The Promise Written Update – Sunday 16 December 2018


Jai is angry at Vicky, but Bani comes there and tells Jai that he should speak calmly to Vicky. Rishi and Ganga come to Walia mansion and are just leaving when jigyasa stops them to have dinner and go, they agree just then Vicky and Shonali arrive,

Jai calls Vicky and Ganga up in his room and starts shouting at Vicky for his carelessness, as this was the year’s biggest meeting, and Vicky is also pissed as Bani, mom is not telling anything in his favour, and in all this he accuses Bani that you are disgusting.

Jai slaps Vicky and tells him that from now on i am disowning you, and don’t want to see your face. Bani is telling Ganga that everything went wrong and is also crying, so Ganga tells her to tell Jai the truth and dont hide anything from him, Jai is sitting alone with the family picture in his hand and thinking about the oath they had taken during lohri.

Bani is walking in the corridor and is thinking whether to tell Jai the truth or not, and even tries to talk with Vicky but he shuts the door on Bani’s face, then Bani is in front of ganesh idol and is asking for strength and blessings to tell Jai the truth.

Bani tells jai that she wants to tell something important about Vicky, and that he is innocent, it was not his fault and tells him the truth about the message and jigyasa.

Jai is just angry and walks off to jigyasa’s room, and starts scolding her, but jigyasa says this time she is not gonna say anything in her favour, as Jai has decided that Bani is always right and she is wrong,

she start speaking some rubbish with her crocodlie tears flowing and then starts blaming Bani only and tells jai that she is leaving Walia Mansion, but Jai stops her.

Jai goes away, Jigyasa speaks to herself saying from now on jai will only listen to her. Jai is talking with Bani and telling her that this time jigyasa didnt do anything , just started packing her bags, its not everytime that Jigyasa is wrong, Bani tells him, she understands and tells Jai to sleep as its quite late.

Jigyasa comes to bani and says, see nothing happened even when Jai knew the whole truth, and says this all has to happen bani as you have seperated me from my family, and she will take revenge from her, and is gonna break Bani’s house by making Vicky stopping opposite jai,that time she will come to know the pain jigyasa has gone through.


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