Zee World: Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 24th January 2019


Disha is in her room. Purab comes from bathroom and holds her from falling. They have an eye lock. Lejaye song plays…Disha says sorry and says she didn’t know that he was in bathroom. Her cousin comes and says he is your husband. Disha goes. Cousin thinks there is still distance between them.
Simonika is in car and thinks to kill Abhi tonight itself and thinks it will be kayamath ki night for Abhi and her. She thinks of a plan.

Cousin asks Purab why Disha is looking upset. Purab says he didn’t know. Cousin tells that Disha spent her childhood without her mother and today she saw her eyes empty. She asks him to move on and not to spoil his life for his past. She says you both need each other and says Disha loves you a lot. Purab gets angry and asks her to shut up. He asks her to be careful next time.
Disha is standing looking outside of window. Suhana comes to her and hugs her crying. Purab thinks about Bulbul and thinks how to forget her, she was part of my life. He thinks he wants to keep Disha happy, but can’t love her. He thinks he still feels pain of losing Bulbul.

He thinks Disha has adjusted with him and thinks why he is punishing Disha. Disha comes and asks him to have food. She sees wound on his palm and gets concerned. She puts ointment on his hand. Song plays…. They have an eye lock.

Snake charmer meets Simonika and says it is very difficult to handle this snake. He tells that it is very poisonous. Simonika says she will take him there and asks him to make the snake reach the room. Snake charmer asks her to maintain distance with the snake.
The Snake charmer asking Simonika to be careful with the snake and says sometimes he can’t handle himself. Simonika plans to kill Abhi with snake bite. Pragya thinks who might be the mysterious attack and thinks to talk to him. Abhi comes there and thinks Chipkali is here and will be finding ways to get closer to me. He thinks he will not talk to her and takes a book.

Pragya says I read books and not you. She says she wants to talk to him something important. She asks did you buy invisible headphone and holds his ear and check. Abhi says he don’t want to talk to her. Pragya says why he don’t want to talk when the matter is about his life. Abhi asks her to write a letter for him, and post to him. He says then he will send her letter. Pragya says it is an important matter regarding your life.

Abhi says I will not talk to you or touch you even if storm comes. Just then he sees cockroach and hugs her tightly saying cockroach is here. He then looks for it and says it is gone. Pragya sees it and thinks he is mistaken butterfly to be cockroach and take the pic.

Simonika asks Snake Charmer to leave snake in Abhi’s room. She asks him to take stairs and climb on it. Pragya comes out. Abhi asks did you swallowed that mosquito. Pragya says she has clicked it and shows the pic, says it is butterfly. She asks him to accept that he got scared. Abhi says no. She asks him to tell if he tried to get closer to her on the pretext of seeing cockroach.

Simonika asks snake charmer to climb on the stairs. He stumbles and the basket falls from his hand, Simonika holds it and says she will come.

Abhi tells Pragya that she is not his wife and asks her to be away from him. Snake Charmer makes snake go to Abhi’s room through window. Abhi thinks he shall get his room back from Munni. He thinks he will never go to munni even if snake comes infront of him. Snake Charmer comes back to Simonika. Simonika gets happy. Abhi thinks he will not come inside this room.

Pragya comes and says you are still here. She thinks to convince him and bring him back. Abhi sits on sofa and thinks he is not comfortable on it. He gets he is sleeping like servants. Pragya thinks to use reverse psychology to get him back in the room.
Abhi thinks he can’t get sleep and thinks Munni cleverly made him leave the room, and thinks Aaliya and Tanu were right about her. He thinks why he is not clever like her and thinks he shall take back room. Pragya thinks what to tell him and thinks he don’t trust her.

Abhi thinking he will hit Chipkali with broom and will kick her out. Pragya finds snake in the room and runs out of room. Abhi holds her in his blanket and they fall down. Allah wariyan plays…They have an eye lock. Abhi asks her to stick to wall and not to him. Pragya says she is Pragya. Abhi says you will not become Pragya by wearing specs. Pragya says there is snake in room. Abhi says this is your trick to make me away from room. Pragya says snake is really there and that’s why I ran out. Abhi asks if snake is really there and asks her to move from his way. He says he will show his manhood to snake. Pragya says this is the time to deal wisely. Abhi says I will check and says your story is good.

Pragya says snake is really there. Abhi says when I go to room, snake will come out flying. She tries to stop him, but he puts blanket on her and runs to room, locks it. Pragya asks him to open the door and says she is saying truth. Abhi thinks she is two steps ahead of me and says there is no rat also in this room. Pragya asks him to open the door.

Abhi thinks he will fool Pragya and make her get out of room. He rests on bed and thinks Munni will leave soon. Abhi sees snake on the wall and shouts. Pragya knocks on the door asking him to open the door. Dasi and others come there and ask why is she ruining others’ sleep. Pragya says he is locked inside. Tanu says humble people sleeps with closed door. Pragya says I can’t leave him alone as there is snake inside. They all get shocked and asks how can snake be here. Pragya says she tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen to him, went inside and locked the room. She tries to push the door. Aaliya asks Abhi to jump off from balcony.

Pragya says if he goes to balcony then snake will follow him. She says we have to call animal shelter and asks Dasi to call forest dept. Pragya says she will search number on net. Dasi says you are illiterate. Pragya says she has learnt and calls forest dept. She asks the watchman to send someone. Watchman says everyone will come in the morning.

Abhi is scared and thinks he would have agreed to Munni’s saying and says she is outside with family and I am with Mr. Snake. He thinks to sing song and make snake go out. He says you came to rockstar home and wants to hear song. He sings mann dole tann dole. Mitali says Abhi is singing song to make snake go, or may be he didn’t know that snake is inside. She calls him and asks him to sing tere sang pyaar me, main naagin tu saphera. Aaliya says Bhai is inside and not you. Aaliya asks him not to make sound else snake will be alert. Simonika is coming and thinks today her revenge will be fulfilled. She tells Servant that she came to give file to Abhi. Servant says he is locked with snake.

Simonika says this is a big problem and gets happy, thinks snake must have bitten Abhi by now. She thinks to act to cry.
Tanu asks abhi to say something and says if snake has bitten him. Pragya asks her not to say bad thing if can’t say good thing. Dasi thinks she is behaving like Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to act and says she is Munni. Pragya says she needs to go inside and will save him.

Taya ji says he will break the door. Simonika comes and asks what happened? Pragya says Abhi is inside and snake is also there. Simonika says if snake has bitten him. Pragya says no, and says once Taya ji opens the door then she will go inside and save him. Simonika thinks Pragya won’t give up and can do anything to save him.
Simonika says if they break the door, then snake might come out and bite everyone, and if you go inside then it might bite you. Pragya says Abhi is stuck there and might be scared.

Abhi asks snake what it would like to have, and asks chole bature, milk etc. He asks can I go downstairs and bring milk for you. Snake takes out its tongue. Abhi says I will not go anywhere and asks about its family. He says he will launch snake’s family. He says I will give you insurance and a room in his lonavala room. Pragya prays for Abhi. Taya ji tries to open the door. Abhi gets scared now and asks someone to save him. He says if I die then what will be published in the newspaper. He asks snake not to bite him. Taya ji manages to open the door. Pragya says I will go inside. Dasi says if
snake bites you.

Pragya says nothing will happen to me and goes inside. Tanu thinks if Munni manages to save him then he will get impress with her. Pragya comes inside and asks Abhi to calm down. Abhi says you left me inside and was standing out. Pragya asks him to calm down, but shouts when snake hisses.


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