This is fate update Friday 5 January 2024

This is fate 5 January 2023: Preeta replies but not anymore as she is really angry at him, he says she always tends to get angry at him, Preeta replies she has kept his things for a lot of time but not anymore so he must take them away, arjun mentions she is yelling at him just like she used to do in the past, Preeta replies this is what he deserves, Arjun hugs Preeta and they both start crying, he recalls all of the beautiful moments he has spent with her, how happy they both were together. Preeta is also crying when he consoles her due to which he finally wipes of her tears,

This is fate 4 January 2024

he asks if she is so angry with him inquiring about the reason, she questions if he would ever leave her again, Arjun assures he will always stay with her, she getting emotional once again hugs her. Arjun calls her with the same nickname, bitter melon, informing if she does not show the same affection then today it would be bad for him.Rishab is shocked, Anjali questions why he is acting like this as if he doesn’t know the reason so she explains that he must not act as if he doesn’t know the reason Arjun and Preeta have married each other,

Rishab warns her to not misbehave with him as he is respecting her for being a women, he warns to not hear even a single word against Preeta. Anjali questions why he got Arjun and Preeta married for the sake of business, Rishab says that this is the problem with them all because they consider it to be a balance sheet, but relations are made from the heart, he says they would not be able to understand his relationship with Preeta. Anjali questions how long they would act that his relation with Preeta is pure, Arjun angrily asks Anjali to stop, she says that this family do not deserve his love but Arjun asks if she even knows who these people are,

informing this is his family and Rishab is his brother. The entire Luthra family is shocked.Anjali walking over to Arjun asks if he forgot what this brother did with him, along with Preeta and the people whom he is calling his family, do they know what Rishab and Preeta did with karan, Anjali blames that Rishab and Preeta both were the reason for the death of Karan, the entire Luthra family is shocked hearing this, Rishab angrily questions if she has lost her mind, Anjali replies it si the truth that Preeta and Rishab both were the reason behind Karan’s death,

Anjali blames they both wanted to form their own relation and so took Karan out from that equation, Rishab is not able to control himself but Mahesh is forced to stop him, Rishab asks why would he do this to his own brother. Preeta also asks Anjali to stop questioning what is she saying, Preeta asks Arjun what does he think the truth is, Arjun replies that Rishab and Preeta threw him from the hill.

Rishab gets frustrated questioning if this is the reason, he punished them only because he thought that they were the reason behind his death, Rishab explains that his entire family was eagerly waiting for him, he mentions if Karan got ill he also suffered so says it can never happen, Rishab threatens to slap Arjun, he says he saw both Rishab and Preeta together on that cliff.Rishab explains he was not present in the wedding but they all felt he was Karan and the reason he hid the truth, Mahesh mentions this is why he asked Rishab to find out the truth, Rishab replies even Arjun would not be able to understand the reason, which is why he asked the detective to find out about everything that happened in these years.

Rishab instructs Sameer to bring the laptop, he explains that there was another couple who was wearing the same clothes as him and Preeta je, he informs even he was shocked. Sameer informs the video has been played, Rishab shows that these are the people who are wearing the same clothes as hikm and Preeta ji, the entire family is shocked.Rishab forces Arjun to stand asking if he has understood the truth, Rishab questions if he really thinks they can push him from the cliff, he asks Arjun to see what has happened to his family, he is not able to understand anything, Anjali blames the video for being fake, the entire Luthra family is shocked.

Rishab questions who should they believe, Preeta also asks how can the video be fake when even Karan was present in that video, Anjali still blames the video for being fake but Karina questions if she has stopped seeing, Dadi instructs Anjali should leave from this house because Arjun himself can see what is the truth. Anjali tries to go to Arjun but Preeta comes in between them mentioning Anjali is not a member of their family, so Anjali does not have to say anything. Anjali blames they are not his family but are all acting, Preeta replies she is not a family member,

Arjun accepts that the Luthra’s are his family and they have indeed helped him in the past five years but this does not mean he would stop living with his real family because he has understood that Rishab and Preeta never tried to kill him, so he really loves his family. Rishab hugs Arjun and they both start crying, he then hugs the rest of the family one by one as they are all also very emotional. Arjun goes to hug Mahesh but he first slaps him, seeing which the entire family si tensed then Arjun hugs him, he holding the hand of Preeta accepts that he is indeed her Karan,

