Twist of Fate 2 Written Update – Friday 7 December 2018

This is what will happen on Twist of Fate on Friday the 7th December 2018. Enjoy…


Pragya smiles. The flower petals fall on them due to the wind. Allah Wariyan plays…..Abhi says you are special to me, and says he wants to spend rest of his life with her, you have taught me simplicity and says I can stay without taking breath, but can’t live without you. He asks can you treat me with love and marry me for life.
He asks her not to see where are they, but think about love. He asks her to tell if she wants to spend her love with mad guy, who fights with her, complains to her like a child. He promises to take care of her and asks if you will handle me all life. Allah Wariyan plays……pragya smiles and hugs him.
Pragya says if I stay as your wife even for a day, then it will be my life and agrees to marry him. Abhi gets happy and hugs her. He lifts her and swirls. Pujari’s daughter comes and asks Abhi and Pragya to come as her Baba have done all arrangements. Abhi says they will get ready and tells Pragya that they will wear clothes gifted by Raghuveer.

Someone comes and gives a parcel to Tanu. Tanu asks him to wait for her orders. She opens the parcel and sees Abhi and her pics. She tells Abhi that she wants to spare his life as she loves him. Aaliya comes and asks her to understand, asks why did you bring engagement pics. She says Abhi will marry Pragya and has left you. Tanu says Abhi will be hers only and if he tries to unite with Pragya then she will not leave both. Aaliya is shocked.

Inspector tells Purab that he enquired with everyone, but the people said that they didn’t see Abhi and Pragya. Purab says first house is left, but the person is not opening the door. Inspector says we can’t waste time and asks him to come. Raghuveer ji is coming to the temple and walks in the jungle. Abhi wears clothes and thinks he didn’t get this much happy.

He thinks he is looking more handsome today, and thinks he didn’t think this much happy even after wearing branded clothes. Pujari’s daughter tells Pragya that she will search for solah shringar’s stuff kept infront of Goddess.

Pujari’s daughter makes her wear the stuff. Pragya thinks about her conversation with Sarla, when the latter explains to her about the importance of remarriage of a couple, and telling her that relation gets stronger. Pragya thinks now their marriage will get stronger, she will get his love and support.

Pujari ji’s daughter telling Pragya that she is lucky to get such a loving husband who made all the arrangements on his own. One of the goon come there and thinks he shall check in the temple. Raghuveer ji is on the way.

Abhi is sitting near havan to marry her. Tanu don’t know why Abhi is attracted towards Pragya and thinks he will remember her. Pragya comes wearing saree. They sit for the marriage. Raghuveer ji comes there. Abhi sees him and says Baba. They get up from mandap and greet him.
Raghuveer ji is happy to see that they are going to get married. Abhi says he is following his advice, and says you taught me that I have to fulfill my responsibility of love. Raghuveer ji says there is a problem and says goons came again to my house and asks them to leave.
Abhi says we will not run from here and says they will make them baraatis, and says he will take care of Pragya. He says we will start with your blessings..Goon sees Abhi and Pragya in the temple and calls Commando, but his phone is unreachable. He calls Nikhil, but he is talking to Tanu.
Tanu scolds Nikhil and says your work is never 100 percent. Nikhil says I am really angry. Tanu asks him to take out his anger on his men. Nikhil says I am not goon and is doing this for her.

Abhi and Pragya are getting married in the temple. Pandit ji asks Pragya’s father to do kanyadaan. Pragya asks Raghuveer ji to do kanyadaan. Raghuveer does their ghatbandan and sits to do kanyadaan.

Goon thinks whom to call and calls Aaliya. He says Abhi and Pragya are getting married in a temple here. Aaliya asks why did you call me. She thinks if Tanu comes to know this, then don’t know what will happen.
Tanu snatches the phone and is shocked to know that they are getting married in a temple. Goon says don’t know how did they get clothes and jewellery. Tanu asks him to make video call and show them.
Raghuveer ji tells about the importance of rounds. Abhi says your daughter is a teacher and she must know. Abhi says he will give 2-3 vows and asks Pragya to give 2-3 vows. Aaliya thinks Tanu have gone mad and thinks to call Nikhil, but he cuts her call. Aaliya thinks not to leave him. She calls him. Nikhil picks the call and says I don’t want to talk to you. He says he didn’t kill Abhi.
Aaliya says Abhi and Pragya are getting married in temple and asks him to go there and stop the marriage, says Tanu is getting mad. Nikhil says why your brother wants to marry again.

