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The Episode starts with Raman asking Neelu for his watch. Ishita says Neelu has much work, your watch is here. She helps him. He says we are going on a holiday, I don’t know anything, pack your bags, tickets are booked, we are going London tonight. She asks what, you didn’t tell me. He says we deserve this break, I chose London as we met in Budapest before, maybe our third trip, did we go Australia. She asks do you remember. He says I think so. She says yes, we have gone there, you will remember everything, I will tell everyone. He says we are not taking them along, they will make calls, just lie to them, you are not telling anybody.

Adi asks Aaliya to do packing, they are going out, he made a superb plan. Aaliya says so cute, where are we going. Adi says naturopathy centre. Aaliya says I m not interested, you go. He says our trip will be excited, foreigners come there, you will be disconnected from the outside world, everyone is absorbed, its so peaceful that we can’t talk to each other too. Aaliya asks what, am I mad to go there. Romi comes and asks why are you teasing her.

Adi says I m taking her for naturopathy, mountains, fresh air, its a good place. Romi asks Mihika shall we go along. Mihika refuses. Adi says its non-refundable, we have to go. Aaliya says take Romi along, he is interested too. Mihika says this is a nice idea. Romi says fine, we shouldn’t waste money, we will go, what else can I do. Aaliya and Mihika go. Romi and Adi get happy.

Romi says they will never find out that we are going to London to attend friend’s bachelors’ party, Raman shouldn’t know this. Adi says he will never know. Amma goes to give something to Ishita. Raman gets the parcel and asks the man not to talk aloud about the trip. Amma hears them and thinks to wish them happy journey. Raman lies about place. Adi asks him to go London than any local place. Raman says we are going today, we have to visit the factory for work. Simmi thinks they are going on honeymoon, Raman isn’t taking pills and remembering things. Amma says Raman is lying, I will not get such chance again. Amma gives the amulet to Ishita. Ishita keeps it in the temple and prays.

Amma acts dizzy. Everyone takes care of her. Raman says Ishita, we will miss our train, come. Ishita says train will get late. He says its on time. Amma says don’t leave me. Raman says how will I go on business trip without her. Amma says I want Ishita here. Raman asks Ishita to say. Ishita asks him to go. He says fine, I will go alone. Ishita says I will be right back. She asks Raman not to be angry, Amma wants her to be with her, just go to airport and she will be there on time. He asks her to come soon. Amma says I was fooling Raman. Ishita says I can’t believe it. Amma says I know where you are going, I heard you are going London. Ishita says yes, what’s all this, I might miss the flight, Raman left. Amma says I thought you will know my joke. Ishita says you did good acting. Amma says sorry, just go.

A taxi driver comes and asks airport. Ishita says yes, keep these bags. She asks Mihika to take care. She sits in the taxi. Mihika comes home and sees the amulet fallen. She says Amma gave this to place in temple, how did this break. Neelu says this is inauspicious. Mihika says no. Neelu says this amulet keeps evil spirits away, if this breaks, its bad. Mihika asks her to get lamp, they will place it. Neelu says now its broken, it can’t be placed again, its not safe for Ishita to go, stop her. Mihika says superstition isn’t good, nothing will happen. She lights the amulet and prays. The diya blows off. Neelu and Mihika wonder how did the wind blow suddenly, the temple diyas also got off. Mihika says its so strange, the cab number was also unlucky. Guard comes and says sorry, I didn’t get any cab. Mihika asks if guard didn’t get that cab, how did the driver know Ishita has to go to airport. Ishita tries calling Raman.

The taxi driver stares at her. She gets a call and says yes, I m on the way. She asks what, boarding gates are closed, I was supposed to board that flight. She asks the driver to drive faster. He says its so much fog. The car stops. She asks what happened. He says don’t know. He sees a tree there and says that’s a banyan tree, there are many strange stories about it, a spirit resides there, we will go there and pray, else we can’t leave. She asks what nonsense, I don’t belief in all this, please drive. He says what shall I do if car is not starting. She asks him to check the car. Ishita gets shocked seeing a woman’s spirit. She then sees her disappearing and looks out of the window again. She gets down the car. She asks did you see that woman. He asks which woman. She says she must have lost her way in storm, did you fix the car. He says car is alright, but not working, lets go to the tree and pray else… She says I belief in Lord and pray to him, stop this nonsense, hurry up. He goes to pray. They leave. A spirit gets on the car’s top and follows

The Episode starts with the scene in London. Raman hears Ishita and says I have gone mad to hear her voice here. A girl asks are you Raman Bhalla, I m Priya, your guide. She says I knew I will find you here, where is your wife. He says she isn’t here. She says it means you are other type, don’t worry, London is a carefree city, tell me where is your husband. He says what, I have a wife, I m a normal man, I love my wife, she isn’t here. He sees Ishita and gets shocked.

