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Tanu thinks she will not give chance to Pragya to return and will get Abhi emotionally also. She asks Salesgirl to show the mangalsutra. Manager comes to Abhi and says your wife is searching you. He says Mrs. Singh is waiting for him. Disha likes chain for herself. Purab says it is from family and asks him to take something from him. Disha says she came here for jiju and was thinking about Pragya and Kiara all night.

Twist of fate April teasers

Purab says we have to find out, even I couldn’t sleep. Tanu likes the mangalsutra which Pragya saw and thinks Dadi had chosen similar necklace for Pragya. She thinks he will do anything for his family. She tells him sorry for refusing to adopt a child and says I refused as I felt that I couldn’t become a good mum and wife.

She emotionally blackmails him and says she will not be called as a wife until she has the mangalsutra. She says she wants to become his wife in real means.Abhi says it is not needed. He says he has dropped his idea to adopt a baby and tells that Sunny and Kiara are there for him. He tells her that Pragya was a good wife, bahu, teacher etc and tells that she used to wear mangalsutra for her happiness. Tanu says Dadi would have feel good if you make me wear mangalsutra.

She says she wants to wear this mangalsultra in today’s party and says Dadi had chosen similar years ago. She asks can you give me this happiness. Purab hears him. Abhi thinks of her words. Purab tells this to Disha. Disha says she made fun of the marriage and is doubtful about her. She says I am seeing her changing color and tells that she don’t want anyone to miss pragya. Purab says what might be the reason for change in her.

Pragya gets King’s call and he asks her to get the chain get gift packed as he wants to gift her on her birthday. Pragya says ok and asks salesgirl to get it packed. A boy runs and collides with Abhi. Mangalsutra falls from Abhi’s hand and falls on Pragya’s neck. Pragya looks at Abhi. Abhi also looks at her. Allah Wariyan plays….

Pragya looking at Abhi. Abhi also looks at her. Sau dard hai song plays…..The boy’s mother apologizes to Abhi. Tanu asks Disha to show what she has chosen. Disha shows the chain. Tanu asks her to select something heavy. Disha says she doesn’t wear heavy jewellery. Tanu selects necklace for Disha. Salesman tells them that a boy collided with Abhi. Tanu goes to Abhi and asks about him.

Abhi says he is fine and tells that mangalsutra fell down. Tanu sees mangalsutra on Pragya’s neck. Abhi says may be it is God’s wish. Tanu says it is accidently and not God’s wish else she wouldn’t have remarried. Pragya tries to take off mangalsutra. Tanu asks him to see that she is removing it. Abhi thinks he don’t want to force his love on her and goes to get it.

Tanu thinks it is good that I have handled him and went to take back the mangalsutra. She thinks if Pragya came intentionally here following him. She thinks of her words and thinks you both are separated and I will keep you separated always. Disha tells Salesman that they haven’t finalized anything.

Abhi goes to Pragya and says it was unintentionally. Pragya says I know, why you will do it intentionally. She tries to remove it. Abhi says I will help you. Tanu thinks why is he getting close to her. mana ke song…plays. Tanu thinks this is the best scene as he is taking mangalsutra out.

Abhi says it is stuck and asks Pragya to take her home and take it off. Pragya says it is not mine, then how to keep it home. Abhi says I will call staff member. Tanu comes to her and says hi. She asks how are you? You didn’t meet me. Pragya says I was not in India. Tanu says you got back to work of trapping Abhi. She says you met Abhi many times, but didn’t meet me. She says if it was your planning that Mangalsutra fall on you. Pragya says some boy collided with him.

Tanu says you had sent that boy so that you can wear mangalsutra by his hand. She says your return can never happen and tells that she has married Abhi. She says thus mangalsutra is mine. Pragya is shocked and teary eyes. Tanu says Mr. Abhishek Mehra has brought this mangalsultra for me, Tanushree Mehra. Pragya thinks I didn’t have any problem with your marriage, but why did you marry Tanu.

King thinks Pragya will be happy to know about the deal which he got. He thinks he thinks of her as his family, but she thinks of herself as his just manager. He thinks she still thinks of that Mumbai guy as her everything and thinks don’t know what will happen. He thinks to buy a necklace for her. Tanu asks if she couldn’t believe and tells that your property is registered on my name now. She says it was my property only and says you trapped family as sati savitri act. She says I didn’t need to do any act as he had realized that you are his life’s mistake and I am his true love. She says I am with him and asks why did you return now.