Commando picks Nikhil’s call and says he couldn’t find them. Nikhil says they are found and getting married in a temple and asks him to come and give them gift. He asks him to stop their marriage else he will stop his breath.

Sarla tells Dadi that she made Prasad in their rasoi. Beeji asks what happened? Sarla says she felt like Abhi and Pragya have united. She says she got same feeling when they got married. Dadi and Dasi are happy too.
Dadi says she is getting feeling of doing their aarti. Abhi and pragya takes round. Raghuveer ji showers flower petals on him. He asks what you will promise her. Abhi promises Pragya that he will make her his life after marriage. Pragya smiles.

Abhi promising Pragya to make her as his life after marriage. Pragya smiles. He says if you will be happy then I will be happy and if you are sad and then I will be sad. I gave you biggest promise and made you life. Pandit ji asks them to step infront for the remaining pheras. Goon shows their marriage to Tanu through video call.

Tanu cries and rues never to leave Pragya and to kill them both. He acts mad and burns his pic with hers. She says you have betrayed me and will be punished. She says if I am not happy then nobody will be happy. Commando asks a man if there is a temple on mountain. He tells the direction.
Pragya gives promise to Abhi that he is her life now, and all the world. Her time will start will him and end with him. All relations are with him and even her name. Abhi says you have made me God and asks if my importance will get less when we have baby. Pragya promises to take care of him even after child is born to them. Pandit ji asks them to take 6th round.
Purab says there is nobody here. He sees goon there and calls him. He stops the car and catches the goon. Goon tells that he is a laborer and stays in a nearby village. Purab slaps him and asks where is my Bhai and Bhabhi. Goon says he doesn’t know.
Inspector threatens him to put him in jail. He agrees to tell and says that they are getting married on the mountain. Abhi and Pragya completes the round. Abhi makes her wear mangalsutra.

Raghuveer ji senses goon presence, but he hides. Abhi fills her maang with sindoor. Tanu watches this on mobile and is angry. She says this sindoor is mine. Abhi and Pragya looks at each other smilingly. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya comes there. Tanu says she will not leave them.

Aaliya is shocked to see Abhi and Pragya getting married in a temple. She asks Tanu to calm down. Tanu says I will not leave your brother. Aaliya says enough is enough and slaps him. She says there is a limit for madness too.
Commando and the goons see the temple. Commando says I told that you are run, but can’t hide. I will not leave you both. Nikhil asked me to stop your marriage. I will kill you both and asks his goons to shoot the moment they see them.
Abhi says you may kiss your bride now. Pragya gets shy. Abhi says baba is here. He says now you will do all work without taking money and have become wife from secretary.

Raghuveer ji blesses Pragya and says you will find me at your side whenever you need a father. He says he is feeling as if he has done his elder daughter’s kanyadaan. Abhi asks him to bless him too. Just then he sees goon recording them and catches him. He asks who are you? Goon says they are coming here and will kill you.

Purab gets happy thinking they are getting married. He says I am coming di and thinks I am the lucky one to see their love story, and thinks even Bulbul must be happy and thinks to call Dadi. He gets Sarla’s call and she tells that she is feeling happy now. He tells that Abhi and Pragya are together and happy and says he is going there. Goon thinks to escape before Commando sees him with the police. Goon asks driver to stop the jeep and says temple is here. He runs and escapes.
Purab says how we will search the temple. Abhi ties the goon hands. Goon says you will be killed. Raghuveer ji asks Abhi to take Pragya from there and says they are dangerous goons. Abhi says he ran enough and will not run now, will face the goons and beat them.
Raghuveer ji reminds him of his promise to take care of pragya and asks him to go. Abhi and Pragya leave from there. Aaliya puts the water on the pics to set off the fire and asks what you were going to do and says all family members are here.
Tanu says I have killed many people to get to him, but Pragya ruined my happiness. Aaliya says what you will do? Will you kill yourself. Tanu says she will kill Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says have you gone mad. Tanu says she ordered Nikhil to kill Abhi and Pragya both, and called her back so that she can’t stop their murder. She says now your brother have to die. Aaliya is shocked.


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