To die for love Update Tuesday 7 September 2021

To die for love 7 September 2021: Arohi says thank God you followed Prithvi and saw that girl in that house. who knew this Prithvi has a daughter too that no one knows about. She agreed too. Chawai says she is dark and she will do anything to know the truth. Arohi says we have to keep an eye on that girl. She shouldn’t know we brought her here. We should only talk to her on text. Write her that wait for the right time she will get all the answers. Chawani says I am really worried for Niku. Lets get him out of here. Arohi says if he stays in front of my eyes at least I will able to save him when he’s in danger. We have to force them to keep him here and safe.

Roma gets ready. Roma says so much you have to do to become a minister. Tara says you look so pretty. Virat says yes you do. Virat says should I kill that child here and kill him outside? Arohi says are you crazy. Mom this isn’t the right time to kill him, There is media after you and Vedika is in this house. You have to use that child to create your positive image. Deep says Tara is right. We have to keep him alive. Virat says he has a soft corner for him. Deep says we only care about ma’s dream. Roma says they are right. Nothing should happen to that child. I wont’ let my dream to be affected at any cost. Arohi hugs her and says good luck.

Arohi comes to Niku and says your aunt won’t let your enemies have anything. I will ruin Roma’s image. She leaves a paper near the side table.Roma says Deep I think we should hire a PR agency.. Virat says I will. Roma says no Deep will do it. Tara is right that we should cash that child that roma has adopted an orphan baby. Hire a PR agency to make this news viral. And make sure everything between you and Tara is smooth.Arohi texts Vedika soon you will have answer to all your questions. She texts back I want to know who are you. Arohi says don’t worry you will know soon.Virat says to Roma you give everything to Deep. You think I can’t do anything for you? Roma says let deep do small things. You have to do big things only.. He says you think I am good for nothing. Roma says you don’t have to mess with all this. Forget all this and come with me.

Deep calls for Roma’s agency. Arohi slips. He holds her. He says why don’t you want to talk to me. Arohi is dead too. Arohi says don’t you miss her? Have we found her dead body? Where is it? Maybe you saved her. Deep says I killed her for you. You never trust me. Arohi says you even pointed gun at me. You had to keep your child alive. Otherwise you had to kill me and live with that Arohi. Deep says i thought you were Arohi. He says we have to live for our child’s future. She says you can never understand.Vedika collides with arohi. Arohi says can’t you see? And what are you doing here? Mom asked me to take that soup to that child. I hate doing all this. Vedika says I can take it. Why do you hate that child. Arohi says go and take it to him.

Chawani comes and says you are so clever. Arohi says lets go and see.
Deep comes to Niku’s room before Vedika. He sees the envelope on his side table. Arohi and chawani are following vedika.
Deep picks the envelope and is about to open it. He reads for vedika and leaves it.Vedika comes to the room and sees the envelope. She says is this answer to my questions? Deep hiding and hearing. She opens the envelope and sees a woman’s torn photo in it.Vedika opens the envelope and sees torn photo she says who is this?

Arohi says to Chawani we can’t reveal it all together;. We have to use her against this family on right time. Deep sees photos in his phone. He took photos of the torn photo in the envelope. He says I have to find out who this photo belongs to. Arohi says this photo is a time bomb.Arohi says there is something about Pritvhi that he hides from everyone. He has a secret room in this house too and its lockers is behind painting. Roma doesn’t know about his daughter. Vedika calls them. Arohi says don’t pick. We will only tell her everything when everything is clear for us. Arohi takes our another envelope. Deep is keeping an eye on Vedika. Vedika falls. Her phone falls. Deep picks it and says I will get it fixed. Arohi comes and says whats happening here? She says if you wanna stay here stay in your limits.

Go and place this in your mom’s room. Arohi takes her phone and gives it back to her.Vedika comes to Roma’s room. Prithvi is there. Virat comes too. Vedika gives roma what Arohi gave her. Virat says go now. He says mom be careful.Deep says to Arohi are you happy? she says what were you talking to him about? he says I wnt to be around you all the time. Arohi says you can kill anyone. I don’t know if you actually love me or pretend all this. Deep says I can kill anyone for your. Arohi leaves.roma says to Virat what happened now? he says Arohi is alive. Depp just pretended that he killed her. He wants to keep her alive. roma says deep can’t do this. If there is not dead body that doesn’t mean she is alive. Deep wont ever do this. don’t say this again. Virat says I will find a proof.

Arohi says to Chawani this is the new letter for Vedika. They text her to come to garden and take it. Vedika comes there.Arohi and Chawani follow prthtvi. They see his locker and the code. He takes out some papers. Prithvi leaves. Arohi and chawani come there and open his locker. They see a picture.Arohi sees Roma’s photo with child and prithvi. She is dazed. Vedika is in the garden. She is about to open her envelope. Deep comes and puts a napkin on her mouth. She faints and falls down.Arohi says my doubt was right. so this is Roma’s destruction. Roma’s illegitimate child with Prithvi.Deep takes the envelope from Vedika’s hand. It has the same photo’s piece. He fixes it with others and it becomes Roma. Deep is confused.Deep says why does she have these pieces? Whats the connection.Arohi says Roma now you see how I ruin your life with this truth.

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