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Abhi says he wants Kiara to call him Papa, but now, Pragya and Kiara won’t return, I will be alone. He says king feels that Tanu is my wife and I have no rights on Pragya. He says it is a marriage bond relationship and not a joke. He says he told me that he will marry Pragya and asks if it is halwa? Disha asks will you marry her?

Abhi says I am already married to her. Disha asks will you remarry her and says your marriage is connected with Vermillion and nobody can separate you both. Abhi says King told me that he will marry Pragya. Disha says did Pragya say no to you and says the marriage can’t happen unless she wants it! She says we will not let these complication happen! She says if you tell King that you are already married to Pragya, then he will ask you so many questions. She asks him to marry Pragya infront of King!

Abhi is drowsy and says King told me that he will marry her. Disha sprinkles water on his face and says once you marry her, Kiara will come here with Pragya! Abhi says King said that Kiara is his daughter. Disha gets angry and asks him to understand; She says to set your life, to make Pragya return into your life, you have to do something! Abhi says I will do anything.

King’s Aunt tells Tarun that she wants to tell him the truth as she doesn’t want to keep him in the dark. King’s Aunt tells Tarun about Abhi-Pragya and King-Aaliya, and says whoever goes to that house, his mind gets corrupt. Tarun says I will not back off! King’s Aunt says something is going on between Abhi and Pragya as well as King and Aaliya. Tarun says it doesn’t matter to me, and says everyone has the right to get their love! King’s Aunt is surprised and thinks he also comes into the Kalyug problems.

Abhi gets shocked hearing Disha’s words. Disha asks him to marry Pragya and lectures him on Marriage. Abhi says I know its meaning! Disha says your divorce didn’t happen and talks about Tanu. Abhi says my marriage with Tanu is not Marriage and asks her not to talk about her. He says Pragya regards King as her husband, so why will she marry me?

Abhi asks Disha if Pragya said that she will marry me, and says she didn’t accept the fact that Kiara is my daughter, so I wonder how she will agree to marry me. Disha says this time you will have to marry her and she doesn’t want to marry, but there is a twist, you have to marry her by cheat! Abhi says this is wrong. Disha says if you don’t do this, then King will propose to Pragya. Abhi asks how do you know? Disha says she is a woman and knows seeing Pragya’s face. She says now Kiara is your daughter and says once you marry Pragya, everything will be fine. She says just as Tanu doesn’t matter to you, King also doesn’t matter to her and says if you go to her, then she will go with the flow and says she needs that confidence.

Pragya looks at her Mangalsutra (Wedding Necklace) and thinks Marriage means Abhi to her and that’s why she will never let it go away from her. She sleeps. King comes to her room and thinks he has bought the same design of Mangalsutra for her and will propose to her with it after Neha and Tarun’s Marriage. He gives her a blowing kiss.

Abhi tells Disha that he is ready to marry her and says he will take all the vows and rounds with her. He says I will make Pragya mine with everyone’s blessing and the happiness will be doubled. Disha says happiness is a lifetime return. Purab comes and asks if this is your idea? He says I loved it and gets happy. He hugs Abhi and congratulates Disha. He says one daughter will go and the other will come. They hug and jump. Abhi says let’s do it again, and they jump happily.

Tanu hears them and thinks what are they talking about? Kiara comes to Pragya and says good afternoon. Pragya says afternoon. Kiara says it is afternoon for you and tells that Superman called and asked me when you will come to his house? She thinks why is he waiting? Pragya says why? Kiara says I am ready and asks her to get ready too! Pragya says you have to go to school. Kiara says today is Uncle Tarun’s marriage. Pragya says it’s in the afternoon and asks her to go to school. Kiara gives her a kiss and asks her to buy Mangalsutra for her. Pragya asks if Superman asked her to give her a kiss? Kiara says no, it is a good morning kiss. Pragya says she has to go to Abhi’s house and decorate the mandap (temple).

Abhi tells the decorator that there is two marriages here. He says he is getting married today. The Decorator tells Bahadur. Bahadur congratulates him. Granny is making rangoli. Abhi compliments her. Tanu sees Abhi happy and wonders why he’s so happy today?

Aaliya comes and asks her to let him be happy. Tanu says he is very happy and looking 5 years younger. She says he is acting as a lover boy and excited as if he has won Pragya back. Aaliya says Abhi is always excited during family functions and says I don’t have more energy to make you understand. Tanu thinks to go and check Abhi’s room.

Abhi sees Pragya coming there and talking to someone. He looks at her. Tu sona sona plays… Granny calls Pragya. Pragya comes to her and keeps her foot on the rangoli. Granny says it is good and says this house thinks of you as the Daughter-in-law. Pragya says sorry and gets inside. Abhi thinks to welcome her.

