will be, and tells that she wants to be strong and brave like him. She tells Ashok that Papa saved them and tells about their car brakes failed. She says Papa brought truck and stopped on the road. She says I was crying and was scared. Manpreet says then? Akshay gets upset and breaks the glass angrily. He says the glass broke by mistake. Vishaka comes to Akshay. Akshay whispers to her that Ranbir took Prachi to his side. Vishaka says she is a girl. Prachi comes there and tells that she has brought aloo ke paratha. Ranbir tells that Prachi makes tasty aloo paratha. Ashok says whenever Prachi makes it, I used to have much. Ashok says yes. Ranbir is about to eat it, but Mihika stops him and thinks that she can’t see him in pain. Ranbir says Prachi has made it. Akshay says Prachi doesn’t know that you eat less spicy. Prachi says I know and Ranbir told me also. Ranbir eats it and feels it spicy. Prachi brings honey and makes him eat it. Mihika asks Prachi if she has added chilli in the paratha intentionally to have enmity with him. Prachi is shocked and tries to be with him, but Mihika pushes her and asks Ranbir if he is fine.

 Mihika telling Prachi that few people keep enmity in their hearts, but don’t expect this from you. Manpreet says first see Ranbir. Prachi is about to check him, when Mihika pushes her and acts crazy asking Ranbir if he is fine. Ashok takes Mihika from there. Ranbir says actually he is allergic to Prachi, and tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Prachi gets sad and goes from there. Akshay looks on. Ashok asks Mihika why she is creating troubles. Mihika says Prachi wants to harm Ranbir and I shall not say anything and says I will say. Ashok says she is Prachi, against whom you are saying this? Mihika asks if she is Devi. Manpreet comes there and says I will teach her manners. Ashok goes. Manpreet asks Mihika, what is this way to talk to her dad this way? Mihika says I got upset as I talked to your husband loudly, but I shall not do anything if Prachi tries to harm my would be husband. Manpreet asks what you are saying? Mihika says Prachi wants to snatch my would be husband and says Ranbir is just mine. Manpreet says Prachi will never cross the limits. She tells that Ranbir is Prachi’s past, and tells that they had lived a life and they have a daughter Khushi whom they love a lot. She asks her to understand that the past can’t be changed. Mihika says you are 100 steps ahead of Dad and loving Prachi more than you love me.

Akshay comes there and says she can love everyone except us. He says she loves Prachi more than you and loves Ranbir more than me. He says if she had regarded us as her children then she wouldn’t have left us alone in our childhood. He says we lived our lives like an orphan, and tells that if she felt bad then he is sorry. He goes. Mihika says Bhai said right…Prachi comes there and hears her. Mihika says you love Prachi and don’t love and care for me, if anything happens to me.

She says infact, I am sorry to say that you are not a good mother, but a bad mother, and infact you don’t deserve to be called as a mother. She says I wish you would have loved me like you loved Prachi. She asks her to go and make Prachi as her daughter, and become her mother. She says I am not your daughter. Manpreet gets teary eyes and turns seeing Prachi. Prachi leaves her alone and goes from there.

Manpreet comes to kitchen and tells Prachi that she knows that she heard us. Prachi says I heard accidentally. She says you don’t know what you means to me, and tells that everyone knows that I married Akshay for Khushi’s custody, and tells that there is another reason Papa/Tandon Sir. She says she couldn’t spend time with her Papa. She says she got father’s love from Tandon Sir and mother’s love from her. She tells that when Mihika told that you love me more then I didn’t feel wrong, but bad that she felt bad. She thanks her for loving her. Manpreet says I will always be your mother.

She tells that Mihika will understand and says being her mother, she has forgiven her. Prachi hugs her and cries. Manpreet tells that she is with her. Ranbir looks at them and smiles. He hugs Manpreet and says I know your son doesn’t like, but I will love you always.

Mihika comes to her room and gets angry, and cries. Divya comes behind her. Mihika tells her that Mom is not just taking Prachi’s side but want to snatch Ranbir from me and give him to Prachi. Divya asks if you heard this. Mihika says I know Manpreet wanted this, and tells that Ranbir started loving me and cared for me, but Prachi is snatching him from her. She says Ranbir always saves Prachi, why shall I live and says I want to die. She is about to fall from the window, but Divya saves her. Mihika then tries to cut her wrist, but Divya stops her and tells that you will not die, but Prachi will die. She says she is with her in all her right or wrong doings. Mihika asks how Prachi will die? Divya says accident and tells that they shall get the cylinder blast. Mihika asks her to call Prachi to kitchen to make khichdi for Mom as she wants to have light food. They leave.

Ranbir tells Akshay that he has changed overnight and he can’t understand this change. Akshay asks Ashok to see and tells Ranbir that he got him arrested as he felt that he has failed the car brakes, and when he realizes his mistake, he apologized to him for Prachi. Ranbir asks him to say truth. Akshay says yes, even he doesn’t believe it, and tells that Prachi means a lot to him. Divya and Mihika come to the kitchen. While Divya stands outside, Mihika goes inside the kitchen and takes out gas pipe and keeps the gas main knob on. They go from there.

Ashok is worried. Manpreet asks him to take the medicine. Ashok says he is worried for them. Vishaka comes there. Ashok tells that Akshay and Mihika are doing anything and my heart is sad. Vishaka and Manpreet ask him not to be sad. Ashok tells that both Akshay and Mihika want Ranbir and Prachi, and asks if they are toy to be given to them. He gets a call and goes. Manpreet asks Vishaka to help her and make Akshay and Mihika understand, and tells her everything that they don’t regard her as their mother, and they don’t respect her for leaving them in their childhood. She says they respect you as you have brought them up. Vishaka says they don’t respect me, but they are sure that I will hide their mistakes, like I used to have. She tells her that even now she is doing the same, and tells that Prachi’s car brakes were failed by Mihika and Akshay knew about this, then also he got Ranbir arrested. She says I don’t know how to stop this.

Mihika asks Divya from where she got this idea? Divya says you had done 7 years back. Mihika gets worried and angry. Divya asks if we shall act on our plan. Mihika says yes. Divya goes to Prachi and says Manpreet wanted to have khichdi as she wants to have something light. Prachi says she will make khichdi in 2 mins. Divya praises her cooking skills. Prachi says everyone cooks here well. Divya says she don’t cook. Prachi says you will be a good cook. Divya goes out and tells Mihika that Prachi agreed. Mihika asks if she got doubtful. Divya says no and tells that she didn’t doubt her. They see Prachi coming there and wait for the blast to happen.

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