The Rules of Love update Thursday 28 March 2024

The rules of love 28 march 2024: Nandini inquires as to why. Nandish’s responsibility, according to Ashish. Nandish claims to have a solution to both problems.

Nandini accompany Maitree and Ashish to Nandish’s room. Nandini tells Maitree that Nandish will only love her if he despises her. Nandini asks Maitree to promise to Nandish while he is sleeping that she will do whatever Nandini says. Nandini makes her do it. Ashish makes an attempt to stop Nandini. They are at odds. Maitree, who is in tears, approaches Ashish and says she will do it. Maitree puts a hand on Nandish’s head, but he turns away. Maitree promises that she will go to any length to reunite Nandini and Nandish. It’s incorrect, according to Ashish. From there, he departs. Nandini expresses gratitude and hugs Maitree. Maitree holds back her tears. Nandini says I’m taking Nandish to my room and if he asks you about it the next day, you should hurt him with your response.

Maitree sobs as she recalls her time with Nandish. She wraps her arms around Nandish’s blanket. Nandish is forced to sleep on Nandini’s bed. She asks Ashish to assist her in impressing Nandish by suggesting ideas. She hugs him and tells him how much he has missed her over the last six years. Ashish claims she has changed drastically. Nandini asks if he wants her to fight for the love of his son and baby.

The next day, Vasundhara calls her brother and says Nandini is getting too close to her son, which is bad, so go to Nandish’s school and find out who his teacher is, and then I’ll carry out the new plan. Ashish prepares Nandish. Nandish wonders how he ended up in their room when he usually sleeps in Maitree’s. According to Ashish, I missed you and took you to my room. Nandish claims he thought his fake mother drove him there. Nandini, according to Ashish, is Devaki’s mother. Maitree appears and invites Nandish to eat poha.Nandish expresses his displeasure and requests that she prepare something else. Maitree declines. If Nandish wants to be fit like Ashish, he should eat poha. Nandini arrives with paratha and invites Nandish to eat it, but he declines. He requests that Maitree make paratha for him. Maitree says she can’t because she has work. Nandish reminds her that his parent’s meeting is today. Maitree asks him to take his parents and departs in tears. Nandini tells Nandish that he is important to her and requests that he eat Paratha. Nandish refuses and instead eats Maitree’s poha. Nandini believes she will soon separate Nandish and Maitree.

Nandish attends the same school as Ashish and Nandini. Nandish is asked to show Nandini his school by Nandini. Nandish queries Ashish as to whether she has ever visited a school. He is urged by Ashish not to treat elders in that manner.

Nandish enters his teacher’s room after announcing that it is getting late. He travels with Nandini and Ashish. Ashish is questioned by Nandish’s teacher about Mrs. Tiwari’s absence. Both Ashish and Nandini display shock. She is Nandish’s mother, according to Nandish.

If Maitree Tiwari isn’t his mother, Nandish’s teacher inquires. I never mentioned she was Nandish’s mother; Ashish claims she is Maitree Mishra, not Tiwari. The teacher demonstrates how Nandish identified his mother as Maitree Tiwari. She displays the paper to them. Nandini becomes irate and departs. Nandish is asked to remain, and Ashish follows Nandini. Vasundhara receives a note from Nandish’s teacher requesting that she resolve the conflict between her husband and his wife because her work is over.

Nandini is stopped by Ashish, who questions why she is making a commotion at school. Nandini claims that she is over everything. Nandish emerges. After arguing with Ashish, Nandini departs. Ashish moves in her rear.

Nandish follows them in motion. Nandish is going to be hit by the truck, but Maitree intervenes quickly. Nandini and Ashish visit Nandish. Ashish observes that he is unharmed and instructs Nandish to keep the home accident a secret. Nandish concurs. Nandish is made to sit in the automobile by Maitree. She chastises Nandini and Ashish for failing to look after Nandish. Accusing Nandini, Ashish. They dispute after Nandini claims that he made a mistake. Maitree offers commentary. Nandini requests that she stop lecturing her and announces that she is departing for home to take Nandish.

Vasundhara wonders why Nandini didn’t go back home as the school teacher had left me a message a while ago. She requests Sona and Kusum to make her coffee as she enters the kitchen. Sona makes fun of her and tells her to make it on her own. Vasundhara promises to place an order.

As Nandish gets home, he contacts his grandparents. Kusum and Sona travel to Nandish. She queries why everyone seemed dejected. She questions Nandish about the dust on his clothing. Although Nandish claims to have been in an accident, Maitree saved me. Kusum chastises Nandini and Ashish for being irresponsible. Sorry Mom, but I can’t take any more lectures, says Nandini. She goes. Maitree goes after her. Nandish is taken by Sona and Kusum to get dressed.

