Tuesday update on Twist of fate 23 April 2019


King hears Abhi talking about love and gets engrossed in Pragya’s thoughts. Abhi says if you are in love, then you will like her scoldings as well, and says when Mogambo used to scold me, I liked enjoying it. King realizes his feelings and wonders if he is feeling differently for Pragya, liking her differently and wonders if this feeling is because they’ve been staying together or is it something else?

Tuesday update on Twist of fate 
Abhi asks where is he lost? King says I am listening to you. Abhi says when you are in love, you don’t know. He asks him to keep his love with him and not let her go far away from him. He says I am stupid. You got a wife like Pragya and she will never go far away from you, if she ever goes away from you, then it will be your mistake! He asks him not to do any mistake and recalls scolding her and asking
her to leave the house! King hears him silently.

Abhi tells him that he misses mogambo a lot. He asks him not to make her cry anytime, keep her happy and not to blame her anytime. King says I never doubt anyone and makes sure before accusing someone. Abhi asks him to promise that. King promises him and says let’s go.

Tuesday update on Twist of fate 

The Groom’s family likes Neha and asks her if she likes their son? Neha says I don’t like him as I love someone else. I will marry only him! Everyone gets shocked. Mitali slaps her and asks what are you saying? Disha asks Mitali to calm down and says we will talk to her later. Mitali says she has ruined our respect!

King drops Abhi home and asks shall I drop you inside? Abhi says no, I will go by myself. He says I don’t like you, but if you take care of Pragya, then I will like you. King promises to take care of her. Abhi says you are a good human from inside. King asks the Servant to take him inside and make him drink lemon water. He leaves. Abhi thinks he will be happy if Pragya is his and he’s getting purnished with Tanu.

The Groom’s family taunt them and says they thought she is a good girl, but she is… Mitali says Neha stays in a hostel and must have misunderstood friendship into love. Dasi asks them to sit and talk. Rishan asks his Parents not to waste their time here. His Mum taunts Mitali and leave.

Mitali sees Abhi coming inside and tells him about Neha refusing for the alliance. Abhi is still thinking about Pragya and her words. Mitali asks him to talk to Neha and make her understand. Purab says Neha will not listen to Abhi. Abhi goes straight to his room. Mitali cries and asks Purab to talk to Abhi! Purab asks Disha to make strong coffee for Abhi. Mitali says she will talk to Neha. Disha asks her to calm down.

King comes home. Pragya asks where did you go? King says outside for a meeting. Pragya says you should have told Aunt at least? King says I will talk to her. Pragya says she has slept already. King looks at her. Pragya asks him to go and sleep. She takes King’s laptop inside. King recollects Abhi’s words asking him to make Pragya happy.
King searches for the file and calls Pragya, he asks if she saw Ashish Verma’s file? Pragya says no. King goes to check it.

Pragya finds the file and thinks what to do with his boss? King comes back and says it is not outside. Pragya politely scolds him for being unorganized and forgetting about keeping the file inside. King says I didn’t make the clothes fall. Pragya says you are very careless and don’t care about things. King closes the wardrobe and says I was not like this before, but has become careless now because of you. He says I am really happy.

Pragya asks what happened? You are not arguing with me. She says you should have given the file to me, Aunr or Kiara. She says today I am scolding you, but you didn’t say anything. King says someone lectured me on love, loneliness and desires. He says if you leave this work, then I will be alone. Pragya says who is this understanding guy that makes you understand? King says Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya is surprised.

Abhi is in his house and thinks of Pragya. Aahetein…kuch toh hai song plays… Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks I couldn’t get you, but the memories with you will always be with me and nobody can separate those memories from me.

Disha comes to Abhi and says I know you are thinking about Pragya. She says I don’t want to disturb you, but the house needs you more now. Abhi says I will come.
King says Abhi asked me never to accuse my love and said that he had accused his love and she went far away from him.

Pragya recalls Abhi accusing her for Dadi’s death and throwing her out of his life.
King tells Pragya that Abhi told him to love his lover like she’s his life and if she goes, then his life will end. He says it seems there was a fight between him and Tanu and maybe he doesn’t have any love with Tanu.

Maybe he was talking about his old lover whom he loved a lot and asks Pragya to talk to him. Pragya is shocked and asks why me? King says as you are the most sorted person who has made me better a person. He says when you make him understand, he will understand. He makes an excuse. Pragya cries and gets emotional.

Mitali comes to Neha’s room and asks how dare you insult your family and even had the audacity to tell the guests that you like someone else! Neha says she doesn’t like him. Mitali says you love stupid Tarun and you don’t care about your Parents? She says it is not a film, but real life! Neha says I love him really.

