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These Streets 28 June 2021: Shan comes. Puchki says Shan. Shan says Puchki is young don’t touch her. Puchki says they don’t take me to school. Bari ma isn’t one my side either. He says I dont’ want you to go to school either.

And specially not my school. Dont’ come near me. Puchki says what is wrong with you. He says I have no relationship with you or this bari. Thank God they adopted me. And Chanda you are my mother I am ashamed. puchki says what are you saying. WHere are you manners. Shan says why didn’t you annoy my family. What did they do to you.

Nevi says to Jamai I have filled him with poison and told him he will get a mother’s love. He will never have it. See what happens next. He wont be of here or there. He says wow you’re so smart.

says I only came here to say that I am ashamed that you are my family. I feel ashamed. Puchki says what are you saying. We should respect all elders. Why are you doing this. We are one team. He says we are not one team. I have broken all relationships with this place and I will never come back. She says have you lost your mind? He says no. This place disgusts me. She says so I disgust you too? He says yes. I hate you. I hate Chanda. I hate you all. Chanda faints. Puchki says how can you say that and forget all promises that you made to us. Please listen. He shoves her. Shan leaves.

Beauty see him. Thaku ma says he is calling his mom disgusting. Shan leaves. Beauty says to Puchki your story with Shan is over. don’t take his name again. Puchki cries and runs after him but he leaves.
Puchki says my shan can never do this. He will come back. Nevi says Ridhoy your mom is always there for you. I can do anything for you. I don’t care for anyone but you.

Puchki says bari ma please don’t be sad. SHan will come back. Chanda says he will never come back. Didn’t you listen. Puchki says I will bring him back. Aru hugs Nevi and says thank you. Shan comes home. Nevi says my eldest son is here. I hope you did what I said. He says I said what you asked me too. I can do anything for you. I have no relationship with them. Now i can be your son right? Can I play with Ridhoy now? I can call you mom now right? Nevi says yes you can. He hugs her.

Scene 1
Ravindra comes to Sona Kachi with media. He says I want people here to live a better life. SO we are here for their medical. Shan is adopted from here. I want to do something for these people. Shan will get all the rights like our family. Chanda says there is a difference between saying and doing. Like there is a difference between Shan and Ridhoy. Ravindra says I knew this question will come forward. See these papers thwy say that Shan is our heir. Chanda says tank you so much.

He gives Chanda a cheque and asys this is for you people. Chanda takes it. Media claps. Puchki says thank you. Will you get me admission in Shan’s school as well? You promised. He says I will keep my promise. This girl is brilliant like Shan. I would be gald to tell you Puchki has got the admission she will start going to school in a few days. Beauty says do something mamoni.

Thaku ma says wait a minute. She comes with a brick and says turn off these cameras. She says this is our house. don’t do this drama here. We have been living here for ages. We don’t need your help. Better go from here. She whispers and says you didn’t tell them Shan is your own blood. If you want I can tell them.
Ravindra says thank you everyone for coming. We are leaving.

Scene 2
Nevi sees all this on TV. Moushumi says bhabhi did you see what papa said there. Nevi says I heard everything. Moushumi says I feel so bad. This is wrong.
Jamai says Moushumi come with me. She leaves. Jamai says to Nevi he ruined the whole plan. He made him heir. Nevi says i wont ever let that happen. Shan will have nothing. Just see how I destroy him.

Chanda says to Thaku ma you have seen us all. We are living here without anything I am only begging you for Puchki. I beg you please let her go to school. She is innocent. She is a kid. All these girls want the same. I know you have a heart that beats for us. Please do this for that heart.
Aru drinks. He reaclls Nevi saying to Shan yo said all that I asked.

Thaku ma pulls Chanda’s hair and says you thought you can make my girls rebel? Beauty was right about you. You are Puchki’s ma but I am mother of this bari. I look for future as well. I know about this place. Go to work everyone or I will make you shiver. They all leave. Thaku ma pulls Chanda and locks her in a room. Chanda says please thaku ma I beg you. Let Puchki go. thaku ma leaves.

Scene 3
Aru says to Nevi you deserve a salute for playing this game with that innocent kid. She says he isn’t innocent. He says why are you punishing him like this? What did you get? She asys you also asked him not to meet Puchki. Aru says he onlly asked you for a mother’s love. You did this deal for mother’s love. You are playing this game with him. He is sensitive. Please Chanda.. Nevi says how dare you call me with that whore’s name. Do i look that disgusting? You disgust me. How dare you call me with name of that curse chanda. Aru points a gun at her. Nevi is dazed.

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