This is fate Friday 5 June 2020 update

This is fate 5 June 2020: Preeta tells Karan that they both will do anything and will eventually bring Rishab back, he says that hew wans his brother and when he is not with him everything feels not right.

He after sitting says that Rishab was his life and he did everything for him, he always comes to wake him before his practice matches and will never leave until he is awake, Karan says that eh started to call him mom just to tease him, he says that he will get lonely when Rishab is not with him, he walks without any worry knowing that Rishab would be able to help him in any situation.

He recalls every moment when his brother helped him in situations that were proving bad for him, Preeta tries to calm him saying that they will bring him back because they know that Rishab b is innocent, he asks her to swear and she also makes a promise saying that nothing will happen, Rakhi comes and Karan goes to hu8g her, Preeta is not able to see their pain.

Rakhi asks him to not worry and believe in god as Rishab will come home and will be fine, Preeta thinks that Karan has broken with what happened to Rishab, she decides to do anything to make his pain go away.
Prithvi is feeling relieved and claims that he is the king and the person who can change anyone’s life at any given moment, Sherlin comes and hugs Prithvi asking how he did it, also saying that she got scared that when the police came she got sacred sa she felt that they came to arrest him.


he asks her if she got heartbroken when they took Rishab to the jail, she says that she got a little because he was the one who should have gone into jail, she ask him how he was able to do all this. She says that when Manisha came she thought that Manisha came to know of the truth and will try to tell everyone but what followed was completely unexpected.

Prithvi asks her to talk in allow voice because they have a lot of enemies and that is Janki, she asks him why he keeps saying Janki’s name, Prithvi says that she was standing behind him when the both were talking and looked curiously at him, Sherlin keeps on asking him how he did this but he does not say and keeps on making excuses. Sherlin tells him that the Luthras are heartbroken on Rishab’s arrest.

She says that when they were talking’s he felt that he was scared, he says that he was scared and knows that if anyone is not scared then he will die, he tells her everything that happened in the police station and felt that his [plan was now failed and when will get caught.

He assures her that no matter the situation he does not quit and keeps on fighting and that is why they win, she again ask him how he did this, eh says that he took the opportunity and when he was coming with Sarla and Janki that is when he made his move.

Prithvi tells Manisha that he can never forget Ritwik and understands what Manisha is going through. He will teach goon lesson to those Luthras for whatever they did to her, and his friend. Manisha takes Prithvi’s promise to stand beside her, she wish to revenge Karan and Rishab. Prithvi holds her hand assuring he will be with her in her revenge from Karan and Rishab.


Rishab was in the jail where a fellow wish to take selfie with Karan Luthra’s elder brother. Food was served in the jail but the jailer comes to say that someone brought food for him, it is Preeta who comes and does not listen to any excuse that Rishab has making him eat the homemade food from her own hands. He stares at how caring she has and how much she has done for him, he says that the food was raster and he would have otherwise stay hungry.

He asks if she got into any trouble, he requests that she must take any worry for him, she says that she is only worried for him as he is in the jail and Karan has also gone into depression he is really y=tensed and is not able to walk in his regular days work, he has immense importance in everyone’s life.

He reaches out for her hand and makes her promise that she will do all that she can to make Karan s life wonderful again and not let him go into any depression, he thinks of how much he trusts her and was also able to trust her with his life and also Karan. She also thinks that she will do all that she is able to do to be with the true Karan who is caring and love his brother a lot, she also likes to spent her time with that person, she walks away and is crying seeing how broken Rishab really is.

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