hearing this the entire family is also emotional and Preeta hugs him. Anjali is shocked seeing this, Rishab is still crying.Anjali blames Preeta for finally fulfilling her game plan by trapping Arjun, she asks how Arjun forgot everything and what has Preeta done to him, she mentions Preeta slapped him infornt of the media and even forced him to stay away from his own daughter, Arjun defends Preeta saying that she sided with the truth but he was wrong and should apologize to his family for causing all those problems, Rkahi explains there is no need to apologize, Arjun informs he would surely thank Bhagwan as he made Preeta realize that he is her Karan which is why she was ready to get married,

he knows that she can never belong to anyone else. Rishab is also smiling. Anjali is not able to believe it, she gets really furious and seeing the knife picks it up, she threatens to harm Preeta by placing the knife around her neck, the entire Luthra family suggests that she must not make this mistake.Anjali blames Preeta for snatching Arjun from her because she is a deceiver, she vows to take her life, the entire Luthra family threaten Anjali if she harms Preeta,

Shristhi replies she would kill Anjali with the same knife but Anjali replies she would do what she desires, Rakhi suggests that she must stop believing the lie as he is not Arjun but her son Karan, Karina informs he is the brother of Rishab and Preeta’s husband, Rishab requests her to put down the knife but Anjali demands that he must apologize to her for the way he talked, Arjun questions why would he apologize when he has not done anything wrong, Rishab apologizes instructing her to put down the knife, Anjali informs she hates her more then they love her, Arjun once again requests her to let Preeta go.

Anjali asks why does he love her so much, she accepts that Preeta did not kill him but every relation has an expiry date so he should give the remaining life to her, Arjun questions Anjali what does she want, she replies she wants him when he questions how can he make this promise, Arjun manages to protect Preeta and so slaps Anjali, Preeta is scared while the Luthra’s are glad she is safe.

Arjun angrily slaps Anjali who is shocked, he questions if she has gotten mad and what she has done with Preeta today has ruined her image in his mind, he instructs her to get out from this house. Anjali mentions she has given her immense support to him as she always was by his side but he is asking her to get out from this house, she exclaims she cannot live without him and would surely die, he mentions it would not be of any use as he clearly told her that he will always belong to Preeta, and when he has understood that they were never wrong then why should he not live with them, Anjali blames him for making a very big mistake for which he would have to pay, she exclaims she would not sit quietly so once again tries to harm Preeta but Arjun warns her to not even think of it again.

Preeta questions why she not stops as she has been constantly claiming her right over this family an her husband when they all belong to her, Preeta exclaims that Anjali does not have any place over here so she pushes Anjali out of the Luthra Mansion, while she is constantly calling to Arjun. Anjali starts crying restlessly before walking away.The entire Luthra family is relieved, Anjali standing at the gate thinks they have wronged her and she vows to ruin everything and burn all of their relation, she exclaims Arjun has rejected her today so would suffer the most, she exclaims she will return to make sure that they cannot show their face anywhere and they must wait for the day when she returns as it would only be the day of her revenge.

Rishab assures that there is nothing to be worried about, Karan apologizes to his family for hiding the truth even when he was in front of them, he accepts he has really hurt them emotionally and so is sorry for what he has done, Karan apologizes to the entire Luthra family, he accepts he is their criminal because they are his family but he has made them strangers they all stop him for doing it. Karan accepts he got in a very big mis understanding, he requests Rakhi to slap him twice because he did not tell her that he was their Karan, Rakhi assures there is no need to apologize,

Preeta asks why is there no need since they all know Karan does not apologize very easily so they should let him do it, Karan replies he feels she has just missed his apologizes, Rishab informs they were really missing his presence in their family, Rishab hugs Karan.Rakhi is glad that her son returned and the best part is that the misunderstanding he had for Rishab and Preeta ended, she advises he should never think that his family can do anything wrong for him,

she asks Bani Dadi who explains they should all go and pray to Bhagwan as their son returned, the entire family is standing while Bani Dad is performing the pooja, they all are really happy, Bai Dadi comes to Karan to bless him, she even applies the Tika on his forehead so he takes her blessings by touching her feet, she hugs him seeing which they all are really happy. Rakhi comes to Karan, she applies the black tika at the back of his ear, praying that he should get a very long life, Karan hugs her and then Rishab and Sameer also hug them, they all are smiling.

