Twist of fate Update Friday 5th April 2019


Abhi calls Tanu and says you asked me to give you responsibilities of home, but I didn’t trust you and you have promised that you will take care of anyone. Tanu apologizes to him and asks for a chance. Abhi says I was talking to Disha Walia and says you shall get the tiles repaired.

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Tanu thinks he didn’t talk to Purab’s Disha. Abhi asks if she is waiting for elders to slip. Tanu thinks if he comes to know that I made Kiara fell that what he will do. She thinks to do something to Disha.

Kiara talks to Abhi and tells that her Mamma is very angry and will slap him. Abhi says I can’t hear you. He asks what are you saying? Kiara asks him to relax and says my mamma will take you to hospital as she is upset with you for not coming to drop me home. Pragya comes there and insists
to talk to him. Kiara asks her to talk to him nicely. Pragya thanks Abhi for helping Kiara, but he couldn’t her her. Abhi says I couldn’t hear you. Kiara takes the call. Abhi could hear her now. Kiara says I love you and says my mamma also loves you.

Abhi says I love you too. Pragya asks her to invite superman home. Kiara says he is afraid to come home. Abhi thinks he feels as talking to Pragya when he talks to Kiara. He thinks he has started loving Kiara and imagines her face in her. Naina song plays…..He covers himself with blanket and rests on bed.

Aaliya asks Tanu what happened? Tanu says I did a mistake. Aaliya asks her to tell something new. Tanu tells that she took revenge on Kiara. Aaliya asks her to tell straight. Tanu tells her everything. Aaliya says you have crossed all limits of stupidity. She says Disha is doubtful on you and can create problems for us. Tanu asks why you are afraid of her. Aaliya says she is trying to become like Pragya and is handling home. She says Bhai is very possessive of them and was ready to leave house. She asks Tanu to stay away from Disha for sometime and says then we will take revenge on her later. She asks her to make herself in Disha’s good books. Tanu thanks her. Aaliya thinks she will attack Disha when she comes closer to her.

Dasi asks Robbin to make Disha and Purab’s favorite food as today is their anniversary. Tanu hears them and says today will be special to me. She comes to Dasi and hugs her. She thanks her for telling about Purab and Disha’s marriage anniversary and hugs her again. Dasi is surprised. Tanu knocks on Purab and Disha’s door and gets inside their room. She wishes them happy anniversary. She asks Disha to come for shopping with her and tells Abhi called them. Disha and Purab are surprised with her behavior. Purab wishes her happy Anniversary. Disha feels shy and wishes him too.

Abhi wakes up and imagines Pragya with him. She asks him to drink coffee and says she made it. Abhi says I needed it and was feeling headache. Pragya says I wanted to ask you something and says I felt something when we met yesterday. She says she will be assured if she tells him and asks do you love me even now.

Abhi tells Pragya that he loves her a lot even now. Pragya thanks him and says I will leave now. Abhi asks her to wait. Pragya says my husband must be waiting for me. Abhi tries to stop her and thinks it is his imagination.Abhi thinking morning dreams come true. He thinks Pragya has moved on, but he is still stuck in past. He thinks he shall not think about it and thinks how I will live if I don’t think. Song plays. Kiara tries to wake up Pragya.

Pragya thinks Kiara does everything like Abhi. Kiara asks her to wake up and says who sleeps in the morning. Pragya recalls Abhi waking her up and saying the same lines. A fb is shown. Kiara asks Pragya to get up from bed and says you are very lazy. Pragya says I will show who is lazy. Kiara asks her not to beat her. Pragya says she is joking. King comes to Pragya’s room. He asks can we talk. Pragya says you said that you will not talk. King says I was overreacted and asks her not to stop him from meeting Kiara. Pragya says I will not stop.

King asks her to get ready and says he has given his chain for moulding. Pragya says your mum’s chain and says you would have given same chain to her. King says when you mum gave me that chain, she had said that I will be very happy in my life and says I want Kiara to be happy now. He says Kiara will stay with me only.

