The heir: Simran and Raman to lose their life!


In the current track of Zee World series – The heir, Raman and Simram love story will ignite, much to the dismay and rejection of both families. And soon it will revealed that Simram is already pregnant with Raman’s child.

Amba will have no option than to let her get married to save her honour and the family’s. Harjeet on the other part, tells Raman to go bring Simram to the family as his daughter in law instead of threatening to elope with her.

He will accept their union much to the surprise of everyone. Unknown to them, he and Mohini has planned a disgraceful event for the Pawyanias.

On the wedding day, Harjeet brings a dancer to the ceremony and then humiliates Simram:

Mannu and everyone get Simran to Bajwas house. Harjeet welcomes Pavaniyas. Amrit asks Amba to hug atleast now. She hugs Amba. Harjeet greets Amba and everyone. He asks if Jagan was here….. I mean tell him what happens here, maybe he can realize where are Pavaniyas and Bajwas today. He compliments Simran.

He asks her to come on stage. Amrit asks Simran not to be shy, come. Swaroop hugs Simran and makes him sit. Harjeet welcomes everyone. He says its my son’s engagement here, how to celebrate, I got two dancers, one is Gulabo and other is from our village. A dancer comes. Amba and everyone worry seeing the dancer wearing similar clothes like Simran.

Mannu asks Amba what happened. Amba says that woman’s clothes are like Simran. Amba, Amrit and Raavi worry. Simran looks at the dancer. Harjeet stops Simran and says where are you going, will you not dance. Simran and everyone get shocked.

To add to the insult, Raman comes downstairs and denies ever knowing simran nor preparing to marry her. He denies her baby, and she is portrayed as a cheap girl who sleeps around with men.

Unknown to them, There’s a sniper waiting to shoot at Simran if Raman does not follow his father’s orders. Mannu and his family leave the Bajwa house in shame. Amba is even accused of stealing a jewelry from Mohini. Swaroop also humiliates them.

Raman is then arranged to be married to another girl, Asha. However along the line, Mannu discovers the truth about Raman’s actions and then sets out to secretly marry the love birds.

It is during this tussle, when both families refuse to allow their children marry after discovering their hideout, that a fight ensues eventually leading to Raman and Simram’s death.

Harjeet had threatened to take Raman with him when he refused to go with his father,  Mannu takes a gun from a nearby goon in other to threaten Harjeet but While everyone is not looking, Mohini shoots Raman unnoticed and in retaliation Harjeet also shoots Simram.

This leaves the both families devastated and their enmity heightened. Raj also thinks that Mannu had pulled the trigger that shot his beloved brother, he vows never to forgive Mannu as both families go their separate ways.

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