Pragya walks inside stepping on the rangoli. Granny gets happy. Abhi puts garland on Pragya’s neck and asks her to put it on his neck as he has to tie it. Pragya puts garland on his neck and smiles. Allah wariyan plays…

Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and thinks she is sure to get some clue or proof from here! Disha is going from there and hears a sound. She peeps inside and sees Tanu searching the room. She thinks if she is searching for the real DNA report or something else? Tanu thinks to search for what Abhi was hiding from her. Disha thinks she can’t take this chance and throws something on Tanu. Tanu comes out of the door, but Disha hides. Tanu goes back. Disha thinks why am I hiding? She goes to the room calling Abhi!! Tanu asks what are you doing here! Disha asks what are you doing here! Tanu tells that Abhi sent her to get his brooch. Disha tells her that Abhi already has brooch on his Shirt. Tanu says she is searching for her earrings and says it must be in the drawer. She is about to open the drawer.

Pragya asks Abhi why is he doing this work? Abhi says you should do the work! Pragya says she came for Neha’s rituals. Abhi asks her to climb on the stairs and do the decoration. Pragya says don’t think that I will slip and you will have to catch me! Abhi says this will happen. Granny comes and asks her to do it. Pragya climbs on the stairs. Abhi holds her waist. Pragya asks him to leave her! Allah wariyan plays…

Tanu tells Disha that she will take her earrings from that drawer. Disha slips and shouts. Tanu asks if someone slips like this and helps her get up. Disha says you made me fall down intentionally. She says should I tell Abhi that you came to search for a brooch? Tanu says I will bring an ointment for you and goes. Disha searches for the DNA report. Tanu thinks to apply strong ointment on Disha so that she feels a lot of pain! She comes back to Disha and asks her why is she standing? Disha says she was checking her foot. Tanu thinks to apply the ointment to make her feel pain. Disha gets the report on the bed and tells that she will not apply ointment and says you will break my foot. She goes. Tanu sees the drawer open and thinks to search for what she is hiding.

Abhi asks Pragya to keep kalash there and keep some leaves and coconut on the side. He gives himself more work. Pragya asks why he wants to do all the work? She says someone else can do this. Abhi says he wants to do it himself. Pragya says why are you making me do it then?.Abhi says you should do it too and thinks his bride is helping him to decorate the mandap (temple). Pragya thinks they got married in such mandap. Abhi asks if she is remembering their marriage? Pragya says she can decorate the mandap in 2 mins!

Abhi says your time starts now and calls her Sweety, beautiful, and so on. Pragya says she doesn’t like it! Abhi says he will call her fuggi/fatso. Pragya says she doesn’t want! Abhi asks her to decide what she wants and says she shouldn’t tell him after the Marriage. Pragya says whose marriage? Abhi says Neha and Tarun’s marriage. Pragya says you are becoming hitler. Abhi asks her not to cut his talks, but just listen after Marriage.

King’s Aunt comes and asks whose marriage? Abhi says both families! Disha comes to Abhi and says they will start the Marriage event company along with Pragya’s help. Abhi tells King’s Aunt that he was telling Pragya about it. Pragya asks when did you tell me just that? Disha says you (Abhi) forget things and says you should tell her.

King’s Aunt goes to Aaliya’s room and thinks she saw King-Aaliya and Pragya-Abhi close. She thinks to tell King. She calls King and asks him to come to Abhi’s house. King asks if Pragya is fine? King’s Aunt asks him to come and stop his family. King says he has a professional life to handle as well. He thinks he has to be scared of only the Mumbai guy (Pragya’s ex-husband) and thinks Pragya will never like Abhi.

Purab asks Abhi to handle his excitement and hide it from everyone. Abhi sees Tanu checking Disha’s room. He comes inside and asks if she is stealing something? Tanu asks why is he excited as if he is getting Married? Abhi looks on.

Disha is with the DNA report and she thinks where to hide it? She gets an idea.
Pragya comes and asks what can’t you see? Disha says there is no decoration, so people will not know that Marriage is happening here. She tells that she wants Torang (Orange) decor and tells that she is not getting this feeling. She asks when everyone will come from kuldevi temple?

Tanu says you are accusing me of theft, and I’m accusing you for hiding something from me as well! Abhi asks what will I ever hide? Tanu says you are scared that I might foil the plan! She asks are you planning to marry Pragya? Abhi asks do you think that this is my plan? He says you are questioning me so that I don’t question you. Tanu says look at your face, you are looking as a groom who is going to marry! Abhi sings a song and says I am happy and what is her problem!

Tanu says you forgot your normal behaviour with me and says today I am accusing you and you are not scolding me and gave me same reaction. She asks what is he hiding? Abhi says today, I am in unique zone, and I have mixed emotions in me. He asks her to make sure not to do anything to ruin the marriage environment and keep an eye on the guests rather than keeping an eye on Pragya! Tanu says this is your normal behaviour.

Pragya tells Disha that she ordered Torang (Orange) flowers and whoever goes under it, will get God’s blessings! Disha says she will tie it and the DNA report falls from her hand. Pragya picks it from the floor. Disha takes it from her hand and says this is the bill. Pragya asks why her behaviour is changing and why is Abhi really happy? Pragya says he is hiding something from me and asks Disha to tell her. She says I will not let you go without knowing the reason from you!

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