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This is fate 12 January 2024: Anjali asks Karan to come here quickly since she wants to talk about him something very important and she warns that if he tries to do anything so wrong then his son would pay the price of it, Karan starts panicking requesting her to not take any such step as he is surely going to obey but she must not do anything wrong with his son,

Anjali says that she does not like this tone of Karan, he requests her to not do anything wrong, Anjali explains Nidhi is very great since she is finally bringing her love to her, she says she is going to show him the face of his son but then says that they both are coming her and should meet the son personally, she assures she is here to take care of the child and has even hired a nurse so that she takes very good care of the child, Anjali mentions he should not be late as she along with his son are waiting for him, Karan tries calling Anjali but she needs the call, he thinks he is surely going to kill her.

Sameer and Shristhi are driving when she requests him to let her drive, Shristhi says he should drive a bit fast but Sameer informs that Karan bhai and Nidhi are just in front of them, Shristhi starts praying for it when she sees that Karan jiju made an exit, she exclaims Sameer knows that they do not know the address of the farmhouse and she is sure Karan would need their help so Sameer agrees to make the exit.

Rakhi says she asked them to leave her but they are not leaving, Mahesh explains they left her but she came out and so they are not going to listen to her, Rishab also says he would not leave her, Rakhi explains his father also talks like this to her and now even he is behaving the same way, Karina requests Rakhi to not like this because they all are really tensed but she knows they care for her and even their way of speaking is wrong but still they care for her, Rakhi explains she is worried for Preeta who has just given birth to twins but she is really ill, Rakhi stands up to leave however Bani Dadi exclaims she must sit down and rest however Rakhi once again stands up to leave, Bani Dadi mentions Rakhi is just emotional, Rakhi apologizes to Rakhi saying she would be thinking she is not accepting her orders but she is really worried for Preeta and until she does not see her then would not be calm, Rakhi thinks Preeta is unconscious and one of her son is not with them so they should let her go, Mahesh once again tries to stop her but she leaves.

Preeta lying on the bed thinks of the time when the nurse brought her the twins and she was enjoying with Karan, she is slowly waking up, Rakhi sits beside Preeta, exclaiming a mother knows every time her children are fine or in some sort of trouble, she exclaims they were not able to understand her feelings because the anxiety attack which she got a few hours ago was nothing wrong but she felt that one of her twins is not fine but they were not able to understand it, Preeta must not be worried because they have found out the truth and even a mother would bring back her son but just it would only be when she was not unconscious, she apologies for letting the doctor give her the injection, Rakhi is still apologizing but assures that she would not let anything happen to her child and they would surely find a way with the help of Bhagwan Preeta once again starts calling for her children while still being asleep, Rakhi immediately calls the doctor as Preeta is just asking for her children, Rakhi assures that her children are safe but Preeta must not be worried since Arjun has went after Anjali and would surely rig back her child, the doctor after checking Preeta requests them to calm down.

Nidhi asks Karan to stop the car since she wants to talk with him, but he doesn’t listen to her, Shristhi also requests Sameer to drive the car a bit slow, but he asks if she knows how she talk with him when he is driving, he says she talks a lot worse than him. Nidhi is also requesting him to stop the car, but he refuses so she pulls the handbrake, Nidhi walks out of the car and asks what the plan is when he explains they are going to meet her but she exclaims they have to make a plan. Karan is shocked to see the car of Sameer and asks what they are doing here, Shristhi explains she is sorry because they thought he would not allow them but needs their help,

Nidhi says she feels they are right as Anjali has gotten psychotic and it would be wrong to handle her, she feels they should even call the police, Anjali is hearing their conversation and is really shocked thinking what they are planning, Karan exclaims that he is getting the video call of Anjali, she says they are making a plan against her because her own sister is instigating them against her, she says that Nidhi Ahuja is the worst sister in the world as they saw that their own family ruins everything, Anjali mentions Nidhi knows how much she loves him and he is her world but Nidhi cannot see it happen, Anjali exclaims she thought they both would live happily but she is now going to change this location and if anything wrong happens with his child then Nidhi would be responsible for it. Karan requests to not let do anything with his son, Shristhi also warns to make him pay if she does anything to Preeta’s son, Anjali says that she would be thinking how she knows it, so Nidhi should search her dress and would find an instrument, Anjali exclaims she is going to leave this place and they can call the police. Anjali exclaims she might be here if they do not call the police, Anjali mentions it is now up to them, she ends the call.

