The inseparables update Thursday 2 April 2020

The inseparables 2 April 2020: Jeevika and manvi rush to change back to south indian attire. But by mistake they wear each others sari. They reach library and find shri’s dad. Shri’s dad thinks he won and they came to give him prize.

Manvi understands someone fooled them. But idea was gr8. She takes him to shri’s mom. Both says they missed each other so much. And shri’s mom complains there were only books here. He says he won the game. And shri’s mom says there’s noone better than him. Shri’s mom notices they exchanged their saris and asks why did they do that. But jeevika and manvi replies that they wore the same sari before also. She says she has proof. They had taken their photo. And asks shri’s dad for his phone. But he left his phone at library. And viren covers up saying he and his wife wore same colour dress.

Outside vicky’s parents insisting on seeing the entire home. But then sunder brings lassi. And everyone sits to have that.

Virika and manvi along with shri’s parents are walking through corridor. Viren notices the punjabi family coming by and suggests everyone that they go to kitchen. He says their kitchen is big and worth seeing and takes them there. On the other side virat, swamini bua, dadaji and inder takes vicky’s family to library. There vicky’s family sees the coffee glasses and in the kitchen shri’s family notices lassi glasses. But jeevika covers up saying they made it for their punjabi neighbors.

Vicky’s and shri’s parents decides to leave. Shri’s parents reach the door and complains that swamini bua and inder did come to see off them. At the same time vicky’s family comes downstairs along with inder and swamini. Both families come face to face and vadheras don’t understand what to do now. They start questioning each other. And finally the 2 families understands that shri belongs to tamil family and vicky belongs to punjabi family. They starts arguing with each other. And start to insult each other. Though vadhera’s try to explain that they are in love they are not ready to understand. In between all those shri and vicky run away from there. And vadhera’s tell both families that they went to suicide. All are worried.

Shri and vicky are at terrace. Shri is sad that their days are so bad that now they have to suicide. But vicky consoles her saying they are only acting. Everyone reaches terrace. And vicky and shri acts like they are gonna jump. But instead of stopping them both families start insulting each other and end up fighting with each other. Vadhera’s asks them to agree for marriage to stop them. Shri is worried her what If their parents don’t stop them. But vicky consoles her. Vicky and shri tell their parents to agree for marriage. Otherwise they’ll jump now. Virat and viren requests to either families. But they enter into physical fight. Finally dadaji interferes.

He says he’s ashamed of you people. Your kids are requesting, but you are not ready to listen. Now this is your punishment. You are under house arrest till you both don’t learn to respect each other. This is my order. Vicky and shri says as dadaji had taken this decision they’ll postpone their suicide for sometime. Both goes and hug dadaji. And he takes them inside. But jeevika feels some new problem is going to pop up. Manvi says jeevika’s predictions are always right. Virat says they should get ready to face new problems.

Everyone is together in living room talking discussing the marriage .When Vikram parents asks that how could possible that before marriage boy and girl in the same roof like two in one..its not god for us in our Confraternity..Sri parents taunting on them.Vikram parents not like it and just The couples parents are starts bickering with each other..Dadaji comes and asks them to stop mocking to each other. As its Late night so go to their Determined room s and should come at 8.00 sharp morning.

They both again start fighting with each other just they asking about their sleeping arrangements as where are they will be sleep’Dadaji offers his room to Vikram’s Parents..Manvi asks about it ..Bua gives her room to Dadaji..Virat offers their room to Bua and Virika too ..finally Virika gives their room to Bua.Virman gives their room to Sri’s Parents.. All foursome(Virika & Virman) goes to a same room..Virika sleeping in the floor and Virman on the Bed

Bua in her room watching Virika Photo and smile…Poor Sri and Vikram looking each other with sad’in their room Vikram Parents wondering to see the Big Bedroom and Bathroom..Vikram parents are making Noise as Sri family not Like it and they want to sleep..they get disturbed and angry on them..Sri doing message to vikram to keep low their family noise as there are all of them gets disturbed..Vikram got the message and trying to keep low of his family noise but his family rejected him and taunting on him..he getting embarrassed and reply to sri that she can’t help her out’Vikram parents still doing noise.Sri parents come and asks them to keep salience but they are mocking and taunting on them and not agree..

Sri’s father come back his room and gave a idea to all to put cotton on their ears and go to sleep.Vikram aunt goes to kitchen for bottle water and saw inder chachu their..they have a eyelock and Inder chachu gets embarrassed and run away from the kitchen with scares from aunt’.Vikram can’t sleep due to his father snores and moving from there.

Viren can not sleep and goes to the balcony..Jevika sense that he is not with her and she also goes to him..they talking about the sky, stars and about their relationship and about Sri and Vikram relationship..Viren says he should Untie Vikram and Sri and will remove north and south differences.Viren hugs Virika’they sharing some beautiful movements.
Next Morning Sri Parents doing Pooja and everyone will gather together. manvi and jevika also there..Vikram’s parents wake up to hear so much noise..Vikram dad asks about it..Sri parents reply that they doing Pooja as it early morning..Vikram Parents Disagree about it. Both couple family fighting with each other..dadaji come and stoped them..

Vikram’s Dad stole the turn of Shree mama in bathroom and he gets angry on him’Virat and manvi comes there and takes him to another bathroom’Both fathers are fighting for the newspaper as Jeevika says that there is four paper at home so don’t be fighting about that..Jevika come with the tea and serves both fathers tea as they fight for the most filled cup..Viren trying to solve the problems but not satisfied them.

In Virika room, they all talking about to handle the bickering..Shree panic’s and leaves as Vikram losses his hope and about to leaves Viren trying to boost him up…Viren says that as Sri loves him a lot and its not to their hand to Conciliate them so leaves it to on god and everything will be ok soon.Just Virat says he has plan


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