The inseparables update Thursday 5 March 2020

The inseparables 5 March 2020: Sambhav talks to Viren over the phone and insists that he gives Riya sleeping pills, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to sleep. Viren is hesitant, but Sambhav insists that it’s the only way that Riya could sleep, and he could perhaps go home too. Viren agrees.

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Virat and Manvi are skeptical about Riya and Sambhav’s intentions, in regards to how they’re continuously asking for his help when Sambhav could do all the work for Riya himself- being her husband.

Virat and Manvi go to Jeevika and explain to her about the recent on goings in the house, and how Viren is forcefully being towards Riya. They ask her to think over it, and tell her that Sambhav-Riya’s intentions do not seem pure.

– Meanwhile Viren finds the pills and quickly mixes them into Riya’s drink without her knowledge. After he’s done, she drinks it and of course, starts feeling dizzy in no time. Viren sees the effect of the pills and guides her to her bedroom. As she lies on the bed, she holds on to Viren’s hand and pleads him not to leave, but stay with her. Viren is scared

– Jeevika in return gets pissed off at the duo, and asks them if they’re still doubting on Viren? Both are stunned and say that it’s about how Viren is getting trapped, but Jeevika warns them not to say anything on this matter because she trusts Viren more than anything in the world. VirMan try to justify that it’s about SamRiya, but Jeevika is in no mood of listening with tears in her eyes.

– While they are arguing Swamini and Vanshika pass by the room and notice the heat, Swamini intervenes and asks how dare VirMan think of Viren in that manner? She says that she has brought him up and Viren cannot ever be characterless. VirMan nod their head expressing that it’s not what they meant, but everyone is really angry.

– Vanshika too says that Viren can never do anything wrong. Manvi says that they can scold her as much as they want but they should listen to her once. Vanshika asks her to say what she wants. Manvi explains, but Jeevika is still in the denial mode.

– Virat questions Jeevika about Viren’s whereabouts. Jeevika gives short answers and explains how she called Viren twice and he didn’t answer so she thought that… Virat cuts her off and says that is why they are worried for Viren. Manvi adds that they should immediately leave for Riya’s house to check if Viren is all right. Jeevika is disagrees, but Swamini suggests that Jeevika goes to SamRiya’s house to see and find out what exactly is going on with Viren and Riya. Vanshika too wants Jeevika to go so that VirMan can see how baseless their doubts are. They leave.

-As Viren is leaving Riya’s house, she calls out to him and asks him what he has done? He turns and is shocked. She asks him again what he mixed into her drink? Viren is still shocked and said that he only added a pill as per Sambhav’s instructions! Riya denies and says she never took pills before, and this was all his planning so that he can take advantage of her in her sleep. Viren says he would never do that, but Riya cries that she would go to Sambhav and tell him what Viren is up to. Viren is further shocked.

Riya yelling at Viren and leaves the house’. Viren follows herRiya takes the car and drives away..Viren follows her with car
Sambav come to home looking for them as he asks awayRiya still driving away while Viren follows her.virat driving with Maanvi and Jeevika sees Viren driving away they follow him
Viren trying to stop Riya as a truck comes to them.Viren tries to avoid and Riya crashes to a tree.Viren goes to see Riya but she left and runs after her
Virat with Manvi and Jevika sees his car and follows him
Viren still follows Riya…
Riya Blamed him for everything ..Viren gets shocked and denial it
Riya still tries to run as she comes to a cliff, as wants to jump Viren tries to talk her out of it
As walks backwards and falls down.. Viren can’t stop her, he heartbroken,
While Virman and Jeevika hears and sees everything
Virat tries to take Viren away from there
Shambhav with pulice come there and asks viren about Riya
Viren could not give any answers as he still in shocked
Sambav broken as he asks Viren for details
Police arrest Viren for Riya murder, as Jeevika says he is innocent
Jeevika runs behind the jeep but Virman tries to stop her
Virat says to Manvi to take Jeevika home
At Vadera house While family sees media at gate, they ask what is going on
Manvi and Jevika arrives the media asking questions to Jeevika
Jeevika answers that Viren is Innocent and my Husband can’t kill anyone..
The family is shocked by her answer

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