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These Streets 17 June 2021: Anita says Shan what is your connection with Sona Kachi? He faints. Nimki is on her way. He says get off the car. I can’t go inside Sona kachi it will be stained. She says what is wrong with sona kachi? Driver says nothing get off the car. An old man sees Nimki. He asks where are you going? She says going to temple. I wan to ask God why my friend left me. No one is there for me. The man says come I will take you to temple.

These Streets 16 June 2021

Kaka says chanda Puchki is nowhere. If beauty didn’t take her it wont have been like this. Beauty is dancing. Chanda comes there with a belt. Beauty says what is this drama? Thaku ma says what is this? Chanda says Puchki is missing. Whose responsibility was she? Who took her from here? A girl missing from bari is a sin here right?

Punishment is equal for everyone right? Then why not beauty? Because she is your daughter? If you can’t do justice you will lose us all. Chanda gives her belt. Thaku ma beats Beauty with the belt.
The man brings Puchki to a place where idols are made. Nimki says if I tell you I am from sona kachi will you still give me idol? He says humans are humans everywhere.
Arindham comes in. Anita says I want to talk to you. Which hospital did you bring shan from? He says city hospital. She says some dancers came today. There was a young girl with them. she hid here. The girl told me they were from Sona Kachi. Strange right? How can they come here? Roshni is trying to listen. Arindham says what is sir gets to know. I have to talk to event managers. Anita says her name was Puchki and she was friends with Shan. She didn’t know what orphanage is.

You brought shan from Sona Kachi? We have been married for 12 years. Why did you lie to me Aru. Look into my eyes and tell me truth. Tell me where did shan come from? He says yes Shan is from Sona Kachi. She is dazed. He says please listen. She says you brought a kid from the dirtiest streets of this city and gave him to me. Why? We could adopt from anywhere then why did you do this. Why sona kachi?

Nimki is on her way home. Everyone says Puchki you came her. Beauty says now see what I do with this Puchki. I will show her how dirty these streets are.

Aru says yes he is from those streets. I don’t care where he is from. Its not his fault. She says then why didn’t you tell me. He says I thought you might not like it. So i lied. I was scared.

Puchki says to Chanda shan has changed. Why did he do this. Chanda says he was tied with his promise. She says what about promise me made to me. She says why people hate when they hear we are from sona kachi? Shan didn’t recognize me. Beauty hears. She says so Shantanu lives there. Now see what I do.

Scene 1
Aru says never let sir or Moushumi know about this truth. He would never accept Shan if he gets to know. Shan calls chanda. He says how is my Puchki? Beauty says who is it? Beauty says murli see if Puchki’s feet are working? He beats puchki with a belt. Puchki says enough. Shan says I need to meet my puchki but where?


Ravindra says to a girl how dare you. You know whose house is this? You brought girls from sona kachi here to dance? We can’t understand that kind of dirt.
Beauty calls Aru and says how are you? He says who are you? She says we are relatives. You are such a big name. He says never call again. Get lost.

Anita sees Shan. SHe says you are worried for pucki? You lied to because a son never lies to his mom. He hugs her and says sorry mama  don’t be mad. She hugs him and says a mom can never be mad. You don’t ever have to name that place You know how angry sir gets. Shan says I promised both of my moms.

Aru says to Anita and Aru this is shan’s adoption file. It doesn’t have NOC or affidavit. Where are they? Moushumi says if everything was right you would have taken us. He says I want all documents okay. Aru says okay sir. Anita says to Aru what will we do now. Beauty calls him. She says who is it? He says office. She says why are you stressed? He says because of office.

Beauty calls aru and says I am outside your house. Aru tells anita that they are blackmailing him. He gets worried. Moushumi hears. Anita says is his mom blackmailing? Moushumi wonders wo is it.
Aru comes out and says what do you want? Beauty says you are such a big name why you adopted from sona kachi?

There is no match. He says get out of here. Beauty says you don’t know what I am She says this guy is from sona kachi. Aru says get out of here. He gives her money adn says get out of here. Beauty says I know people like you are so scared for money Beauty says I need more money. Aru says U will give you more get out now. Anita wonders who is it. SHe says is that chanda? I have to do something.

Shan and anita are goin school. She says there is a debate competition. I am so nervous. She says my love is always with you. She hugs him and says all the best. Love you. Anita says I will have to talk to that chanda. Anita comes to sona kachi. She isn’t feeling well. She says I want to meet chanda. A girl says who that pari mehal chanda? Come I will take you there.
Anita says to Murli bring chanda. He says she is with customer. She can’t come out. We don’t buy pregnant women. SHe says but you blackmail right?

Anita peeks inside. Chanda is with aru. He says this blackmail should end now. I don’t want you in trouble. Chanda says you are doing so much for Shan. Thanks for doing all this. Aru caresses Chanda’s face. She hugs him. Anita is dazed.

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