Karina explains now that Arti has finished, he should also meet her, Karan hugs Karina when Mahesh asks if he thinks that his father has some sort of thorns, Karna apologies to his father, Mahesh calls him a dog, Kritika explains that she said she got the feeling of her brother after they first met but she was stupid to think he is actually her Karan bhai, Shristhi explains that he must have gotten very tired so must go and rest,

Kritika with a smile asks if she actually thinks he would rest, Rakhi says that both should not tease them both, Preeta informs that she is sure Karan would not have forgotten his room.Prithvi if angrily throwing books in his house exclaiming everything got ruined, he blames Bhagwan for doing it all and so questions why did he make her feel that he could marry Preeta je but Karan never died, he did not support him in the quest and not only that but Karan is alive,

Bhagwan also made Preeta very rich while he is still living in this same Chawal, Prithvi sits down thinking he has been defeated, Sherlin comes to the room questioning what has he done to the house, she asks if he is fine. Prithvi replies he is not fine and did she see his condition, he explains everything has been ruined as he planned to keep her in Mansions but all of his plans have been ruined, Sherlin asks if he does not think whenever they plan anything against the Luthra’s they suffer defeat, she advises him to have the medicine, Prithvi sits don thinking he would not let his dream suffer,

but there would be a way with which he can take his revenge from Arjun, because he snatches Preeta je from him both the times first when he was Karan and now even as Arjun, Sherlin comes to him with the medicine, he is shocked seeing all these medicines but Sherlin prays Anjali should have given money to Shamu, Prithvi also agrees explaining it would be really suitable for them, Sherlin asks what was he saying about stopping the marriage, Prithvi refuses he said anything.

Anjali in her room is thinking how Arjun would take care of her, and she tried to explain that Preeta is his past but he informed he still has feelings for her, she in frustration starts thrashing the room recalling how Arjun said he cannot express the depth of love he has for Preeta, Anjali blames Preeta for being behind everything, she explains Arjun really cared for her and he was always present by her side, she vows to not let Preeta get away with this as she stole her Arjun.

Anjali angrily walks back, seeing the bottle, Anjali recalls how Arjun used to drink from it, she think he would drink with the same bottle and now she is going to have the same drink today, Anjali pours the drink in the glass, she throws the glass on the floor. Anjali wonders why she is not able to forget anything, she opens the bottle and starts drinking from it but even then it does not have any effect, she finally sits in front of the couch where she accepts she really loves Arjun but he refused to accept her feelings and explained that he really likes her as a friend.

Anjali vows if he can sleep peacefully tomorrow night then her name is not Anjali Ahuja, she vows to make him suffer for what he has done and ruin the life of Preeta because she will not be able to forget it, Anjali thinks Preeta would not forget what she is going to steal from her and tomorrow morning her life is going to be ruined.Prithvi is sitting in the room thinking about his defeat, he picks the milk and alcohol, he wonders if how is the injury cured as they use turmeric milk but he claims to be a real man who only drinks,

Prithvi is shocked to see Anjali in his house, he asks what is she doing here and she stopped the marriage of Arjun and Preeta, Prithvi thinks that she has tears in her eyes while is also holding the alcohol bottle so he feels her intentions are not right, Anjali asks why did he do this to her, Prithvi is shocked.

Prithvi asks Anjali what has he done, she tries to hit him when he advises she must stay away as she is already drunk and if he does something then she would have to pay the price, he asks her to leave but she breaking the alcohol bottle is adamant to not leave, Anjali once again questions what has he done to her, she blames him saying that he has put suspicion in their minds because they did this to her,

he asks if she has lost her mind but Anjali angrily replies she is speaking the truth, she says he called Rishab to his house and wanted him to be furious with Karan but Prithvi succeeded in it as Rishab got angry but they all have become his own family, she exclaims he should have made her get married but after seeing Preeta in the dress he decided to marry her so should have asked her, Prithvi replies that he wanted money but it was not the only reason, he accepts he loves Preeta and it is not from today but a long time ago,

he exclaims they both are made for each other, Sherlin enters the house, Anjali exclaims it is good she came as Prithvi still loves Preeta but she is the wife of Karan, Prithvi angrily demands that she should leave, he assures Sherlin that Anjali is lying and it is not the truth, Anjali says she is not going to leave and would not stay quiet, she threatens she can do really bad to him, as it is not difficult for her to hire the criminal Shamu after him,

she leaves so Prithvi tries to assure he only loves Sherlin and has not done anything wrong, he tries calling her out but she doesn’t listen to him, Prithvi’s friend enters the house informing him that Anjali caused his bike to fall and even broke the mirror, he demands money from Prithvi who replies that he never asked him to always roam around the girls as it is not nice, he keeps knocking on the door requesting Sherlin to open the door but she is just crying, he gets furious saying he would not let her sleep,

he turning back exclaims that this world is really worse as one girl broke the bottle while the other has locked the room and the girl he loves the most has married someone else.Shristhi after opening the door asks Preeta to see how well the room has been decorated, she mentions Preet would be thinking how did they manage it but they were able to do it when there was the drama in their house, Kritika hears someone coming when they both rush to the door informing that he has to pay tax in order to enter the room, Arjun is shocked wondering what are they doing,

Kritika and Shristhi explain he has been married to Preeta Bhabhi so they both should get the money, Kritika explains they even accept credit cards, Karan says this house and room belong to him so he would surely go inside, Kritika and Shristhi stop him, she explains Preeta di should request him since he always listens to her, Preeta asks him to give them both what they desire, Arjun agrees so after handing them the money rushes inside, without listening to what they have to say. Karan asks why Preeta was taking their side and he asks if they she does not want to meet him.