Nandini is instructed by Maitree to put Nandish first in all circumstances. She is asked by Nandini to stop providing ger gyan and to specify what authority she has to do so. When Ashish arrives, he asserts Maitree has the right because she gave up her six years of life for Nandish. Apparently, Nandini is sick of hearing about Maitree’s accomplishments. Maitree is questioned about what she requires in return. How did she lose their friendship, Maitree wonders. Ashish queries Maitree as to whether she is blind to Nandini’s transformation.

According to Ashish, Nandini changed drastically during her six years spent with Vasundhara. Nandini is urged by Ashish to put her ego aside and recognise the harm she is causing. Maitree is invited by Ashish, and they both depart after that.

Ashish queries Maitree as to whether she is considering what Nandini stated to her. When Maitree questions Ashish about why Nandini is upset, he responds that Nandini is going through a lot. The incident involving Sanjana Nandish’s teacher is described by Ashish.

As evidence that Sanjana was aware that she is not Nandish’s mother, Maitree reveals to Ashish that Sanjana was aware that Maitree is Nandish’s aunt and also provides Ashish with copies of Nandish’s school records. Ashish believes that in order to clear up Nandini’s misunderstanding, the truth about Sanjana must be discovered. Maitree is tasked by Ashish to learn more about Sanjana. Maitree concurs. Ashish departs after that. Maitree believes Sanjana’s deception is the result of a significant plot.

Sanjana’s office is where Maitree and Sachin are going. The ptm has ended, according to Sanjana. The principal has given them permission, according to Sachin. Even though she is aware that she is Nandish’s guardian, Maitree questions why she told him that she is his mother. Sanjana presents a confused expression. Maitree claims that you saw one student accepting a bribe, and we will show the Principal the evidence. They are stopped by Sajana, who says Vasundhara asked her to carry out the task. Sachin and Maitree are startled.

Sona asks Nandini to disregard today’s events because nobody was wounded. She instructs you to eat something and give Nandish some food. According to Nandini, Nandish doesn’t use my hands to eat since he likes Maitree. Sona reassures her. She tells her

not to worry and promises that they would soon be able to use Maitree from the house. Vasundhara arrives there carrying food and juice. She requests that Sona allow Nandini to rest. According to Sona, I came here to call Nandini and to eat. She departs after requesting that Nandini remember that she is beside her. Vasundhara counsels Nandini to respond angrily since she knows she won’t survive if something happens to her. Indeed, you and Nandish are there for me in this world, Nandini affirms.She claims that I desire Nandish and you are with me. While Vasundhara gives Nandini dinner, she muses on how to encourage her to forget about Nandish.

Sanjana informs Maitree that she is unsure of the motivation behind Vasundhara’s request. She asks them not to reveal her. Maitree concurs. Vasundhara hasn’t changed, she informs Sachin, and I need to let Nandini and Ashish know. She claims that none of them are mistakes that Nandini made.

Nandini observes Nandish waiting for Maitree at home, all by himself. He is allowed to play a video game on her phone. When he finishes playing, she says they can leave. She goes. Maitree comes back home. She requests Ashish’s prompt return home while she is on call. Maitree observes Nandish using a phone to play. More screen time is bad, she tells him, stopping him. Nandish claims he received a phone from his pretend mother. He is urged by Maitree not to use the word “fake” once more. Their images are displayed on Nandish.When Maitree sees a photo of her and Ashish on Nandini’s phone, she realises that Vasundhara has been involved in a conspiracy for the past six years.

Vasundhara still wants to separate her and Ashish, and this time he also wants to end our friendship, which is why your mother is staying to incite you against us. Maitree goes to Nandini and informs her of this. Nandini doesn’t think it’s true. Sanjana’s conversation with Vasundhara is captured on screen by Maitree. Nandini dismisses Maitree’s claims as untrue and defends her fabrication. She begs her to cease her accusations and states that she won’t accept what God has to say about his mother either. She goes.When Maitree runs into Ashish, she informs him that Sanjana showed her Vasundhara’s message. Maitree claims to have seen pictures of herself and Ashish on Nandini’s phone. Vasundhara, according to Maitree, has been monitoring them for the past six years. Ashish gives Maitree credit for forcing him to discover the truth. He promises not to go from Vasundhara. He is stopped by Maitree, who informs him that it won’t work and that we must come up with a plan to remove Vasundhara from Nandini’s life.

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