To die for love Update Monday 4 October 2021


To die for love 4 Monday 2021: Tara says kill me or Arohi. Tara says I have six bullets and six reasons to kill this Arohi. She ran from jail, she took my deep from me. I loved deep since childhood. We are made for each other. We can’t find another life partner. She betrayed you as well. she shot you. Kill her. He points gun at Arohi. Show her that you only love me.Virat and Prithvi rummage in Deep’s room. Virat says we have to find one clue that shows that deep is fooling us all. He opens closet and sees something.

Arohi says in heart if Deep kills Tara how will he find Chawani and Bhabhi. I have die so she can live. Deep says Arohi has to die because she fooled me. She made me love her and then shot me. Deep points gun at her. Lights turn off. Tara says what happened to lights deep shoot. Deep shoots.Virat says mom Deep and arohi are together. He might harm our Tara. Roma says we have to find out where deep and tara are. Virat says where will we look for them?Lights turn on. Deep sees neither tara nor arohi are there. Roma shows Virat a map. He says i fixed a tracker in Tara’s ring. Virat saays she is in our other banglow? Deep must be there too. Lets go.Tara comes out and says where are you Arohi where are you? Arohi comes out and says I am not scared. Tara points gun at her. Arohi snatches the gun from her. Tara says shoot me. You can kill me. I did all this. You wont have chance to kill me again. Arohi says I will kill you but on right day. arohi says you killed my brother, I will kill you. You killed my soul. you took my Niku from me too. And chawani what did he do? What has my bhabhi done? I will kill you. Your family’s end will begin with you.

Tara says we will do what we had to. Shoot me I am here in front of you. If you shoot me you wont ever know who is Tara?Roma and Virat come. He points gun at both of them. Arohi says I am tara shoot her. Tara says I will kill you. VIrat I am Tara. Roma says shut up. Whoever is Arohi I will cut you into pieces. I will know who is Tara. Virat I told you I gave ring to Tara. She isn’t wearing it. Pritvhi says none of them are wearing it. Arohi says I am your tara. I was wearing it. I came to you last night mom and said if you are worried. Tara says she had been living here for 6 months and she detained me. When I did my first murder you said you will fix everything. Arohi says i told her this. She is our enemy. She said she will kill us all. Deep comes and says wait a minute. Tara says deep.. Deep says they all know everything. If you want to know who is Arohi i know a way. Virat says you are lying. Tara says dont’ do this drama. You know who is Tara. Deep says we have to do and know what is reality. Deep says mom give them both guns and ask them to shoot me. We will know the reality. He gives gun to both of them. Deep says you both have five seconds. Arohi puts gun on her head. she says I can’t kill you. I would rather kill myself.

Tara says traitor. You don’t deserve to live. Police comes there and says whats happening here. Deep says there was no bullet Arohi. He looks at tara. Police says we saw them both together. Who is serial killer. Deep says I knew Arohi would shoot me to save herself but Tara wont. Because she knows my importance. This one is Arohi. Police arrests Tara. Tara says how can you do this with me deep. uyou got me arrested to save Arohi. I will kill you. Mom how can you not see. Deep says she killed Mahraj too. Tara says deep you traitor I hate cheaters. You will pay for it. she says I am Tara you can’t arrest me. Tara says I can’t believe you can do this to me for her. They take her. Arohi says in heart deep saved me

Tara says Virat save me.. Police takes her. Inspector takes her to police station. He says she is very clever keep an eye on her.
Deep says its time to celebrate. Our biggest enemy is behind bars. I don’t think she can come back this time. Virat says you wanna celebrate right? Why not? We will celebrate but not yet. I think we are tired go and rest. Arohi and deep go to room.Arohi says why you saved me? You love me. Thank you. He says what are you saying I had to save you. Who else would I have saved that Arohi? Arohi says what am I saying? I am Arohi. Virat says what if we have made a mistake. Roma says so Arohi would put gun on her head for deep? Virat tells them one thing that Tara whispered. He says I feel like we have to be careful. Deep is playing a game with us. Deep says Tara quite. Don’t take arohi’s name. Arohi says you brought me here and sent tara to jail. I dont’ know what will they do when they find out truth. Virat says deep must be playing with us. Roma says you are right. I am coming.

Dee[ says don’t be scared. We are not afraid of consequences. arohi says put hand on your heart and tell me that you think I am Tara. deep sees Roma on the door. He says read in my eyes why I saved you. We should forget all that and celebrate that we sent our biggest enemy to jail, that Arohi. He hugs her. Arohi says does he really think I am tara or he wants to hide what’s in his heart. Deep says I have to go for some important work. He leaves.Roma comes back to Virat. She says deep and tara were talking lovingly. Virat says I still have some doubt. lets get their DNA tests done. we have Arohi’s blood sample in a Shimla lab.Tara is in jail. She gets angry. The constable says have some food. You have killed enough people. We hit people like you here. you can’t do anything here. Tara says I won’t treat badly. She says don’t try to be smart here. Arohi throttles her. Tara says look at the diamonds in this ring. If they go in your mouth you will die right now. She snatches her phone. The constable goes.

Arohi recalls deep pointing gun at her and saying he saved Tara. Tara calls Arohi. she laughs. Arohi is scared. Tara says you thought you will send me to jail and live with deeep? Only I loe where bhabhi and chawani are. Arohi says deep will help me find them. He is on my side. Tara says only I know where they are or they might even die.Chawani says I need water. He feels week. He says arohi deep save me please. There is someone else abducted there too. He says who is there? Tara says when Virat brought Niku’s body home? i told him where they both are. I was confused so I got your Niku killed. I gave him poison. Virat came and shot him.Tara says keep crying. You will have more reason. If not anything they will die of hunger. arohi says listen please..Arohi says to Deep you shouldn’t have saved me. where are bhabhi and chawani. I have to save them. If they die tara will win please save them.Deep comes to meet Tara. She says how can you do this to me Deep. You forgot everything. You knew I was tara then how you did this. He says, I knew you are Tara. And only I can get you out of here.

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