Shristhi and Kritika both are trying to her what is going inside the room, they both fall on the bed when Karan opens the door, he holds their ears when Mahesh also entering the room mentions they both should be glad they got the money, and leave. Kritika and Shristhi both are complaining to Mahesh who explains they must help him handle Rakhi jee as she is acting very strange manner, because she wants to celebrate the birthday of Karan.

Karan asks Preeta to listen to him, he asks if he can say one thing when Preeta replies he should say a lot of things since she has been waiting to hear him speak, he praises her for looking so beautiful, he asks if she even knows how much he missed her, she replies he did not miss her at all but Karan explains he has waited to see her like this and to be able to show his affection in this manner, Preeta starts to cry but he explains from now on wards there is only going to be love between them both, Preeta hugs Karan remembering their beautiful moments spent together,

he slowly starts taking off her jewelry while she is just standing there and not even moving a bit, Karan once again picks Preeta in his arms just like he did in the past, she is smiling staring at him. Karan starts showing affection to Preeta, they both are enjoying their time together while constantly thinking about the beautiful moments which they had with each other. Karan hears a knock on the door so goes to check it, he asks Kavya what is she doing here, kavya runs into the room explaining she wants to sleep with them both,

Kavya explains she needs to sleep with the petals, Karan informs there are even thorns with it but now they are just petals, Kavya asks Preeta to tell her a story but then she turns to Karan who gets tensed, he starts the story with a donkey however Kavya insists she wants to hear the story of kind and queen, Karan starts explaining that both the king and queen really love each other but then they are separated however when they meet once again their daughter always likes to sleep between them, kavya with a smile on her face asks why is he telling the story about her, Karan and Preeta start smiling with kavya, they all sleep together.

In the morning Karan is staring at Preeta while she is sleeping beside him, he is not able to think of anything ese while just remembering the memories he has of her, he acts as if he is asleep just as she wakes up but she notices him, they both hold hands over Kavya who is still asleep, she also slowly moves, Karan signals Preeta to come out with him but Kavya wakes up greeting them, she informs she really liked sleeping with Mr Handsome, she insists of sleeping with them like this, Karan is forced to agree to her.

Preeta rushes to open the door when she greets Bani Dadi, Karan also hugs her so Bani Dadi mentions she seems like a new daughter in law so would have to make a dessert, she asks Kavya to come with her as she would change her clothes. Bani Dadi advises Preet to make a pudding, Preeta says that she would go and get ready, Karan stops her explaining he would tell her in the ears, he kisses Preeta while acting as if he wants to talk with her, Preeta leaves replying he is really mischievous so she is not gong to get ready here anymore, Karan is smiling and thanks Bhagwan jee for once again giving him back his family and even Preeta.

In the morning Mahesh asks where the new daughter in law of this house is as they are waiting for the sweet, Rishab suggests Mahesh should not do this today, Dadi replies that he wants to eat the sweets today, Karina explains that Mahesh bhai can eat the sweets today but after that Rakhi Bhabhi would make him perform exercise, Rakhi smiles explaining she would make him run, Mahesh teases Arjun.

Kavya walks down the stairs asking what has her mother made today, Preeta replies that she made what is known as pudding, Mahesh does not even let Bani Dadi eat it and so demands a big spoon, Rakhi replies that he should only be given the small spoon, Sameer informs him that Mahesh has started to eat a lot and if they give him the small spoon then he would eat less, Rishab questions why is he informing Karan because he has stayed in this house and knows everything, the entire family starts arguing over if he is Karan or Arjun,

Rishab explains there is no need to be worried about as his name is really Karan, Rakhi also explains that she would only refer to him as Karan, she asks if they all remember how happily they named him as Karan. Karan says that he would only accept the name which his wife agrees with, she after listening for a while exclaims they would refer him by the nickname, Mahesh taunts that he has started accepting all the decisions of his wife, Karan replies even he accepts the instructions of mom, Dadi with a smile on her face thinks this is her family and she prays that no evil eye should befall them.