She says there is no place for you in his house and life and says he is my husband. She says I know that your bad sight is on my husband and says you had said that wife took out bad sight from her husband and says she is his wife and will not let her come near him or in his life. Pragya says I have no bad sight on him. Tanu says you are lying and asks her to stay away from her husband. She says whatever you had told and humiliated me, I will return same thing to you. She says you are caught and came to steal Abhi from me. She says you might not to happy with your husband and that’s why came to trap Abhi. Pragya tells her that Mr. King is a respected man. Tanu asks her to be with her husband and return her mangalsutra.

Tanu asking Pragya to return her mangalsutra before going. She says your eyes are showing that you are yearning for love. She asks her to tell when she misses Abhi, in the day time or in the night. Pragya raises her hand to slap her, but stops herself. Tanu says truth is bitter and that’s why you have raised your hand. Pragya says I don’t want to break someone’s house. Tanu asks her to prove that she has no feelings for Abhi, and she respects and love her husband. She says if you don’t then I will humiliate you infront of the world. Abhi asks the manager to call the sales girl who can take that mangalsutra out.

Manager asks him to wait. Tanu asks Pragya if she accepts her challenge or not. Pragya says you think everything is challenge, nothing is changed in you. Tanu
says place is changed and says today I am his wife and you are second woman in his life, who dreams to get my husband. She says don’t know if you really like him or his money. Pragya says I never wanted his money. Tanu says everyone needs money, especially middle class people as they don’t want to come in poor people category or can’t match up to rich people status. She says you always wanted his money.

Pragya says I don’t need money or don’t wish to get it. Tanu asks if she married a professor who gives her coaching. Pragya says she is married to King Singh, the rapper, he is my husband. Tanu is shocked and recalls Aaliya introducing her to King Singh. Tanu says another rich guy and says it is proved that you are greedy and says why you don’t get ordinary guy. King comes there. Tanu says you came back to get my husband. Pragya says Abhi was my husband, but he is not my husband now. Tanu asks her to proof.

King is about to come to Pragya, but announcement is made to move the car as it is parked wrongly. King gives his keys to watchman. Tanu scolds Pragya and says you are again doing the same thing. King thinks why is she talking to Pragya like this. Security calls King again and tells that he can’t park that expensive car.

Abhi comes to Pragya with manager. Pragya says you have married Tanu and says congratulations. She thinks it is very difficult for her to see Tanu as his wife. Tanu tells that she will take out mangalsutra and takes the scalpel in her hand. She tries to cut the mangalsutra. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. Pragya gets tears in her eyes. She thinks I have the right to ask you, why did you marry Tanu. Tanu takes it out. Pragya asks him to be careful with Mangalsutra. Abhi thinks why she is telling this, if she wants to hurt me. Purab comes and calls Pragya.

Pragya hugs him and cries. He cries. She asks why are you crying? Purab says you can’t stop crying and asking me. He asks why she didn’t meet him being in the same city as him. He asks did you break relation with me. Disha comes there and hugs Pragya. Pragya asks how are you? Disha says I will scold you. Pragya asks her to scold her. She feels pain. Disha checks and asks why blood is coming out from her neck. Pragya looks at Tanu. Disha says she will bring an ointment and tells that she always keep it for her son. Pragya gets happy to know that she has a son. Tanu says he is good and calls me Chachi.

Purab says he will call you Chachi as your relation with us is still the same. Disha brings an ointment and applies on her neck. Pragya thinks my family was my life and you have snatched my life. How I will live now after meeting them.

Mitali invites someone for Purab and Disha’s anniversary. Aaliya thinks Tanu did some good work. Mitali praises Disha and tells that she is her friend. She tells her friend that Aaliya is very egoistic. She turns and sees her shocked. Aaliya asks her to complete her talk. Mitali ends the call. Aaliya says what you wanted to say. Mitali asks her to understand. Aaliya warns her before saying and says you need me. Mitali gets sad. Dasi hears them and asks Mitali not to talk to Aaliya today. She says Aaliya punished us as her stubbornness is not fulfilled, says Sunny and you are same. Mitali hugs her.

King comes there. Tanu introduces herself as Abhi’s wife. King says Abhi didn’t bring you else we would have met in the party. Abhi thinks why Tanu is excited to meet him. Tanu tells him that Pragya told her about him and says you both are very lucky to get each other. King thinks why did Pragya lie to Tanu that she is my wife, interesting.

Tanu saysI never saw any wife praising her husband and was feeling jealous. Abhi says I am going to billing counter. Tanu invites King to Purab and Disha’s anniversary party and says Pragya agreed already. She says you had said that you accepts the challenge. Pragya looks on surprisingly.

Twist of fate April teasers

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