Anjali thinks when she asked Nidhi to go and call Karan is when she fixed the listening device on her dress, Karan thinks they cannot inform the police as he would not put the life of his son in danger, so they all plan to go to the farmhouse.

Rakhi slowly comes out of the room while the entire Luthra family is worried, Bani Dadi asks how Preeta is, Rakhi explains Preeta is not fine at all, Kritika assures Preeta would get fine however Rakhi says she knows that her Preeta is feeling everything for her children, Kritika explains Nidhi herself told Anjali just took one of the babies but they still have the other child, Rakhi asks Kritika to go and bring him Bani Dadi asks her to sit down, Rakhi exclaims that the doctor was saying some women get violent because of the hormonal changes however it was not the case as Preeta felt that something was wrong with her children and she even warned by taking each of their names, Rakhi says she would have felt what was about to happen, Dadi mentions none of them can see her pain as she is just when Karina explains only mother knows the pain, she prays that Preeta should live happily with all her children, Bani Dadi requests them to not be worried since nothing wrong is going to happen to Preeta.

Preeta while in the bd thins when she exclaimed she is going to just leave them both for some time, and Rakhi maa said that Anjali took one of the twins but Karan has gone after her and would surely bring him back, Preeta waking up starts panicking asking where is her son, she tries to remove the syringe but feels immense pain however is not moved, Preeta then tries to walk but causes the swing to fall, she slowly walks out of the room and sees her family sitting however someone covers her face with a towel forcing her on a wheelchair, she is once again unconscious.

Karan and Nidhi reach the farmhouse and they all start calling Anjali but she is not found anywhere, Nidhi sees the empty swing and wonders where can Anjali leave with the child, she is also searching for her, Shristhi and Sameer coming down exclaim that no one is upstairs, Nidhi also says she cannot see Anjali anywhere, Nidhi explains she is sure that Anjali has ran away and she is not doing it alone but someone is helping her.

Nidhi informs Karan that she knows Anjali has ran away and she is not doing this alone but with the help of someone else, she asks them all to think. Shristhi also requests her to be clear, Nidhi explains she knows that Anjali desires to marry him and will surely call Karan but he says she has not called him. Nidhi gets the letter from Anjali but is at first not able to comprehend it, she reads how Anjali wants her to come at the hill road alone without Karan, Sameer or Shristhi otherwise she is going to throw the child off the cliff, Anjali says that Nidhi should come and meet her because she is her sister who wants to get married to Karan.

Nidhi apologizes to Karan but he says it is not the time to apologize however Nidhi should go and save his son, he threatens to not let her live, Karan starts thrashing the room when Shristhi explains there is no need to waste his energy as they would have to need it after a while.

Anjali standing recalls when Nidhi returned everything which belonged to Karan and Preeta said that she has Karan as her life partner forever and no one can snatch him from her, she even thinks when Nidhi said that Anjali would have to face her if she tries to do anything wrong against Karan, she thinks when she said that she hates Nidhi, Anjali immediately points the gun at her face, Anjali exclaims that she is going to take the life of Nidhi Ahuja questioning what sort of a sister is she because she wants to ruin her life, when she had done it before. Anjali says Karan was coming to her but she stopped him and was even giving the idea to call the police.

Karan informs the inspector that Anjali stole his child and they followed her to the farmhouse but she managed to run away from there.

Anjali explains she got the help from that little child but she just came here to inform her that now no one can stop her and Karan would himself come to her and marry her, she says that Nidhi once before lost Karan to Preeta but this time she is going to lose him to her, Anjali exclaims she wanted to see the same expression on her face which are of depression and despair, Nidhi once again requests Anjali to let go of this desire and end it all, Anjali says Nidhi wants to see how he would marry her then should wait to see. Anjali calls Karan, the inspector request Karan to give them some time but Karan informs he does not have any time to spare. Karan answers the call when Anjali explains she really likes to hear his voice, Karan demands she should stop playing these games but Anjali explains she wants to inform him that she also has the mother of his child in her custody, Karan warns her to not test his patience but Anjali explains if anything happens to ether his son or wife because of his actions then she should not be blamed, Anjali ends the call when Karan is shocked, Shristhi asks what did she say, Karan wonders who did Anjali get to Preeta, she tries calling Mahesh but he does not answer the call.

