The inseparables update Wednesday 18 March 2020

The inseparables 18 March 2020: Sheetal pleads with the inspector to trust her that she is not Ria and she is not aware of any sambhav and that Tejas is saying the truth that she is not riya, Viren shouts that she is riya! Sheetal continues to deny that she is riya.

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The police officer asks her to bring proof of her being Sheetal. Sheetal blackmails Teja. Sheetal is arguing with Jeevika. Viren supports Jeevika and he says Jeevika is being franed aswell as him.

Inder comes into the conversation and shuts Sheetal up. The police officer tells sheetal that she is not allowed to leave the city till Viren has been found guilty or innocent. Jeevika refuses to let her go. Police officer tells sheetal to go home, the officer also says that if Jeevika does this again, he will take action against her too.

Sheetal is in Sambhav’s car. Sambhav pity Jeevika. Jeevika comes outside and sees them in the car. She comes back inside and tells Viren about it. Viren tells that Sambhav is behind all this.

Teja is lying about how Jeevika is framing him. Viren is yelling at him and sides Sheetal. She mentions about him kidnapping her. He refuses to acknowledge that he kidnapped her. Inder asks the police officer to go the same place. Viren says the same to the police officer. The officer accepts and agrees to go to the same place. Teja is angry and refuses to go. The officer drags him too.

They arrive at the same place where she got kidnapped. Teja says that jeevika is talking like a script writer. Jeevika goes into the place. The other two men comes as the officer’s men drag them in. These two mens were trying to escape. They apologise to Jeevika.

At vadhera house – Jeevika tells everyone the truth about sheetal. Vanshika says she shouldnt have risked her life. Beeji tells her not to loose hope. Jeevika goes to meet Viren at jail.Police officer and Viren arguing about Sambhav.

Manvi and virat tells jeevika all what happened. That riya whom sambhav married was not happy with him. She wanted to leave him and come back. She even wrote that to her parents. Also riya’s parents where quite rich. Jeevika says but she doesn’t know what connection does this have with viren. Why did sambhav introduce sheetal as riya to viren. How’ll we prove all this. Manvi says there’s a plan. Remember how we used to irritate teachers In our childhood. Jeevika thinks for a while and says yes. Virat asks what. Manvi and jeevika asks him to wait and see.

Virman sends two people to sambhav’s and sheetal’s home. Guy tells sheetal that sambhav wants to meet her and tells her the place. And another guy tells sambhav that sheetal wants to meet him. Sambhav asks why didn’t she call. Guy says its all because of jeevika she must be tapping your phone. Don’t consider her lightly. Sambhav says ok.

Virman gets call that the men did their job.

Virman and jeevika waits at the place they called sambhav and sheetal. They wonders whether they ‘ll come. Are they alert about our plan. But by then sambhav and sheetal comes in their cars. Trio hides behind a bush. Sheetal tells sambhav that it’s good that they chose a place like this. Otherwise jeevika is not letting them meet peacefully. Sambhav asks about teja. And sheetal says she handled him for the time being. S

Sambhav  says good otherwise now they’ll be rotting in jail. Sheetal asks what about us. When are we marrying. Sambhav says we can’t marry in this situation. Is this why you called me now. Sheetal says he had sent someone to her and asked to come here. He says she had sent someone. They understand it’s jeevika’s plan. They look for jeevika. But the trio hide. Sambhav can’t find her. He tells sheetal that she might reach soon. So let’s leave from here. It’s not safe here.

Jeevika understands that sheetal and sambhav are having an affair. So to marry her sambhav killed riya and had put the blame on viren. Now i understood your plan. Now i’ll save viren from this.

At home, swamini bua is happy that truth is out now. She says it’s the victory of jeevika’s trust. After that video, they all doubted on viren. But only jeevika trusted him fully. Vanshika feels bad that they didn’t support viren. Viren might have felt bad that we didn’t support him. Beeji says not just jeevika but we all will be with him.

Virman and jeevika reaches jail. They tell viren about their new findings. Viren understands sambhav’s plan. Virat says they have some proof to prove this. But manvi says it’s not enough. Jeevika tells she got a good proof. She tells about teja and what all happened during their absence. Virat says he has a plan. But viren says plan is complicated. Virat replies it depends on jeevika. Viren says it’s risky. But jeevika says she’ll do anything for him. Viren asks her to be careful. Manvi assures him that she’ll be with jeevika like a shadow always. Manvi says when sisters do a job together they always succeed. Virat asks them to leave soon. Viren calls jeevika when they are leaving. He holds her hand. They look at each other. They have a moment together.

Virat’s men reaches teja’s place. They start breaking things and goes to beat teja. They say sambhav had send them. Teja says yesterday by mistake i went there. But now i’m under control. I wont come under jeevika’s offers anymore. They say sambhav had sent sheetal on time and saved the issue. Otherwise you ld have spoiled our boss’s game. Now sambhav will not give you anY money. You ‘ve lakhs of debt. And you are gonna rot. They ask him not to tell his sister about it. They see they’ll keep a watch on him always. They leave.

They tell virat that his job is done. Virat informs Jeevika and manvi about it. Teja comes out and virat starts following him. Virat tells manvi that teja won’t meet sheetal at her home as he knows sambhav’s men are watching him. Teja is waiting near a basket ball and sheetal comes there. Virat gets out and goes near them to listen to their conversation. Teja tells sheetal about sambhav’s men scaring him. But sheetal says it’s not possible. Sambhav loves me. He says it’s all sambhav’s plan. He’s doing it for his reasons. After this he’ll leave you.

Jeevika calls up sambhav and tells him that she wants to meet him. He says he’s busy. But she says she’ll take only a few minutes. When she insists he agrees. Jeevika and manvi are happy that their plan is working.

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