He says see that’s my wife, most beautiful one. Ishita goes. Priya says you are naughty, you are married and staring at men. He says I m married, why would I stare at men, I m so unlucky, I have my loving wife, but she isn’t here, I went Budapest some months back but I away from family and love, and now I m close to love and family, all thanks to Ishita, I can’t survive without Ishita, why are you crying now. She says you are just like SRK. He says stop it, let me call my wife and ask where is she. He calls Ishita and sees her at the stall.

He runs to her. She goes. He asks a man about the Indian lady. The man says sorry, there was no one. Raman says was she really here or did I imagine. He goes. Ishita smiles seeing him. She says poor Raman, he is so restless without me.

She gets Amma’s call and says I reached here, I wanted to surprise Raman but he is restless to meet me. Amma says make him more desperate. Appa says yes, let him wait, it will be fun. Ishita says I think you both tried this.

She ends call and thinks to make solid plan to surprise Raman. Bala comes. Appa jokes on him and says you are lucky to have such wife, she doesn’t say anything. Amma asks what do you mean, you are unlucky to have me as your wife. Appa says no, I m most lucky. Kiran asks what to make in dinner. Amma goes. Appa says I got saved. Bala says you are really good. Appa says it would have been good if Adi and Romi were here, don’t know what are they doing. Adi says wow, what a naturopathy, where is your friend. Romi says take your own time, there is no point in rushing things. Adi says I m tired of work and Aaliya’s call, we are free men here. Romi’s bad drops. Adi laughs seeing ladies’ things inside. He asks what’s all these, did you get this here.

Romi says its not mine, our bags got exchange, how will we party, how will we call airlines. A man calls him and says I think my bag got exchanged with you, give me the address, I will get it picked up. Romi tells Adi that some man is on the line, he is saying its his bag. Adi says leave it, tell me to pick the bag. A deo spray can falls away. Raman talks to Ishita on call. She asks his his location and says I miss you. He says I miss you too, come here, see I m hearing same police siren on call as if you are here. She says such is our love, I m standing in building compound, Amma is getting fine.

He says once she gets fine, you come here. She says situation is same as our hearts are connected, I think you should drink coffee now. He sees a cafe and says I m outside coffee shop. She says see telepathy, order a cup of coffee and then I will talk.

She also comes to same cafe. A girl smiles seeing Raman. Raman waves to her. He says I don’t like anything without you. Ishita says yes, you won’t like coffee too. She sees him smiling and waving to the girl. She says fine, I will come soon. She gets shocked seeing some woman staring at her. A woman comes to Bhalla house and says sorry, my leg is hurt and I m a BP patient, can you help me. Mihika asks her to come in. She helps the woman. The woman sees Ishita’s pic and asks did anything sacred break in your house. Mihika says yes, how do you know. The woman says I can predict the future with my spiritual power, your house is in bad influence of an evil spirit, that woman is in danger, an evil spirit is after her. Mihika and Neelu get shocked.

She places some cards and visualizes the spirit. She says its an evil spirit, she won’t leave Ishita. Ruhi asks what nonsense, sorry you may leave, even Ishita won’t believe this. The woman says sorry, I m leaving my card in case you need it. She goes. Mihika says something is weird, there might be some truth, what if she is saying truth. Ruhi asks since when are you believing this, relax. She goes. Ishita’s pic falls. Mihika worries.

Ishita goes to the woman hiding her face. She asks her to stop. The woman runs away. Raman pulls her hand. He asks why didn’t you tell me you are in London, how is Amma. She says yes I came here, Amma was just acting.

He gets angry and could you not tell me. She says sorry, Amma was fine, I was running after that woman. He says it was just you here. She says there was some strange woman staring at me. He says I was missing you and hugs her. She thinks of the woman.

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