Nidhi asks Anjali to stop this drama asking if she thinks Karan would come back to her after all this drama as he will hate her, Anjali explains Nidhi should not tell him anything but should know that Preeta is coming to her, she explains she knows how to settle a score as she wants to take revenge of the slap.

Mahesh is in the hospital when he gets a call from Karan but before he can answer it Karan ends the call, Shristhi also calls Rakhi asking if Preeta is in her room, Rakhi gets shocked when Dadi and Karina ask what is going on, Rakhi explains Shristhi is asking if Preeta is in her room when they all are shocked to not find Preeta in the room. Rakhi also asks Shristhi what the problem is because this is why she called her, Rakhi demands her to tell the truth because she needs to know it, Karan asks Mahesh to put his call on the speaker, he explains Preeta is with Anjali. Karina is shocked asking how can this happen as Preeta was unconscious, Rakhi starts crying and sits down asking how did it happen. Mahesh walks out explaining that Rishab went to bring the child but Karan should promise him to bring back Preeta and the child, he says if karan comes back without them then would surely suffer, Karan vows to leave and bring back his family but the inspector stops Karan explaining that he needs some time to locate Anjali.

Priyanka is holding the baby when Anjali comes so Priyanka explains this child is really cute, Anjali says because he is the child of Karan, Priyanka asks what would happen if he does not come to her, Anjali picks the child explaining his father really loves her and this is why because of her plan he would himself come to her and request to marry her, Priyanka asks what plan has she played when Anjali says she must wait for some time when the doctor comes with Preeta, Priyanka getting shocked explains he is the Matka King when he informs the last time he made a mistake and kidnapped Anjali but this time has surely kidnapped Preeta as he does not make the same mistake twice.

Anjali exclaims even she is not going to make the same mistake twice, she will surely marry Preeta. Anjali thinks that Karan would surely come here as she has both his son and Preeta, Anjali thinks that she fell in love with Karan after seeing his love for Preeta. Anjali advises the Matka King to keep an eye on her while she goes to get ready, Anjali leaves with a smile on her face when even the Matka King says that she is really psychotic, Priyanka agrees with him but says that today she would surely marry Karan.

Rishab asks Karan how he knew about this, Karan replies he knows she is telling the truth because she also has the control of Preeta and the child, the inspector explains they have tapped the phone of Karan and are waiting for the time when Anjali calls karan, he explains they feel she doesn’t want anything from Preeta or the child but just wants to marry him.

Anjali comes asking Priyanka how is she looking, she praises her but Anjali exclaims she is the most beautiful bride of Karan, they all agree with her. Anjali exclaims the last time she did not know if she performed the rituals with either Karan or Prithvi, but this time would surely call him to her. Anjali calls Karan when the inspector advises Karan to keep her talking with him for at least one minute, Karan asks Anjali what is she doing, he explains he really hates her because he considered her as his friend yet she deceived him, Anjali after a while says she is going to end the call but Karan requests her to keep talking because if he does not know the location then how would they meet, Anjali says she is going to send one of his doctor friend to her, Karan vows to leave but the inspector stop him however Karan explains he vowed to always protect Preeta from all the problems and now it is time to fulfill that promise, he angrily starts walking out of the house.

Preeta is unconscious when Priyanka walks behind her with the child, Anjali exclaims Preeta should see what she has to do because of her stubbornness, saying there are so many men in the world but Preeta just wants Karan, she angrily throws water on Preeta who immediately after waking up questions where is her child, but Anjali is not moved and sitting down explains that she is one of those people who look good when they are crying, Preeta requests Anjali to not do anything to her son, Anjali calls Priyanka so Preeta realizes and turning immediately requests Priyanka to give her back the child questioning how can she do it but Anjali asks Preeta to not make such noise as she does not like it, she explains today is her wedding day with Karan.

Preeta gets furious when Anjali asks why did Preeta think she kidnapped the child, it is not because she loves them but just wants him to marry her, Preeta replies Karan does not love her and is not going to marry her, Anjali asks if she really think that all the couples love eachother before marrying but it can happen after their marriage.

The Pandit jee enters the room when Preeta asks if he knows who Anjali is marrying, she explains he is her husband she has even kidnapped her son hearing which the Pandit is shocked but Anjali furiously slaps Preeta.

