This is fate update Monday 30 November 2020


This is fate 30 November 2020: Maira asks Preeta if she got scared after what she has told her, she again repeats that the world will see who the wife of Karan is and they will see her, she mentions that she is Seeta but Karan is not Ram and she has also found a Rawan for her.

Shrishti says to Aurora that she is really nervous, Janki also says the same, Srishti mentions that she is feeling that the relations will resolve as they have been invited as the family of Preeta for the reception function, Rakhi see them then goes to meet them, Sarla hands her the gift she calls her in the house but then her friend comes to meet them and they greet the Aurora family, Rakhi is once again called after which Janki mentions that she must not worry as they are now family members so she should not worry about anything.

Sarla also walks in but then Karina stops her explaining that she is the lady who taught her daughters that they should marry those who belong to rich families as this is the only way they can become wealthy, Karina explains that Preeta married karan while in disguise because she is the one to teach them those things, Sarla explains that she has said what she desired but now she will tell her that she should not hate Preeta as she loves the entire Luthra family but she desires that Karina not think bad of Preeta.

Preeta asks Maira who the rawan is, She says that Preeta will remove her Kumkum and karan will be the one to take her Mangal Sutur and give it to Maira, Preeta asks her what she has planned, Maira says that she is feeling really happy to see that Preeta is scared, Preeta says that she wants to know what Maira ahs planned because she only lives for herself. Maira responds that she will ruin her reputation, this makes her angry so she orders Maira to leave her room, however she sits on the bed exclaiming that she loves Karan so will not leave anyone who comes in between her lover, even if they belong to the Luthra family, she also thretahens to do something bad to Karan which angers her so she slaps Maira.

Pawan streps out of his car in the Luthra house and takes the cap from a waiter after paying him money.
Sarla explains to Karibna that Preeta has always loved their family but Karina exclaims that she only desires money, Sarla turns to Dadi exclaiming that she is the mother of Karina so should make her realize that Preeta is now their family member and she should make them realize how good her daughter is so she should make Karina stop hating her, Ramona comes from behind mentioning that she had sent her daughter with the Ngo and police still she claims that she loves this family,

Sarla explains that she never wanted that Karan marry Preeta as he does not have the respect for his wife so if she desired then would not have done this but Karan was the choice of Preeta so she had to rexspect her daughter. Shrishti also comes mentioning that Ramona should talk with her daughter and not blame her mother, Karina tries to scold Shrishti but she says that she should stop Ramona from talking nonsense, Shrishti takes Sarla, Ramona inquires Dadi why she did not say anything, Dadi mentions that now Sarla is their relative so she cannot say anything.

Preeta says to Maira that she should never say anything wrong about the family as she should stops talking about killing anyone, because she cannot understand the situaiotnn as if even a single person dies the entire family is not able control themselves, she says that what Maira and Sherlin did to Maheh caused the entire family to go in ruins, Preeta explains that what her actions has done to Rakhi is not bearable because she laughs but is really tensed, she has taken the elder of the family and also a son, she explains that Rishab has grown even older than his age because he ahs to full the desires of the entire family, she even mentions that Karan was not like this and was always joyfuil but now his heart is filled with anger, she even mentions that Maira ruined Dadi because she is a mother and cannot be with her son so she does not fgeel bad for Dadi as she is aware of what she has gone through.

Preeta further explains that she does not feel bad when Karina scolds her because she has also lost her brother, so she feels that they both have been married because god wanted to take revenge from Maira.
Maira says that she has given a lecture and this shows her emotions, Maira exclaims that she will not let Preeta stay in this house because she will do everything to ruin her, Preeta tries to leave however Maira stops her so Preeta pushes her but then Maira hits her in the head with a bat which makes Preeta fall on the floor so she calls for help but Maira warns her that she should not call for help as no one will come and only Rawan will come for her

Maira exclaims that they have played a lot of games but now it is time to end it, she hits Preeta in the head and she gets unconscious, Maira calls her but when she doesnot responds Maira gets worried wondering if she has died, but is relieved to know that she is just unconscious and so wonders that she just has to wait for the Rawan as the end of Seeta haran has begun.
Karan walks to the hall where everyone comes to take selfies from him, Pawan walks into the house and takes a glass of wine which he puts on the table then bumps into Karan before leaving but karan is about to follow him however gets stopped by the fans.

Shrishti is walking when Sherlin stops her and pressurizes her into taking something to drink, she mentions that Shrishti is just a guest so should remain in the function and should not interfere in their household matters, Sherlin walks away and Shrishti thinks of taking her revenge, She is stopped by Sameer who mentions that she is looking really nice and she also compliments him but then asks her to come with him as he has something important to talk about.

Janki comes out of the kitchen exclaiming that she was not able to get the juice so came in, She bumps into Pawan and apologizes explaining that it happened by mistake, he warns her that she should have not bumped even by mistake, he leaves but Janki exclaims that it was also his fault so he should also ask for her apology,. He gets mad saying that she should not give him lecture, she gets a relapse and remembers of the time when she was paralyzed and heard someone talking.
Maira is in the room exclaiming that she doesnot know what is important in Preeta that Karan should like her as she is just another ordinary person, she thinks that she would not reach the function and Maira would introduce herself as Misses Karan Luthra,

she tries to prepare herself for the function but then is not able to resist so thinks that she should go outside and look for him, when she is outside Pawan comes, she asks him who he is and he mentions that he is Rawan, she asks why he got so late but he goes into the room, and asks what is so important in Preeta that his brother is mad for her, he exclaims that his brother could forgive those who deceive him but he is not like him and now everyone would know what kind of person he is.


