These streets September 2021 teasers


These Streets September teasers 2021: Beauty and Paro conspire against Shawn. The plan has already been set in motion and Shawn has no idea.

Wednesday 1 September 2021
Episode 66

Paro is marrying Shawn despite having an affair with Mohit!

Thursday 2 September 2021
Episode 67

Sukriti wants Asimta to stop her friendship with Shawn but Asmita values Shawn as a friend.

Friday 3 September 2021
Episode 68

Sukriti believes Asmita is disrespecting rituals by celebrating her nuptials and is angry that she involved Ridoy.

Monday 6 September 2021
Episode 69

In front of the Goddess’s idol, Asmita applies the vermilion on her forehead in Shantanu’s name.

Tuesday 7 September 2021
Episode 70

Mohit has some evidence on Shawn that he wants to show to Paro’s grandma who will get Paro and Shawn divorced and get Mohit married to Paro.

Wednesday 8 September 2021
Episode 71

Shawn is committed and acknowledges the union between Puchki and Ridoy and wants Puchi to be known as Asmita Ridoy Mazumdar.

Thursday 9 September 2021
Episode 72

Asmita wants to use a special pen to sign her marriage certificate to Ridoy so that the wedding can be invalid.

Friday 10 September 2021
Episode 73

Asmita takes sleeping pills so that she can aviod taking the wedding vows and to keep her promise.

Monday 13 September 2021
Episode 74

Shawn wants Asmita to give Ridoy a chance so that he can win her heart over.

Tuesday 14 September 2021
Episode 75

Ridoy accuses Asmita of cheating.

Wednesday 15 September 2021
Episode 76

Beauty and Paro conspire against Shawn. The plan has already been set in motion and Shawn has no idea.

Thursday 16 September 2021
Episode 77

Shawn denies the allegations that he got someone pregnant.

Friday 17 September 2021
Episode 78

Asmita trusts Shawn and she believes that he was drugged and did not get close to another woman.

Monday 20 September 2021
Episode 79

Asmita saves Paro from Navedita’s plan to get rid of her.

Tuesday 21 September 2021
Episode 80

Shawn has a constructive discussion with his defence counsel and he promises not to interfere with his work.

Wednesday 22 September to Thursday 30 September 2021

Teasers unvailable. We’ll update as soon as we get them

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Nevi begs Shan to ignore whatever anyone says about being married to Asmita and go ahead to marry Paro for Ridhoy sake, he agreed. Paro starts taking rounds around fire with Shan when Asmita comes and unties their gath bandhan and reveals Paro has a relationship with Mohit.

Beauty comes to her house and laughs. she says her mission succeeded. Ridhoy confronts Paro to tell the truth about Mohit but she said he is in her past. Nevi says both couple wont sleep with partners but Beauty tells Paro to be intimate with Shan and this made Ridhoy to go close to Asmita.

Bua comes there and drags her downstairs saying she made fun of their ritual. Asmita comes to Sonagachi to see Chanda, She was asked why there wasn’t sindur on her hairline.She says she will only fill it when Shan fills it.Shan comes to beauty’s house and Paro says Shan has to be hers tonight. She lays in bed while Beauty sends Shan to the room.

Bua came just in time to tell Shan that Asmita Baba is in the hospital. Shan leaves Paro to go to Asmita. Asmita asked Shan how long he is going to deny her, he says he will never name this relationship.Mohit sees Shan and Asmita together and takes their photos.

Shan and Asmita comes home.Ridhoy questions her for not calling him and she doesn’t consider him useful enough. Sheela and Paro comes and accused Asmita of sleeping with Shan and asked for a DNA to proof her innocence.

Asmita’s test comes clear, Nevi asked that the test be done to paro. Everyone is dazed. Asmita says they cant stoop low like her, Bua asked Sheela to stay out of their house. Ridhoy blames Nevi for not stopping the test and asked her to promise not create differences between him and Shan but accept him.

Nevi told Shan, Paro, Ridhoy and Asmita they are going to court to legalize their marriage but Sheela ended up bringing the lawyer to the house. Bua cause a distraction and Asmita was able to sign on Shan’s paper while she used invisible ink on Ridhoy’s paper.