Karan stops the car at the signal and gets out wondering where is the men of Anjali when she asked him to come here, Shristhi slowly open the trunk but then closes it after the other car arrives, Matka king along with his men cover the face of Karan with a black mask saying it would only be opened once they have reached their location, Shristhi slowly tries to enter the trunk of the car but she is also taken hostage, Karan asks who is with him when they inform there is a long girl who came out of the trunk of his car. Matka king explains that she is indeed Shristhi, he instruct his men to call Anjali as they know what she is capable off.

Anjali asks Preeta if she feel good being quiet, she explains she is surely going to marry her husband. Pandit jee asks if she thinks he would get her married to the husband of Preeta but Anjali explains she knew something of the sort would happen as everyone is on the side of Preeta but she has taken care of it, she instructs her men to point his gun at the pandit who is forced to sit down.

Preeta asks what kind of a women is she because she ahs kidnapped her son, Anjali replies that she is not a women because she ahs never been married before so does not understand the feeling of a mother, wife or daughter but would be able to understand everything after she gets married. Preeta is still crying when Anjali explains she should cry as long as she likes since she is feeling happy with it. Matka king brings karan into the room when Preeta asks him to see that Anjali has their child, Karan asks if she ahs lost her mind since he has to go and be with his son, Anjali explains now they are going to get married and she asks how is she looking, karan explains she is looking ridiculous and tris to go and be with his son but the Matka king points a gun at his head asking if he thinks this is the shooting of a movie. Anjali explains he can leave with Preet and his wife after they are married.

Karina in the Luthra Mansion explains women like Anjali do not have any right to live and she should have died, they all look at her when she asks why are they staring at her because Anjali has done a lot of bad things and she should have died the day when she got in that accident, Rakhi coming to Karina asks why is she worried because Preeta is really a nice girl and she would be fine. Rishab coming to Rakhi asks why is she worried because they have never heard that someone who was dead has returned but karan did come back to them even after he had lost his memory. Rakhi agrees with Rishab saying they both have been separated a lot of time in the past but they both are surely going to come out of this situation, Rishab assures their family would also be complete very soon.

Kavya comes running to Rishab explaining Kritika bua is not giving her the brother and she wants to play with him, Rishab sitting says that it is nothing to be worried about because she still has one of her brother, Kavya questions where is the second brother, Rakhi explains one of her brother went out without telling them and so both her parents have gone to bring him back, kavya demands they should then call papa because she does not want anyone to scold her brother. Mahesh assures that no one is going to scold her brother but she should play the games, Kritika explains that Kavya used to play a lot of games with her but does not play anymore so she should come back to the room however kavya explains that she wants to play here. Kavya is shocked seeing the inspector so asks what is he doing here, Rishab explains just like Kavya desires to play with her toys they also feel like playing hearing which Kavya agrees to go and play in her room.

Karan asks if she has lost her mind because he married Preeta and is even the father of three children, Anjali explains Karan doesnot know that when he came to meet her in the hospital, he accidentally touched her because of which she woke up, she asks what kind of love is between him and Preeta when she used to love Rishab, she says she can even share Karan with Preeta if this si what they desire as she would not stop Preeta from meeting her children. Karan angrily pushes Anjali while hitting her men, he goes to free Preeta but Anjali then places the child just above the Agni threating to throw him if she does not agree to marry her.

Karan agrees he would do anything which Anjali desires, she says she is glad to marry him when she explains how can she not get the divorce papers signed because what would happen if Preeta says that the wedding is void, she forces Preeta to sign the papers who hesitantly signs them. Anjali then walks to Karan but he does not sign the papers at first, he however staring at Preeta is about to sign them but explains that the pen is not working, Anjali says they can sign the papers after their marriage is complete because at that time his relation with Preeta would not be void.

Shristhi slowly starts waking up while Karan is sitting with Anjali, she is shocked to see it and then stares at Preeta who is crying, she is not able to understand it and then rushes to cut the rope of Preeta who looks at Karan, they both try their best when Pandit jee asks them to call the mother of the bride but Anjali says that her mother is not here and she would never ask Preeta to perform the ritual, Anjali herself starts performing it and finally Pandit jee signals him to fill her Mang, Karan once again explain he cannot marry her but she says he would have to marry her, Anjali is about to force him to fill her Mang but Preeta stops her questioning how did she dare think about it, she slaps Anjali.

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