To die for love update Monday 29 November 2021

To die for love 29 November 2021: Virat leaves in anger. Arohi stands under a fountain to clean herself. Arohi says you would regret meeting me Deep. She eats food.Virat calls Arohi and says where is she.Deep is leaving. Tara asks where are you going? He says business.Arohi hears Deep’s voice. She takes a van and runs. She left her earrings there for that man.Arohi follows Deep. Deep comes to a shed. Arohi tries to look inside. deep says who is there.DEep says to a person be careful with your work. Deep hides.Tara gets a letter there is a secret for you from someone who you love. Come meet me. Tara says is it about deep? I have to go and check. She sends same letter to Virat.

Tara and Virat go to that place. Deep comes home and says why is it so dark? Where is everyone?Someone puts a cloth on Deep’s face and he faints.Tara says no one is here then who called me? Virat says the same.Deep is blindfolded. He says who is it Arohi comes with a knife. She cuts his arm and writes A and I. Deep says A or I? She says who is it Deep? Keep guessing. Deep says Anjali or Arohi what do you want? She says what I didn’t get. She sits in his lap and says I only want to make you mine.Arohi says I know you want to come close to me but I couldn’t get how much you like me. I think we should stop running. Deep gets up and hugs her from back. He says how can I trust you? She says I wont stop you from coming close to me.Tara comes there and sees them together. She says how is Anjali alive and deep? Tara is shocked. She says they are together and fooling me

Tara picks a vase and is about to hit Anjali. Virat comes. He shouts Anjali. ANajli leaves.Tara throws stuff. She says how did Anjali come back. Deep says I controlled her so she doesn’t go to police. Better control yourself. Deep shoves her.Virat says you have relation with Deep. Anjali says you never did anything for me. That Arohi tried to kill me and my baby. She buried me. Only deep could help me to control her.Tara says to Deep save me from police. He says that Anjali will die in my love like Arohi.Virat takes Tara aside and stops her breath. He says this is what you did with my anjali and baby. She throttles him. Tara says your Anajli wants to be with Deep. She can’t be trusted. Throws her out of our lives. Virat says if you ever dare harming anjali and my baby I will kill you. Tara says she is cheating on you, what will you do? He says I will kill her. Tara says in heart that’s what I want.

Arohi left a camera in deep’s room. Virat also installs a camera in Arohi’s room. He says I will kill you if you are cheating on me.Deep calls someone and says how could you not go as the plan. Arohi sees deep leaving. Virat sees arohi leaving. arohi stops and closes the door. Virat says so she wasn’t going after deep. He oes in. Arohi goes out and says deep is gone. How do I find where he went. I have to do something.Arohi reads Anjali’s diary. It says how did newspaper knew about accident? No one had that news. Arohi reads news o clock. SHe says that article can tell me a lot of things. Arohi calls the newspaper company and asks them for record. They ask her to come. Virat says where are you going? She says some work. He says you are pregnant. You have to take care. She says I can take care of my baby. I am going to doctor you can come with me. He says okay lets go.Virat drops Arohi adn says I have to go for some work. He leaves.Arohi checks the record and says 27th paper is missing. THe girl says I don’t know. Arohi asys there was an accident. Do you know its reporter? The girl says no.The receptionist gives paper to Deep. Arohi sees them. She puts gun on reporters’ head and says I want that news paper.

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