Servants bring flowers. Tanu asks them to keep it on table. Mitali thinks it is costly. Tanu says hi to Aaliya. Aaliya is upset. Tanu says you might be feeling bad that I am doing the arrangements, but it is just for show off. Aaliya says I am happy that you have taken my advice seriously and says you have made an arrangements to get in her heart. Tanu asks her to see what she is doing. Abhi comes and asks what is happening? Tanu says today is Purab and Disha’s marriage anniversary. She tells about the party and says we will go to jewellery store and buy a necklace for Disha. Abhi says ok.

In the jewellery store, Manager tells the staff members that Mr. Singh is coming there. King comes there and asks Manager to show the designs for Pragya. Manager asks Staff member and takes pics with King and Pragya. King tells the staff members that he needs to give attention to his wife now. Pragya asks him not to lie again. King says it was needed. Pragya says what will he do when he gets married. King says no accident happened till date. Pragya says you will marry some day. King says you are with me. He says something is different. Manager shows the necklace designs.

Pragya says you are like Kiara. King says who are in my life without Kiara and you. Pragya asks what you will do when we are not with you. King asks if she found someone, why she is talking about leaving him and says Abhishek Mehra.

Pragya sees Abhi’s poster and smiles. King talks about Abhi. A lady tells that she loves Abhishek and is ready to leave her husband for him. King says lifetime commitment is a marriage and says such things shall not be spoken. Pragya says that lady is joking. Manager shows the chain which he got it made with his mum’s gold chain. Pragya says it was not needed. King asks her to see his intentions.

He gets a call and asks her to get the chain and 2-3 necklaces for her. Pragya says ok. King sits in his car and is leaving when Abhi comes in his car. King stops his car. Abhi gets angry on him. King says whenever I try to like you, something happens. He tells that I came to the hospital to see you. Abhi asks then what are you doing here? King says he came to the jewellery store with Pragya. King says I have a meeting and have to go to talk to PR. Abhi asks if Pragya is still inside. King says you are asking as if you have something important to talk to her. He says I will go from back side. Abhi thinks what is happening to him.

Purab, Disha and Tanu come there. Purab asks Abhi to come. Pragya checks a mangalsutra and recalls Abhi making her wear it. Purab, Disha, Tanu and Abhi coming inside the jewellery store. Abhi thinks what happens to me hearing Pragya’s name. He thinks he doesn’t see anything beyond her. Pragya looks at the jewellery. Tanu asks Abhi to do the work for which they came. Abhi says I am searching and destiny will unite us.

Tanu tells the jewellery store staff members that abhi was busy today, and came here for her, as he loves her a lot. She asks Disha to come and see the jewellery. Manager asks them to come to first floor to see exclusive jewellery.

He asks Abhi and Purab to come. Abhi doesn’t see Pragya sitting on the ground floor of the store. Pragya looks at the mangalsutra. Abhi sees her staring at the mangalsutra. Juda hokar bhi plays…..Staff member asks how is it? Pragya says it is good.

Abhi thinks Pragya came to buy mangalsutra of King’s name and thinks if she remembers him, thinks why she will remember me when she has her husband with her. Song plays…

Pragya senses Abhi’s presence. She thinks why she felt his presence. Kiara asks Sunny to come to her house. Sunny tells Kiara about his parents’ marriage anniversary. Kiara says we will meet there and then tells that she will not come, as she is not invited. Sunny says may be it is not for kids. Kiara asks him to invite her so that she comes there with her parents. Sunny pretends to make a call to her and invite her for his parents’ anniversary. Kiara says she will come with her parents.

Pragya says Abhi is married now and his name mangalsutra is worn by someone else. She thinks why I am looking back. Staff member asks her about the mangalsutra. Pragya says she don’t want and asks her to bring her daughter’s chain…

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