To die for love Update Friday 30 July 2021

To die for love 30 July 2021: The party starts. Deep welcomes Jadega. Deep says I know why your mood is off. Because of Avantika right? He says yes. She wanted to go with her friends but I brought her to india. Deep says I know how to cheer her up. Jadega says then our deal is done.Chawani and his friends enter the party. Deep says hello Avantika. She says leave me alone. He says sadness doesn’t look good on your pretty face. She says will you do magic? He says no someone else will.

Maya sleeps. Arohi leaves for the party. The kids call her and say come soon. Ahaan comes to the party. Everyone takes selfies with him. Deep smiles at Avantika. Arohi says to kids thats Ahaan. He is a good guy don’t give him that powder.
Avantika says oh my God Ahaan. I can’t believe myself. Is this real? He says what song would you like to hear? She says I love all your songs. The kids plan how to execute their plan.Arohi calls Pankti She says go to Ahan and stop him from drinking anything in party or he will lose his voice. She says who are you? ARohi says I can’t tell that. Pankti sits in the car and rushes to the party. The kids mix something in the drink. Arohi is on her way too.

Ahaan sings. Avantika says sing dil diya gallan.. He says okay. He takes water. Jadega says to Deep the deal will be signed after the party. Pankti comes and stops Ahaan from drinking. He says what happened? She says I came to say all the best. He says thank you. She says drink from this bottle. Pankti leaves the stage. Ahaan sings dil diya gallan. Avantika comes on stage. He dances with her. He sings around Pankti.Arohi comes to the kids. She says he is a good guy. He wasn’t our target.Deep sits with Jadega to sign the deal. Deep signs the contract. The kids say we are losing this plan. Arohi looks around. Pankti looks at her. She says Arohi.. You. Arohi is dazed. ARohi says I can’t tell you anything right now. Deep played with me. He ruined my life. Pankti says you told me about Ahaan. THank you so much.

Avantika hugs Deep. SHe says thank you so much. The kids take their photo. Arohi smiles. Jadega says our deal is done. He says you will have fun working with me and mummy. Arohi says to Pankti can I use your phone? She says sure. Arohi messages Avankti’s photo with deep to Tara. She gets super angry.Avantika says to Deep would you stay alone or wanna marry. Tara comes and slaps her hard on the face. Everyone is dazed. Deep says what are you doing. Tara says how dare you touch my husband. Deep says calm down. Taara says tell her you are just mine. I will kill you. Avantika is crying. Tara leaves in anger. Deep says to Jadega I am very sorry. Tara has anger issues. He tears the contract on deep’s face. Arohi smiles. She says this is just beginning Deep.

Chawani says we were so shocked when we saw Tara. You are both same. Arohi says that Deep has ruined so many lives. Chawani says a beggar says whatever you do, you pay for it. Arohi says next game is on Tara. She will pay for what she has done as well. I will trap tara this time.Deep says to Pritvhi madam trusted you and you did this. Deep says mind your languaage. I am not accountable to you. Prithvi says but In Shimla too you were into Arohi you can’t control yourself. Deep says shut up. Sunanda comes downstairs. She says deep is right. Let it be. Never talk about Shimla here again. If deal didn’t happen but it didn’t work out. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in deep. The deal wont have gone from our hands if Virat was here. arohi wonders who is virat? Sunanda says sooner or later he will be here and everything will be fine. Deep says I will call to Mr. jadega. Tara says you were so busy witht that girl. If you had stopped her I wont have slapped her and this deal wont have been canceled. Sunanda walks towards Tara and says so you cancelled the deal. Thank God you just slapped her. She hugs her. Tara says mom I love you so much. Tara says thank God someone sent me those pictures. I won’t have known otherwise. Deep says who sent you photos? Tara says what do you care? She goes to her room.

Deep breaks glass in anger. Arohi is cleaning there. She says are you okay? Deep says yes I am fine.Another maid comes to Tara and says I am back. Tara gives her makeup to her. Tara says to the maid I am new here. She says yes I was told about you. She says to that girl a girl in my village married a girl and after sometime he was running after other girls. Tara is overhearing. She says one day my friend asked me to prove his love by jumping from a building. But he was a liar. He didn’t jump. This is how you prove your love. She would have stopped him but he never agreed.

Tara takes deep to balcony. She says i am sorry deep. I love you. He hugs her and says its okay. She says you didn’t say i love you back. He says I have proved my love so many times. I will do anything for you. She says then jump from here.DEep says you are joking right? why would I jump from here? She says you promised me you can do anything for me. He says what are you saying. I know you are mad at me. I will take you on cruise date. She says I don’t want to go. Jump from here. Prove your love. Jump from here or I will. Deep says this doesn’t prove any love. Tara jumps from the balcony. Deep is shocked. Arohi smiles. Tara’s head bleeds.

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