Anjali is sitting in the room when she calls Nidhi who mentions she was waiting for her call, Anjali requests her to come back to Mumbai as soon as possible since they have been cheated on, she informs about the entire situation and then explains Arjun married Karan hearing which Nidhi is shocked.Rakhi asks kavya to request her mother to make Karan eat the sweet by her own hands,

Preeta refuses replying she would fulfill the ritual after a while but she is forced to agree when they insist, Preeta is about to fulfil it when Anjali enters the house clapping, the entire family is shocked when Karan asks Anjali what is she doing here, Anjali questions if he is asking what she is doing here, she says he should eat the sweets now because very soon their life is going to be really bitter and they all would not be able to bear them, she mentions if they all stole her happiness then how can she let them remain happy, she says that when she found out she has a bad news to give them so she could not resist and came here,

Anjali asks if they got really scared, as she knows they all are eagerly waiting to hear the news, she mentions very soon the entire family is going to become really poor, the entire Luthra family is stunned. Preeta questions why are they talking like this and should tell it quickly, Preeta replies now matter the news it cannot harm their family, Anjali replies Preeta cannot understand it, she explains they need money to be happy but very soon they all would become really poor, she explains because all the companies which Arjun gave to Preeta is not valid as they never belonged to Arjun but were actually of her only sister Nidhi,

she explains this means it all belongs to her sister Nidhi, Anjali then turns to Arjun explaining they do not know who is her sister but he knows what she is capable off and how can she make them come on the road within a matter of minutes, Anjali thanks him for stealing everything from the Luthra’s but she threatens that now Nidhi would snatch everything from them, Anjali mention they got Arjun but would not have anything left other then that, Anjali asks if Arjun does not think it to be fate as he first took everything from Preeta but now he doesn’t have anything else to give to them and so they would very soon come on the roads.

Anjali exclaims she would suggest they find a new place to stay because just as they threw her out of the house, then their family might also be forced to leave this house, Anjali leaves.The entire Luthra family is really tensed, Anjali walks out of the Luthra Mansion when Prithvi smiles hearing about it and thinks he has to go an inform Sherlin, he leaves with a smile on his face.

Prithvi in excitement opens the door calling Sherlin to come and listen, but she does not respond even when he explains he has a very good news for her, he is shocked as the door is still locked. Prithvi thinks she is still inside the room, he is worried because she never locked herself but would rather fight and argue with him, he thinks this time the matter is really serious, but he remembers the good news which he found out in the Luthra Mansion, realizing which Sherlin would forget everything and hug him. Prithvi requests Sherlin to let go of the anger as he has a very good news for her,

Sherlin angrily opens the door questioning why did she lock the door but Sherlin replies she does not want to hear anything from him, Sherlin is about to leave but Prithvi questions why is she leaving him, she once again explains she is not interested in anything he says, Prithvi once again stops her questioning why is she leaving, he assures he just said it to Anjali so she gets quiet but Sherlin replies he tends to twist the words, she blames herself for living with him but has had enough. Prithvi questions what has suddenly gotten into her since she first locked herself in the room and is now leaving,

Sherlin mentions she thought he only loved her and always forgave him but now she has realized he does not deserve her love, Prithvi vows to not let her leave but she threatens him with a knife if he does not let her leave, Prithvi tries his best to stop her, she informs she has not paid the rent of this house so he would also have to leave it, Prithvi begs her to not leave him, he is tensed finding out she has actually left him.

Dadi is glad after hearing her voice, she sees Anjali entering the house so questions where was her mobile, Anjali does not know the reason when Dadi explains that Nidhi called to inform that she is going to come by tomorrow evening, Dadi questions Anjali what is she trying to do, she replies she does not know anything but is sure of one thing that she would not stay stuck in this moment.

Karan is anxiously trying to call Nidhi but she does not answer his call, he mentions it has never happened before when Rishab replies that Karan should not be worried at all as they all would surely get out of this problem, he asks Mahesh to inform Karan that it is not his fault, Mahesh instructs Sameer to call the manager of Karan and find out about all the contracts of Arjun and Nidhi, Rishab leaves assuring Karan they would handle everything.

Karan sits down when Preeta comes with the tea, Karan mentions she got late as everyone left, she asks why is he so tensed when Karan replies that everything is happening because of him so Preeta informs he must not blame himself since it is not only his fault, she explains had she not married him then Anjali would never have gotten the chance to do such things, Karan assures she must not blame herself, Preeta still believes they are all because of her, Karan taunts her mentioning she has only caused problems in his life, she gets shocked so hits him, they both start laughing when Karan requests Preeta to never leave him again

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