These Streets update Wednesday 15 December 2021

These Streets 15 December 2021: Asmita recalls shan asked her to leave.Host says this 6 yo has hit the target. She deserves this prize. They gift her 1000 and a trumpet. Krishi is happy. Krishi says I will treat all my friends with this money. She treats all the kids. Asmita and shan look at each other. Asmita slips. shan holds her. Asmita shoves him. A kid says mummy I want to go for ice cream. Shan is shocked. HE says wow mummy.. People are quick these days. Asmita says I don’t need to give justifications.

Shan says you killed my child and you have your baby. Asmita says leave my hand. He says is it even a legal child? Asmita says shut up. Shan says you didn’t take a moment to get over? A man looks at shan. He says this is Shan who has ruined asmita’s life. I won’t let her be hurt anymore. I will always be there for her.Asmita cries. She says I knew this would happen. Why does this happen to me. That man comes to asmita. Asmita says where is vivan? He says you have to get over shan. I am seeing you cry after years because of that shan. Asmita says it isn’t like that. He says I wil have to teach him a lesson.

Asmita says it was a past Mr. SHikhawat. We will go back from here after this festival.Chaht takes the trumpet from Krishi. Krishi shoves her. She says you stepped on my trumpet. Krishi shoves her.Chahat says to nandani I don’t want to stay here. Shan sees asmita talking to shikhawat. He says you killed my child and have your house now?? I will never forgive you.Krishi sells flowers. She says everyone has good parents. Why are my parents not like that. There is so much, I can’t do anything. Krishi says God din’t give me all this so I don’t eat sweets and my teeth stay strong.

Shan buys bracelet for Chahat.Krishi picks a bracelet. The shopkeeper is about to slap her. He says you were stealing it? Shan shoves him. He says she is a daughter. Don’t dare touching the kid. She is a Goddess. Shan says to Krishi what bracelet do ou want? He says this is your now. She is wearing a mask. Krishi’s mom comes. She says where were you lost. She leaves. Shan says why did I feel a connection with her?

Krishi’s mom says where did you go? She says to restroom. She says did you sell? Krishi says yes see this. she says you will get one roti today. Come before 6 home. Your dad would hit you.The show is starting. Krishi goes there. Her mom says if her dad finds out I let her go to the drama, he would be so mad. Krishi comes to the management.Moni says to Nevi why can’t I enjoy? Everyone is at the festival. Nevi says I always pray for you. She says let me tell you about Kanha ji.

Krishi says I would give an amazing performance. Nevi tells Moni about bal gopal. Nandani looks for Chahat. A kid collides with her. She slaps him. the kid hits her and runs. Nandni comes running on stage and says where is he? Krishi comes on stage. The kid tells Krishi she hit me. Krishi says I will teach her a lesson. She goes stands in Nandani’s way. Nandani falls on stage. Everyone laughs. The kid makes her wear ravaan cape. Krishi laughs. Nandai says I will teach you a lesson. She runs after Krishi but falls. Everyone laughs her. Krishi picks the sword. Nandani picks her sword.

Chahat says mama hit her. Krishi defeats Nandani. Nandani takes the sword from her and slaps her. Krishi falls from the stage. Asmita picks her trumpet. Shan picks her bracelet. She comes to asmita and says this is mine. She takes the bracelet from shan. Nandani sees Asmita and is shocked. Chahat says papa let’s go.Shan looks at Asmita. Nandai says let’s go home. there is too much dirt here. Shikawat says yes there are too many flies as well. We shouldn’t be at such a place. He leaves with asmita.

All of Krishi’s friends appreciate her.
Asmit says I wish my child was alive. He says I know you’re upset and I know why. I can teach Shan a lesson. Asmita says you wont do that after what happened tomorrow morning.Some thugs splashed mud at Asmita. They made fun of her. shikhawat came there and hit them. He said take this. He breaks their car. The thugs apologize. Asmita says you shouldn’t have done this. He says you are my child’s mom. Asmita says I dont want to punish anyone. Please let’s go from here.

Krishi gives all the food to everyone. Her friend says you eat too. she says I would eat with my parents. She sees a poor man and gives her part to him.


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