Titli Starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

The Episode starts with Paresh stopping Hiral from calling Titli. Garv and Titli are in their room. She says I m very happy today. He dances with her. He locks the door. Hiral comes to Garv’s office to steal the files. Titli goes to check the gift. She checks the messages. She says Jignesh has messaged.

She hears the audio and says I will join the job soon. Garv stops her and asks will you work again. She says yes, I have to help Kaka. He says no way, its your right to help them, its my duty to help, I will send money to Paresh. She says no, he will feel bad, he has esteem. He says call uncle and tell him that you can’t come to work, that’s final. She says its wrong. I have to work. He says our honeymoon is also imp, I have made the bookings, its okay, I will cancel it. She stops him.

She says don’t cancel, I will go on work after coming back from honeymoon. She sends the message to Jignesh. Garv gets dizzy. Titli asks him to sleep for some time. She makes him rest. Titli comes to Garv’s office and sees Hiral. She recalls checking Hiral in the cctv footage. She asks what are you doing here. Hiral says I work here, I came to find an imp file for Garv. Titli says give it to me, I will give it to Garv. Hiral says I lost the file, don’t tell Garv that I came here. Titli scolds her. She says I will not hide your lies. Hiral says fine, tell mum and dad, dad will listen to me, I m his daughter. Titli asks Hiral to come home with her.

Hiral says I will go by cab, you don’t teach me what to do. She leaves. Titli sees the cab number and notes it. She calls Chintu. She says Hiral is not at home, don’t tell Kaka and Kakimaa, keep an eye on Hiral, she is upto something wrong. He says fine. She asks what happened, you sound worried. He lies to her. She says swear on me and tell me. He tells everything.

Titli comes home. Garv stares at her. He asks where did you go, I m asking something. She says there was a notification on your phone about someone’s entry in the office, you were sleeping, so I went. He asks who was there. She doesn’t take Hiral’s name. He says I get such false alarms daily, you went there, I have kept a guard there, women can’t do everything, its not safe to go out. She says sorry. He gets upset and goes to sleep. She worries.

Chintu and Hiral argue. She asks him to get out and become Titli’s brother. Titli tells Chinty’s words. She messages Bhakti and asks her to arrange loan. She thinks I will handle everything and convince Garv with love. its morning, Titli wakes up Garv and says we have to leave for honeymoon. He sees the sorry written with flowers. He gets her sorry note. She comes to him and says sorry. Koel comes to call him. He says coming, just 5 mins.

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