Asmita plants microphones everywhere in the room and was almost caught by Paro. She was going out and asked Shan to put sindur on her hairline.Paro goest to Mohit and they were intimate. Sheela comes into Mazumdar house as Beauty.

Beauty heard Asmita and Shan discussion, she asked Paro to make Shan hers. She mixes drugs in milk and tells Paro to take it to Shan.Asmita comes to the kitchen. Asmita sees drugs on the counter and rushed to Shan but he had already drank the milk.

Paro hides a camera in the room where Shan and Asmita and accuses Asmita of sleeping with Shan. She shows the video but finds Shan sleeping alone.Aditya asks Asmita to come out and showed her a picture of Nevi and Shan together at the spot where Aru was found.

Ridhoy sees Asmita in tears and says he knows he has hurt her, he starts hitting himself. Asmita gave Shan a ring she stole from a man and it’s fit perfectly. Shan admit it is his and was given to him by Nevi. Beauty comes and says congratulations everyone Paro is pregnant. Everyone is dazed.

Asmita is in tears and recalls moments with Shan, she says she will find out the truth. Shan denies impregnating Paro as he can’t remember, Paro says he was drunk and took Asmita name while consummating with her.Asmita is in a burning hall Shan breaks the door and rescued her.

Asmita comes to Chanda and says everything is over. Chanda says he’s been trapped let her find proof and trust her love.Asmita confronts Paro that she can’t fool her, Beauy says the game she played cannot be outplayed by anyone.Shan and Asmita dance and compete in Pooja, Asmita outperforms him.

Asmita questions Shan but he says he doesn’t remember anything, she recalls the drug and says Park did all this.Ridoy comes towards Asmita, she falls on bed,Ridoy shoves her on bed. He says you know how it feels and she says she doesn’t wanna know.

Asmita is angry at Ridhoy, he beats himself.  Paro is walking down the stairs, Nevi kept oil there. Paro falls down,Asmita sees her. She holds and saves Paro. Shan gets a call and goes to see it’s Chanda, she tells him to tell the truth and asked if his hand is in Aru being missing.

Shan thanks Asmita for saving his child. Asmita says she can let go of her love for the child sake and asked Shan to promise to give the child love. Asmita got a lawyer for Shan.Mohit comes to meet Paro,She hugs him and Asmita sees them.Paro is about to fall Asmita saves her and Shan picks her too.

Asmita and Shan bring Paro to hospital. Mohit comes to hospital, calls paro and is worried. Asmita sees him and pretended to be Paro, she found out Mohit is the baby father. It’s Shan’s hearing in court and Nevi paid the driver to stop Asmita from reaching the court.

Shan was about to be convicted when Asmita shows up in court and the hearing began. Roy tried to proof Shan guilty but Asmita was with him at every step. Neel walks in for second hearing to defend Shan. They were all pleased to see him. It’s Ridhoy birthday and Asmita doesn’t remember this make Ridhoy angry.

Ridhoy questions Asmita about her relationship with Shan. Shan comes home due to Beauty help and celebrated Ridhoy birthday.Ridoy sees Shan and Asmita together he breaks a vase in anger. Shan’s hearing starts and Ridhoy speaks in his favor.

Judge says thie case is halted till Aru is found living or dead till then Shan is released. Everyone is happy. Nevi plans to make Aru will all the properties to Ridhoy before killing him.Nevi mixes something into paro’s milk Beauty sees her and accuses her of trying to Shan child.

Nevi finds out Asmita is Puchki and plans to kick her out of the house. Asmita goes to rescue Mohit from Beauty thugs on her return reveals the truth of the baby to Shan. Shan rejects Asmita as his wife after Nevi blackmails him with her plan.

Nevi forced Shan to kick Asmita out of the house.Asmita walks on the streets in bridal dress.Beauty calls her men and asks them to kidnap Asmita.Asmita is walking on the streets a police jeep hits her. Ridhoy is mad at Shan for sending Asmita out of the house and promised to bring her back.




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