Mitali says I have given birth to you, and I can’t see your life ruined and asks her to call the groom’s family and tell them that she lied infront of them! Neha refuses. Mitali slaps her. She hears the car sound and comes to the window. She sees a Man standing and then going in the car. Raj tells Taya ji that their Bangalore factory caught fire.

Taya ji says we have to go there! Mitali sees Neha hiding something and sees a bag. She gets shocked and asks her to come with her to Raj! She says I will send you back to the hostel. Neha says I will be with just Tarun and nobody else! Mitali says you are a kid and you won’t understand the reality of life. She tries to take her out of the room, but Neha pushes her and locks the door.

Purab sees King’s car and thinks if he came to meet us, but why didn’t he come inside? He sees Tarun inside the car and asks about him? Tarun makes an excuse that he came to invite them for their family function. Purab says strange, as King would have given us the invite himself.

Tarun is the one who loves Neha and he waits for her. He checks for the card and says he forgot. Purab says it seems you are in love, I will not tell King. Tarun waits for Neha. Mitali cries and knocks on the door asking her to open the door!

Disha , Aaliya and Tanu comes there. Abhi asks Purab if Neha came? Purab says yes. Mitali cries and tells the family members that Neha locked herself inside.

Abhi asks her to calm down. Aaliya says I will talk to her and asks her to open the door. Disha says nobody will force you for marriage and asks her to come out. Abhi says marriage? Disha tells him about Neha refusing for the alliance. Abhi asks Neha to open the door or else, he will break the door! Mitali asks him to break the door. Abhi asks everyone to move back and breaks the door glass. He gets inside followed by others.

Mitali is worried about her. They see her missing and sees a rope tied to the window. Mitali says she has eloped from home, I was afraid about this! She tells that she saw that guy standing near our house and tells him about the car.

Mitali says it is King’s car. Purab says you have misunderstood, it is Tarun’s car. She says I sent Neha to the hostel as I wanted her to forget Tarun. Purab says Tarun is King’s brother and works for him. Abhi asks Purab why didn’t you tell me? Purab says I came to know just now. Mitali says I have hidden this fearing her disrespect. She asks Abhi to go to King’s house and bring Neha back! Abhi says okay and asks her not to think about Neha’s marriage as she is small. Tanu enjoys the trouble at home.

Abhi comes to King”sAunt house looking for Neha and says she must be scared, I will search for her! King’s Aunt thinks he must have come to meet Pragya and thinks to call King and inform him. Abhi is going past Kiara’s room. He looks at her room and goes past from there. Kiara wakes up and thinks if Daddy came? She takes her toy and goes to her room. Abhi turns, but couldn’t see her.
Pragya is in the kitchen. Abhi asks where is she! Pragya gets shocked and her hand gets slightly burnt. Abhi runs to her and applies ointment on her hand. Pragya gets touched. Jo meri manzilein ko jaati hai… plays…

King’s Aunt comes to the kitchen and sees Abhi applying ointment on her hand and thinks of King’s words. She thinks you have no value in Pragya’s eyes and thinks you will believe when you see them together red handed. Pragya thanks him.

Abhi asks where is Tarun? Pragya says he must be with Mr. King. Abhi says he ran away with Babli! Pragya is shocked. Abhi tells her about Mitali knowing about Neha and Tarun’s love story, and tells her everything. He says Tarun made Neha eloped. He asks her if Tarun’s Mum knows about it? Pragya says I will talk to her.

King’s Aunt calls King, but his phone couldn’t be reached. She thinks how can someone be so careless enough to even romance in another person’s house! Pragya comes and asks about Tarun? King’s Aunt says he must be with King. She asks why did Abhishek come here? And asks about her hand? Pragya says it fell down from my hand.
Abhi comes and asks if you know? King’s Aunt says yes. Abhi asks if King knows? King’s Aunt says no, or else he wouldn’t have let this happen. Abhi asks her to tell where Neha and Tarun is!

Neha and Tarun are in the car. Neha says my Mamma must be upset with me. Tarun says we should go home. They come home and see Abhi’s car. Tarun says we should go, or else, we will be caught.

Disha asks Mitali to calm down, and asks her to drink water. Mitali blames Disha for stopping her from slapping Neha and says you might have known everything and you have supported her to elope with Tarun. Dasi asks her to stop it! Mitali blames Disha for coming there and allowing her to elope from her house! Dasi says Disha is Purab’s wife and someone’s daughter. Mitali says you are worried as you are my family, but Disha is not my family! She blames Disha again and tells that she has to do something, her daughter is alone outside. Disha cries.


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