Rishab is in the function when a relative arrives, he greets her and she also meets Karan but then goes to get the snacks, Karan explains to Rishab that he cannot bear her as he is not like him but Rishab mentions that this is the beauty of a function, Karan explains that he was just telling Rishab of her qualities, he mentions that he will bring Preeta who is his wife.
Pawan asks Maira how {Preeta got injured, she exclaims that she had to hit her otherwise Maria would be the one outside the house, Pawan exclaims that she should not have hit her as his brother loves her so no harm should have come and the next time she should use chloroform. Maira gets tensed of his aura and gets nervous. She exclaims that he should just take Preeta and leave.

Karan is in the hall and thinks that he would make Preeta pay as she tied to control him but now he will make her pay by arranging a meeting between Preeta and Rano aunti.
Pawan asks Maira why is she helping him as what is in it for her, she mentions that she lost just as his brother because Preeta took karan from her, Pawan reaches to the conclusion that Karan is the one beh9ijnd everything as because his brother lost the fight and now he would be the one to fight Karan and he never leaves the opponent standing, Maira gets nervous asking him to just take Preeta and leave as she would control Karan, she thinks that if he comes to take revenge she would have him arrested, Pawan warns her to not think like this as the police could not do anything. She inquires how he knew what she was thinking, he mentions that he can see what other people are thinking by just looking at their eyes.

He exclaims that she wants that she be the one to marry Karan while Preeta be the wife of his brother so this is what would happen as he will take Preeta to his house and never let her come back, he takes Preeta in his arms but Karan comes into the room.

Maira is standing behind the veil while Pawan Is with Preeta behind the bed hiding, karan exclaims that it is good that she is behind the veil as he would not have to see her face, he asks her why is her room so messed up as everywhere he can only see her belongings, Pawan wonders that he is a strange person as when he hates Preeta so much then why are the hosting the reception.

Karan taking Mahira’s hand. He says everyone is waiting downstairs, they need to leave. Preeta’s kidnapper was irked and wonders how he must take her. He says he is Ravan and came for Seeta, he must take Seeta as is rightful.

Sameer brings Shrishti to the corridor. She asks what the important thing is that he needs to talk about. Sameer says he wants to hear something. Shrishti turns away wondering if he needs something. Sameer reminds Shrishti he undertook a huge task by sending Karan to his room for wedding night. She should atleast compliment him. Shrishti says she already appreciated him. She looks around wondering what she must say.

She says he is best, life’s one day test, smart as well as over smart, naughty but shorty. She could not as well have done what he did. Sameer gives her good news that Ramuna is leaving tomorrow and may be Mahira also follows her. Shrishti was excited and says I love… Kritika hears from behind a curtain. She comes there and sends Sameer away. Shrishti speaks to Kritika but Kritika was annoyed. She tells Shrishti that whatever Preeta is doing, is not right.

Karan takes Mahira under the veil. He comments that her hands turn the color as herself. She pulls her hand away. Karan says he does not care at all. A vase falls from his hand. He places it on the stand again.
The kidnapper carries Preeta on his shoulder. She wakes up, picks up the same vase and hits him on his head. He drops Preeta. Karan hears the sound. Preeta hits the kidnapper again with the vase on his leg. He screams. Karan turns around.
Shrishti was passing by the corridor and ignores Sherlin. Sherlin gets a memory flashback in which Shrishti recalls her last night confrontation with Sherlin.

Sherlin tries to push Shrishti from behind but Shrishti her in time. Shrishti warns Sherlin that she saved Sherlin from slipping off because she is her sister’s sister in law, but she would never protect her again. She taunts that no matter what Sherlin said, today Preeta is in the house as the daughter in law.

Their family tried that Rishab does not marry Sherlin, they were unsuccessful but now Preeta will bring the reality to the whole family. And now, in spite of Sherlin’s attempts Preeta married Karan twice. She enjoyed intimidating Sherlin as she always does. Preeta came to this house only to unveil Sherlin and Mahira’s true face. Preeta now got the right of a daughter in law.

Karan suspects someone was present on the other side of corridor and runs there. Mahira removes the shawl and wonders why she came to the corridor so soon. The kidnapper had dragged Preeta behind while Karan runs there. Mahira comes to hide the broken vase.

Sherlin continues her intimidation that Preeta will now be here in the house for 24/7. Sherlin was silent. She says Preeta got a big heart. If Sherlin apologizes, Preeta might forgive her as well. Sherlin looked tensed. Shrishti clicks a photo of Sherlin saying she does not get to see such face of Sherlin. She turns to leave. Sherlin challenges Shrishti as Preeta must leave the house soon, with all the rights. Sherlin confronts that Shrishti will not spare Sherlin easily, if Sherlin even tries to hurt Preeta.

Karan stood outside the door of the room. Inside, Preeta’s mouth was stuffed with a cloth piece. Karan says he had heard a voice but maybe it was a suspicion. He asks Mahira if she heard the voice, but Mahira moves her head in denial from under the veil. The leave the corridor. The kidnapper confirms if they had gone. He covers Preeta in a sheet and carries her out.
Janki speaks to a waiter that she is here to help the bride. She notices the kidnapper carrying the sheet. She decides that this man does not seem to be well, she must go and check where he goes.

Rano aunty enters the hall and looks for the family. Karan tells her that this is the girl who calls herself as his bride, she is a troublesome. Someone calls Karan. Mahira was happy that he did not introduce her as his bride. Karan leaves the side. Mahira removes the veil, thinking Rano does not recognize her. Rano was not happy to see her, as she did not compare with Karan’s personality. She inquires her name. She says Mahira. Rano aunty says Rishab told her it was Preeta. Mahira makes up that her official name is Mahira, but everyone calls her Preeta. Rano was unhappy as this name Preeta does not suit her. Mahira was intrigued and argues with Rano. Rano creates a controversy and goes to call Karan for complain.

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